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Rohan Guide: Skill Tree

Rohan is very delicate, which figures in the background is special. There are intense guild war, bloody. Now lets talk about the characters in this game.- Master: There are nanny type and attack.- Sol..


Rohan Information For Build(2)

Rohan. Have a look as that can help you more or less.This is prolly the second best way to level in this game. This is depended on what class(rohan gold) you are when grinding in a dungeon. For exampl..


The Build for Rohan Characters

Rohan which we got from other site, hope it can help you more or less, just take have a look.rohan gold) at this stage of the game. All the way through 50 you can safely go with 1 vit per level. Or if..


Skill re-set stone

2. Skill re-set stoneWhat is the name of number one stone in English(rohan gold). I have no clue OTL, but what does it do? As you level your skills(rohan crone), you will find out that the max you can..


Players collect resources

Rohan Online: The Crafting System is a great addition to enhance the gaming experience of our Rohan. Blood Feud players, said Andy Tubbs, Lead of YNK Interactives Rohan Division. We are excited on soo..


Hybrid Build and Strength Build in Rohan

rohan gold). Many players try to be cheap and save points for the more flashy skills like Order Swing and Crazy, but with this bare minimum build, you will have plenty of points to max all of the nece..


Caezius Rohan Online Guide

Rohan, if you want to displays characters position and the surrounding geographical information: 1: Name of region. 2: Map can click to open. 3: To expand mini map. 4: To minimize mini map. 5: Self-ce..


Something About Guardian in Rohan

Rohan Players, hope it can help you more or less, just take have a look!rohan gold) that do seek to make a hybrid guardian try this weapon format. Be warned though, this class will cost you a shit ton..


The Guide for Build in Rohan(2)

rohan gold), well do a little research clue its a big damn angel in rahkon 2 and you will need a mage and healer and 2 other dmg dealers and a tank, if you guys are all around level(rohan crone) 65ish..


Experience of Rohan online

Rohan online players. It is as following:rohan gold, which can be used for buy medicine later. As for skills, I am using a fighter, of course, increase strength and stamina, the intelligent also added..


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