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Players collect resources

Rohan Online: "The Crafting System is a great addition to enhance the gaming experience of our Rohan. Blood Feud players," said Andy Tubbs, Lead of YNK Interactive's Rohan Division. "We are excited on soon releasing the Crafting System that will coincide greatly with our other game features like the exchange market, a place where players will have the ability to sell or buy(rohan crone) crafted items from other players."

The Crafting System takes an interactive approach on the construction of weapons(rohan gold), armor, tools, and stones by having players create equipment from the use of raw materials that can be collected throughout the game's world map. Players will be able to modify the crafted items with options and enhancements as they grow to become skilled crafters. The newly added system comprise of three elements:

1. Collecting - Players collect resources that will be refined into materials for crafting.
2. Extracting - Certain object must be pulverized with extraction tools to yield special crafting items.
3. Crafting - With refined materials, players are able to craft new equipment through various blueprints and craft styles(rohan crone).


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