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Dave       2024-6-12
just the best customer service.. they are not kidding with their 24/7 online chat support. been using em for yrs. and they accept pay pal. so u know they are on the level.. thanks as always.. :)
Joe  (103.130.177.***)     2024-6-9
Nice... good best seller
Lissi  (83.215.65.***)     2023-9-13
Good prices and delivery is quite fast and unobtrusive
Twelve  (180.242.192.***)     2023-7-29
i have receive my order, thank you
Makeeda       2023-5-6
Absolutely amazing quick polite service. Ive ordered many times from this company and they have always came through with quick service in a polite manner ! Would highly recommend for a friend with some spare pocket change looking for a little help to get you moving in your favorite game !
abramelin  (151.251.101.***)     2022-12-18
Very goog site
Patadog  (87.202.59.***)     2022-11-29
Just got my adena. super cheap and fast. thanks
Hellonwheels       2022-10-6
I have bought gold several times so far and each time it only took a short wait to receive my gold, often within 10-15 mins, very good service indeed. Thank you!
Zeander       2022-6-16
Customer service was nice and helpful, received order within 24 hours, overall job well done, tyvm
Nine  (36.69.196.***)     2022-5-16
Nice service and of course cheap price~
JUlio  (189.14.27.***)     2022-3-18
Received successfully and quickly
mauzmauz       2021-11-16
Best and fast service
AnsuExpert  (178.54.165.***)     2021-11-7
D2R Rune delivered, Everything went very quickly
Marcus  (115.134.66.***)     2021-9-7
Buy from this site since 2011, always fast delivery and reliable.
Emma       2021-8-6
I received my order successfully. Thank you!
christian  (46.177.54.***)     2021-6-21
I order 200b adena and delivery was less than 1hour , you guys are amazing A+++++++++ buy only from here.
Freex  (89.87.114.***)     2021-4-11
Great service got my money pretty fast it took me 5mn
pascal lougane  (77.153.153.***)     2021-4-1
super fast service! no problem I recommend this site !! good work
Absorver       2021-3-24
All was great
Beto  (212.120.238.***)     2021-3-16
Really good site with a very co-operative Livechat communication system which I have been assisted well by Lisa! Thanks for the items!
Emmanuel       2021-3-15
Excellent service, fast effective and very friendly

Excelente servicio, rapido eficaz y muy amables
Hartkor  (80.167.65.***)     2021-3-5
Good customer support, gold just in time, will not hesitate to use anytime I need some extra gold. 10/10
Badname  (12.177.80.***)     2021-2-17
This service worked! I Highly recommend it.
SibuLeoDoG       2021-2-5
the delivery should be within 5 minutes after payment made, thanks...and love you you made it!
ReaperPowa       2021-1-21
Very helpful online service, the live chat was responsive, and helpful, the order was completed around 1 hour after payment, and I am really happy that I have this really nice website, I will definitely buy again in the future! 100% Recommend. :)
Sweetkairi       2021-1-12
Got my gold pretty fast and the support people are always nice and tell you when the gold will be avalible to you even send you the email im happy with the service :)
sparrow11  (178.59.69.***)     2021-1-6
very good service and very fast delivery.thanks gays
Alexdartus  (93.171.161.***)     2020-10-16
Always use this site, never a failed trade.
Good and kind customer support too!
FFXI - Ragnarok  (108.14.108.***)     2020-9-9
Excellent service. Took only a few minutes to deliver. Will definitely use again! Thanks GOLDICQ :3
DanielMahanJr       2020-8-17
Excellent Service, will use again and recommend! Thank you.
StevenTerry  (103.84.4.***)     2020-8-16
its good,Customer service is very welcome and help you anytime and very fast delivery.
Xerox       2020-7-29
Very good and fast service, and very friendly support chat!! nice 5 stars
Mark  (103.100.225.***)     2020-7-28
Good Value and the main thing is...Reliable and trustworthy!
darren  (95.148.99.***)     2020-7-10
very fast delivery no messing about A+++
Erick ML  (181.64.90.***)     2020-6-7
Hi, thanks for the gold. I was really nervous, but they sent me in time :3

Sorry for my bad english btw xd
Ariel  (89.136.231.***)     2020-6-6
Wonderful service, I definitely recommend !
tiziano  (188.218.13.***)     2020-5-18
Very fast delivery and live chat very fast and professional, 5 stars.
Xxuky  (2.82.65.***)     2020-5-2
Good service. Delivered in time and a secure transation.
Trusted team and helpful
Hexameron       2020-4-30
All has worked very well.

I am satisfied with your service.
Frostyanna  (64.130.191.***)     2020-4-29
okay got my delvery
GOKOOL       2020-4-27
I really love these and easy! :)
ariel20  (37.251.222.***)     2020-4-23
I think all transaction is good, delivery time decent, clean payment, and nice prices, I purchased a few times, I really can recommend and like this site. And cheers to our friend, Haffa, amazing customer service !
Bochief  (99.188.180.***)     2020-4-22
Wonderful service with cheap prices and fast delivery
Thergas  (79.140.150.***)     2020-4-7
great service and fast delivery. thanks!
Colin       2020-3-31
Really Fast Delivery Time, good customer support.
What u want from a site.
wntrwillow  (107.77.197.***)     2020-3-27
This is the easiest, most reliable place to get gold and great prices too
Krroop  (177.125.53.***)     2020-2-13
Nowadays it is difficult to find a website to buy something that is reliable, but you have shown that they are reliable and that is why I am very happy to have received what I bought. Thank you very much you have just won a new regular customer.
denisse  (172.126.68.***)     2020-2-6
I love this site! I always buy my toram spina here. They are consistent and fast delivery!
Shas  (179.53.128.***)     2020-1-9
Great job! (:
CrashBurn  (81.84.116.***)     2020-1-6
It took a while to receive what i paid for, but with patience i got it! Thanks alot, will definitely buy from them again.
xnoha  (147.253.51.***)     2020-1-1
It was great service. Really polite. The payment was fast and quick! they also explain the bonus offer which was amazing!
Koum       2019-12-24
Just bought adena in L2 Naia. Delivered in 10 minutes!
Very good, thanks!
Nizar  (37.133.214.***)     2019-12-13
simple and efficient
rrandle       2019-11-7
Excellent, fast and prompt service
MattTheWeeb       2019-10-29
Quick and easy. Even a baby could do it. Now this is a business! Try it out!
dcuoman  (42.61.168.***)     2019-10-25
Very trustworthy seller. Have made several large purchases from them with no issues. Always quick service and prompt delivery.
Screamo  (146.120.13.***)     2019-10-17
Always buy creds here - never any problems
Keep up the good work!
Very good!  (5.89.167.***)     2019-9-5
I was worried at first since many bad reviews but after 3 hours i get my kinah. Good price, i will buy again for sure!
Matt  (50.207.59.***)     2019-8-29
I got exactly what I ordered within 20 mins of placing the order online. No complaints! I would utilize this service again.
petaca  (181.31.26.***)     2019-8-3
Excellent attention! Very fast, and totally safe. They delayed the second payment, but they gave me a bonus for it :D
Denvan       2019-7-31
goood : ;D
Trond  (85.167.129.***)     2019-7-18
This is the first time i have used anythink like this site. And i was guided every step of the way from live chat. I got what i payed for, and was very happy with how i got help. If i ever need something again, i will retur back to this site.

Thanks alot for everything:)
Dendi  (92.244.157.***)     2019-6-6
Gold came a bit later than i expected, but all in all i got everything as they promised, really nice staff, all in all happy with service.
xHiBiTx  (77.139.40.***)     2019-5-30
amazing site, trusted!!!!
Cheeseman  (203.221.39.***)     2019-5-23
Happy with service
PhantomKoza  (161.142.125.***)     2019-5-11
Got the amount I paid for, overall satisfied
jonh  (117.62.228.***)     2019-5-6
nice ,fast and easy
John  (92.29.196.***)     2019-4-27
Got the order fast and easy, customer service is very fast and informative, recommended the service 100%!
ruby  (177.152.135.***)     2019-4-20
good , trust service .
rub  (177.152.135.***)     2019-4-14
good trusted service
Alakazammm  (78.234.149.***)     2019-4-11
Very good site i had my money thank you :)
kevin  (93.121.213.***)     2019-4-7
nice good deliv
Kristijan B.  (213.149.61.***)     2019-4-6
Fast and Smooth delivery of FFXIV resources . A++ service from my personal experience
EscobarBL       2019-3-31
the best alz seller! very fast delivery, i recommend to everyone!
thx so much!!
SatisfiedCustomer  (175.140.126.***)     2019-3-30
Skeptical first time buyer. But all the transaction went well, good chat response, detailed instructions given and gold delivered 15mins after confirmation! Satisfied indeed.
DepressedDoll  (190.216.150.***)     2019-3-24
Thanks!! Is like the four time I buy gold from this page, 0 problems, i receive all the gold on my acc in like 5-30 min max
Labinator  (185.161.201.***)     2019-3-2
Thanks alot for the 90m 10% fast delivori it was my first time thanks alot i thought it would take longer but it took fast as possible next time i will buy more
Birmingham       2019-3-1
110% happy..everything was sorted within the time they drama no worrys..

i will be useing again thank you !

epic time saver !?
ITypax  (88.241.66.***)     2019-2-23
my coins were in my account as soon as they were promised
ty goldicq
anonymous2.0  (58.170.73.***)     2019-2-21
it actually works
DarknessCiel  (171.96.89.***)     2019-2-16
I have order Gold in game from this website and I got awesome service , all gold has been send by the mailbox in game completely.SO I highly trust GOLDICQ.
Thiago       2019-2-13
100% reliable, great price
ThunderSamurai       2019-2-2
Good service and fast got gold on Grand fantasia perfect you can go ++ <3
bezzzol  (83.94.43.***)     2019-1-29
very fast! like it! thinking about more ALZ! :D
Iqbalahahah  (182.1.87.***)     2019-1-26
recommended for anyone
Chanekito  (189.215.211.***)     2019-1-26
Good price and real recomended
Gardth       2019-1-25
I have Buyed 100k gold for GF PT and get it in minutes thank, i get a good attention in chat online, this is the best ever gold seller website
モンテス  (89.187.227.***)     2019-1-22
Soran  (186.105.67.***)     2019-1-13
good and fast
mhaeris  (172.126.68.***)     2019-1-12
completely trustable! I purchased 30 m spina and I got it right away :D wlll definitely buy again soon!
NIKOS  (37.6.1.***)     2019-1-11
ReeCruit  (58.71.219.***)     2019-1-8
stuart  (177.152.135.***)     2018-12-29
good , fast and trustworthy.
Arcegii       2018-12-25
Very easy site navigation, live chat was quick and order delivery was fast!
Will definitely buy again!
Jimmy  (190.238.174.***)     2018-12-24
Pretty fast delivery, and good service. :D
manu177       2018-12-19
good delivery service
Matt       2018-12-16
Fast delivery would use again very good prices.
Ethernator  (93.89.110.***)     2018-12-13
I can only recommend. I got my exactly what I bought. The trade took about half an hour. I look forward to the next time buying stuff from this site.
stuart  (177.152.135.***)     2018-12-10
trust service
Anto  (79.23.70.***)     2018-12-9
Dan O       2018-12-9
Awesome Fast and reliable with great customer service <3
archo126       2018-12-1
Delivered within 1 hour. My account is safe and secured.
I will order again.
Z  (45.45.15.***)     2018-11-25
Ordered a Large amount. They said it would take 10mins. but then it took 8+ hours. Wish they were more truthful with the wait time as it was changed to <24hrs Delivery later.
Order. Read the Delivery Information. It WILL arrive <24hrs.
Good service. Just felt like it was bit misleading. Will definitely order again.
Sikyon DD       2018-11-19
FAST A++++++++
Adam  (31.127.100.***)     2018-11-18
Got exactly what i purchased (r6 credits) hassle free
stuart  (177.152.135.***)     2018-11-10
good service.
Gary  (81.217.83.***)     2018-11-6
Easy,Fast,Cheap 1+++
ab123       2018-11-5
To make this short, this site has good support and is Legit.
Silverbow  (71.17.2.***)     2018-11-4
Excellent service, and delivery. Would (will) use this site again.
HwangStar       2018-10-29
The best feeling is when you bought something and you got it fast. Recently just bought Rainbow Six Siege Credits. Super fast reply from the Online support team. My R6 credits appeared in my account less than 10 minutes. My money safe here. till next purchase. Thank You.
deathvoid1001       2018-10-22
Purchased Kinah very satisfied
stuart  (177.152.135.***)     2018-10-19
Good service 100% Trust.
Averus  (50.66.35.***)     2018-10-14
This site is LEGIT.. no doubt just bought a alz from cabal online. after purchase they have chat box , ask them and they will bring it to you immediately.

Sean the one help me to get it . they have patience and will help you all the way,

respect them and support them. Happy gaming to all
Asterion  (185.219.207.***)     2018-9-24
Perfect ! Thanks !
Sabrak       2018-9-13
Got some order for Lineage 2 yesterday, even when was a delay of 11hrs (thing that not like it), I recommend this service since got it safe
Mr Dreft       2018-9-1
Thank you for your quality of service. I recommend the players to appeal to you for your good vigilance. Thank you again. Frederic Turluer france ;)
A.P.       2018-8-28
Had zero problems. Customer support was with me every step of the way. Gold was delivered face to face. Would buy again for sure.
Dante  (109.92.128.***)     2018-8-22
Very good support, guiding through everything. After reading meassages from other users, i totally got rid of scam fear. +rep ^^
That1guy1453  (12.108.226.***)     2018-8-18
Pretty solid response time. The service was easy and fast all they ask for is the bare minimum information to get you your stuff fast. 10/10 will be recommending to friends.
Raheem  (42.61.163.***)     2018-8-16
Very responsive chat, and quick service!!! was skeptical at first but its an amazing website to buy from.
Irie  (203.87.133.***)     2018-8-15
I ordered from this site, after few hours from the purchase I was so anxious cause orders were not in my account. But yeah it says 8mins to 24 hours though.. so gave it some time and wallah!!! when i woke up chips were in. Thanks bigtime. Til next purchase!
Lily A.  (200.108.142.***)     2018-8-10
Good service, recommended :)
Kith       2018-8-9
It was good service and quick responds. They immediately fixed the problem as soon it was brought to their attention. Great job!
Ss11  (129.126.154.***)     2018-8-8
Brought a few times already but feel that its time to give a comments. ! quick and nice, 100% will still go to u guys for future purchases
Hoi  (100.11.213.***)     2018-8-8
really good server thank you
jarrey  (70.88.226.***)     2018-8-8
Yeah where can I write my own testimonial/review? id love to say some things about this site, its organization, and its performance.
Dexter  (67.161.17.***)     2018-8-2
I received the items, delivery time was 1 day. Quick and easy process!
Zebootmaker       2018-8-1
Very kind staff. Walked me through the entire process. Not at all was I worried about being scammed. Very legit and amazing pricing! I will be back!
Vincero  (121.7.39.***)     2018-7-31
The live chat staff were helpful , stayed throughout the whole trading services. Making sure we did not enter our wrong in-game names or the server we provided to them. Emailing us when the stock is arrived and ready for collection! Will use their fantastic service again!
VooDooStaR       2018-7-6
good trader.
recommend 100%
Fenyan       2018-7-4
nice trade =)
Malumatt  (37.26.19.***)     2018-6-19
Awesome Service I Love this site <3
AION  (177.152.135.***)     2018-5-25
Haukea.Yno  (79.114.245.***)     2018-5-15
Best site... verry good and pretty fast. Low price / high amount.
AION  (177.152.135.***)     2018-5-12
Good service ,good staff .
Wil  (70.77.231.***)     2018-4-19
Good service!
Wil  (70.77.231.***)     2018-4-19
Great service!
Lugh       2018-4-11
I can definitely vouch for the Soul Worker in game currency. 10/10 great price will buy again.
John  (89.115.1.***)     2018-4-1
Just bought gold for Vindictus. Fast and the exact ammount! 5/5
WolfishReverend       2018-3-31
These people have really good rates, and fast response times, it took a little longer than expected on one order, and they gave me extra coins. Great service and I will definitely use them again.
importadores  (190.191.193.***)     2018-3-29
Excellent and reliable staff !! The best .. thanks a lot guys.
importadores  (190.191.193.***)     2018-3-26
Thank you very much to the staff of wesellchips..!!

Transfer completed successfully !!

Soon i will buy again.

MadSteele  (151.20.230.***)     2018-3-2
Fast and reliable. Need more? Oh yes, They are the cheapeast!
jessynnoskie       2018-1-29
legit, really legit.. thx for the service guys.. i love it..
Artur  (78.45.154.***)     2018-1-28
Always best prices and delivers extremely fast. Bought many times and will buy again.
Zeri       2018-1-27
Got the devliery was alright
RayMan  (162.237.35.***)     2018-1-27
Got the gold within 24 hours after purchase
Artur  (188.191.236.***)     2018-1-22
I bought Adena for Lineage 2.
Thanks for the fast delivery and fast replyes of Live chat Operators!
Zerf       2018-1-22
Excellent got the stuff fully
Mystic       2018-1-13
I bought and delivered fast, I recommend!!!
ManiacJames  (98.175.135.***)     2018-1-10
Although this was my first time purchasing on this website
, I got quick support for my purchased gold.
Like any website first purchases can be troublsome , but
with goldicq it went pretty smooth.
Thomas  (5.186.124.***)     2018-1-6
Transaction went nice and smooth
5 minutes delivery
Patrick  (131.196.7.***)     2018-1-6
This was my first transaction through this site, I made a donation in Lineage 2, the amount is correct and the item arrived in about 1 hour. The support is flawless and it really is as it says: 24h.
Newrules       2018-1-3
Thanks a lot i did recive my order!

Nice service and all whent well =)

WIsh the team a nice day
Philipp       2017-12-27
Order was delivered in under 2 hours.
Very quick and friendly Service!
hakopa       2017-12-22
at first a little rough.. but first time buying chips always smooth sailing really good communication with on line get a mean arse bonus thank you guys..and most of all they are honest.job well done and thank you guys again
Seth  (100.10.66.***)     2017-12-12
Got crossout pack from their sister site. buycrossoutcoins quick and easy.
mihai       2017-12-11
Fast delivery! Took 10 minutes from ordering to obtaining the money. Great service and best price!
Harry  (76.168.18.***)     2017-11-30
Really nice for sure
cash  (5.62.43.***)     2017-11-30
i had a problem very fast to fix ...thank you ...
God       2017-11-16
Fast and what you wanted
boon  (118.100.191.***)     2017-11-16
Servis very good and fast
Meeshio  (24.180.48.***)     2017-11-14
Got my gold in LESS THAN AN HOUR. (Supplier happened to be online)

Way better than expected, will be coming back.
Alin  (82.54.103.***)     2017-11-3
You arre the best guys
Katarína  (95.102.110.***)     2017-10-31
I recommend this website 100%
Transfer was within 24hrs, so i can say pretty quick
I got what I paid for
It is not my first purchase and either not last one, I will continue buying goods from here in future as well.
ViRuSzTamer  (119.76.28.***)     2017-10-27
really cheap price, I love it!
Lady Lolipop  (87.179.128.***)     2017-10-22
Very Good Service and Fast Delivery! Thank you very much! Will buy again, when i need Ingame Money :)
Meiya.Chu  (70.24.122.***)     2017-10-10
Totally satisfied with your service. Purchased item was delivered within 15 minuts!! Thank you very much !! :-)
Zelxy118       2017-10-8
good and fast
Fobf  (189.103.82.***)     2017-10-7
Great work, delay when delivering items, but no problem delivering gold.
Ahmad  (62.215.91.***)     2017-10-6
glad with the service GG
Adriano  (177.207.77.***)     2017-10-5
Hi, thank you for the attention, I received my order within 1 hour after payment confirmation. I will buy more again.
Zunk  (122.46.66.***)     2017-9-30
Very fast.
Our transaction ended in 30 minutes.
Heimstr  (177.97.228.***)     2017-9-26
Really good service in general
Zelxy118  (60.49.75.***)     2017-9-17
good service
Anonymous  (194.220.116.***)     2017-9-7
This service is 100% legit.
Hatsan105  (78.61.220.***)     2017-8-27
jeffrey p delosreyes  (119.94.220.***)     2017-8-22
thank you sow much for past deliver my zynga poker chips !!!! i will buy again in your website........ i will again thank you thank you sow much
serdar  (62.244.221.***)     2017-7-28
ty so much
Cindy       2017-7-25
Great time delivery after order.
Gelo  (151.55.45.***)     2017-7-22
Wow, Fast and secure and the staff are very nice!
Mami  (192.173.173.***)     2017-7-5
Gold delivery was fairly quick, bought gold around 3 am or so and they were not able to deliver it immediately but when I woke up from my sleep, they messaged me and my gold had arrived. Great place to buy gold.
QUANTUM  (167.60.20.***)     2017-6-27
Hello everybody, i just want to tell, this is real, at the begining a was a scare, because the obvious reasons, but at the end all was resulted really good for me and my game, i recomend you to buy. Trust me, this is a real real real good page. Thanks for reading, have a nice day
tommy  (98.113.172.***)     2017-6-27
Great service will deal with again
tommy  (98.113.172.***)     2017-6-27
Great service will deal with again
ral4216  (37.201.237.***)     2017-6-13
Good Service, Nice Live Service

IloveDarkfall       2017-6-11
Tammy from live chat was nice. She responded very quickly, I appreciated that they called to verify it was me who made the purchase. I waited around 2 hours for my order which was understandable (it was actually really late in my time zone at least). The gentleman who gave me my gold also gave me some equipment due to the late delivery and was a nice gesture. Will use again for sure! Thanks guys
bob  (24.137.145.***)     2017-6-11
The service and delivery was excellent, thanks
Anthony  (66.87.131.***)     2017-5-12
The quality of service was excellent and the product arrived just as promise. A satisfied and repeated customer.
Hasoka  (195.132.231.***)     2017-5-8
Thx Fast and reliable
David Thompson  (75.76.183.***)     2017-5-6
It works ! :)
Leonidas  (152.170.167.***)     2017-5-6
Great friends !!!
Thank you for the immediate delivery and for generating that trust to the customer, to be always so fast delivery be sure of the purchase for me will be greater
None  (89.65.180.***)     2017-4-27
Great service. I recived order Adena in around 4h 10/10
burn  (50.143.87.***)     2017-4-19
GREAT and SPEED service. This being my first time I had professional experience and will be doing business with them again\
Mikako  (31.33.97.***)     2017-4-6
Very good support , delivery a bit long because the supplier was offline but i am satisfied of my order ! Thx goldicq
Riris  (180.251.168.***)     2017-4-4
Nice service, Tq
Yahs  (62.23.65.***)     2017-3-31
Good service, quick delivery
uncle boston       2017-3-31
amazing service . Legit and Fast Everytime !
GB - L2  (182.255.101.***)     2017-3-23
Thank you
Kaio  (189.71.193.***)     2017-3-17
Highly recommend, they were super attentive and very fast
Alde  (201.230.189.***)     2017-3-17
Thanks yeah
Alberto  (81.34.144.***)     2017-3-15
100% safe and trustworthy, I received the amount of buy diamonds. Do not hesitate to buy here.
PioVet  (179.7.114.***)     2017-3-10
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Overshadowing  (24.210.152.***)     2017-1-5
At first thought it was a scam and a bit fishy, but 100% legit takes like 2-3 hours for IMVU credits though.
Rivendell  (181.103.33.***)     2017-1-2
Awsome and fast ashipping always :) thanks very much
Starley  (163.47.113.***)     2016-12-21
I have bought gold here many times now, at least 15, somtimes supplier isnt online and may take a few hours or a day but i always got my gold every single time, somtimes within minutes. will deffinitely be back again.  (36.57.137.***)     2016-12-18
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Very helpful support team on the Live Chat. A few safety precautions which seemed a little unneeded to do with email but gold received nonetheless. Not quite the time they originally told me it would take but it did arrive within 24 hours. will definitely use again. :)
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Thank you so much guys for helping me.I give you the wrong character name and i was the one verry nervos that i did not recive my adena:)) tnx again for patience and for everyting :)
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I used this for the first time and everything went smooth I got every thing I paid for
Dave  (162.225.99.***)     2016-6-4
I was actually pretty unsure about using these services. I thought maybe they were scams. But they really do have 24/7 Live Chats that respond to you within minutes. I purchased some perins for FlyFF and I got them within 2 hours.
michael  (75.133.224.***)     2016-6-2
the site is 100% legit for osrs gold, delivery time was about 30 minutes thank you goldicq 5 out of 5 stars
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I bought the 5M & the Powerleveling for RS007 and I was extremely pleased with both of the services provided to me. They were fast & proficient & also did exactly what they promised. I will definitely be using their services again in the near future. 10/10 would recommend to anyone and everyone.
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First class service - good price, friendly people,, fast service. Truly a pleasant company to deal with.
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Thank you for the good customer service support and < 30minutes delivery. Will come again if need more DC gold :)
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Paul  (59.167.203.***)     2016-4-25
Was dubious about trusting a 3rd party site with both my money and my game account details. Happy to say it all went smoothly as outlined. My support person Jacky was great. Will definitely be back for more and have let 3 or 4 of my friends know it went smoothly.
Ken  (14.100.139.***)     2016-4-24
Delivery of credits on time as usual. This is the only site i purchase gold/credits from.
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Thank you very much for sweet deal on IMVU credits that saved so much cash and the swift delivery to my account.

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Awesome service though some orders may take awhile, they will definitely send to you :)
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Excellent service a lil bit long but nevertheless was good. delivered in a few hours. thank you
cosmos3  (37.138.29.***)     2015-12-20
For the Delivery it was a little bit more Time than 24 Hours, so around 38 hours. But the Contact with the support was very nice, and at last all good :-)
Ralph  (66.108.19.***)     2015-12-20
Thanks for sending my alz. Its a pleasure using your website
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Totally Legit and delivery was faster than I expected. 5/5
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It took awhile but they will give you the gold when it becomes in stock. Its nice and simple but be patient.
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Quick and nice support, just some emails sent and it was delivered witin 1 hour. Thanks alot .
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i recieved alz after few days, thank you
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i got my payment, ty for it.
Lucy Gremory  (112.134.21.***)     2015-10-7
Supplier was offline few times but got the gold. I ordered during the National day so i guess culd be due to that.
Ofir  (80.246.130.***)     2015-10-6
I was made order for zynga poker the service was great i got my order a little bit more then 24 hours but service was gteat
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Charles  (63.142.189.***)     2015-9-6
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Got what I ordered and thanks. At first I was kinda scared that they would scamm me but turned out that they are not that type of a website who would do that. Thanks Godicq. ;)
KitttyBlack  (79.159.123.***)     2015-8-20
Pretty good but you need to be more fast ! :)
Zoxx  (89.110.246.***)     2015-8-17
Ty guys still fast...
Primal  (99.177.172.***)     2015-8-16
Ordered mesos and got them same day. Exact amout too even with taxes. Always had people on to talk to if I needed to ask questions. Great service.
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U guys are really fast. After I ordered went to chat and confirmed my order to make sure and a second later saw that it was already delivered TY & ill be sure to order again
Aura  (24.85.122.***)     2015-7-23
Quick Service , helped solve some minor problem .

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great job!
I thought I would never get my order but you did it guys as you promised!
Thanks a lot! See you again!
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Fast delivery for Cabal Online EU it took less than a day, trully recommended
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Thank you for you service. I got the monet now. Was easy and fast.
Good job
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BSzLeg Appreciate you sharing, great article post.Much thanks again. Will read on...
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Awesome site for purchasing gold for any games you want!! Whats more important is that they are reliable and they help within minutes!
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service was very good, delivery was (relatively) fast, and they even refunded an extra order than i made by accident - all in all, very satisfied
phatsFB  (173.51.123.***)     2015-5-24
Best services ever! Just gotta be patient with them.
CodeHack  (187.189.190.***)     2015-5-5
I got it again! ty
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The operators are very kind and patient with me as a first time user. Definitely will use their service again.
Mikey  (97.106.95.***)     2015-4-3
Got my elsword ed in just a few hours im so glad
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took a little while for the gold to come as supplier had issues logging into the game however good customer service to help resolve this problem! so i am satisfied!
deathtothewest  (194.126.88.***)     2015-4-1
great, fast and reliable!!!
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took them a long while for them to get my elsword ed but i received it . i guess it was worth the wait but you can trust them
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This service was great and I plan to become a regular for them. Quick and reliable
Nephretiri  (50.188.13.***)     2015-2-4
i am fairly pleased with my purchase with you guys, though it took a little longer than i thought, at least you guys kept to your word and not scam me... i will be purchasing in the future... (maybe next payday?)... #Awesome Sauce....
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yes i got the gold. thank you for your great service. :D
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Trusted services. Thanks
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Service was great! I received what I wanted, however, the supplier just took forever. I am still happy. Totally legit!
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truly a greate site ive ordered gold from them 6 times already and not once have they failed!they are truly a trust worthy site and ill keep on ordering in the future thats for sure :D
Keemoon Lee  (211.179.118.***)     2014-2-9
I received game gold
Thank you
Andrew  (49.143.231.***)     2014-2-2
Great trade i got my gold in 1 hr!
kleitz82  (24.183.43.***)     2014-1-27
Fast service and great customer service help.
februarysun  (86.100.128.***)     2014-1-23
great service ty!
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H3nxJa Thanks-a-mundo for the post.Really thank you! Much obliged.
Anna  (84.131.9.***)     2014-1-17
Great Service. trustful and friendly. :)
Ben  (14.100.132.***)     2014-1-17
Gold received with thanks
robin  (62.194.66.***)     2014-1-14
thanks for the delivery it took a while but i like your service and i wil use it again .
Marcus  (175.156.201.***)     2014-1-13
Great service and fast delivery, i just made antoher order :D
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Great service, delivery and prices. Thank you
Stam  (77.49.143.***)     2014-1-2
It might took some time probably due to Christmas but I recieved the gold as promised. Thanks a lot !!!!
Pedro  (187.104.145.***)     2013-12-30
fast service, even being in season of year-end, super helpful helpdesk.
Hallc0000  (108.247.185.***)     2013-12-27
It works!
Royalarrow  (70.179.169.***)     2013-12-25
Cheap golds compared to others, i would recommend website this to anyone. Only problem is delivery needs to be faster. Gj everyone!
RippingTooth9  (70.196.1.***)     2013-12-21
Prompt delivery, DELIVERED!!! will buy again.
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the service is really quick and reliable, would recommended to anyone.
Németh Márk, Plazmiusz  (5.204.88.***)     2013-12-10

This a fair and reliable place I recommend it as everything playful if he would like a little money :) , thank you
Khalil  (75.187.223.***)     2013-12-9
Perfect service
Edik  (87.221.95.***)     2013-12-7
I received the gold after 3 hours and everything went fine, the first time I bought here it took like one day or so but at least they send the gold not like others sellers who scamm their customers.
Von_Blaster  (67.48.22.***)     2013-12-6
I received the gold as promised, great company to do business with! I will be back!
Jason  (98.176.201.***)     2013-12-4
paid for gold after talking to live chat. Took a little longer than I thought, about an huor, but my gold was in my bank. I would use them again if I ever needed too. THANK YOU GUYS!
Sleater  (91.188.35.***)     2013-12-3
Really fast and kind live chat response.
Takes some hours to get ordered item/gold, but totally worth it!
I will recommend it to others, for sure!
xCLONEx  (201.53.2.***)     2013-12-1
Thank you for Delivery...

I waiting for almost 48h...
Within tolerable for any online purchase.
Highly recommend to all!!!!

Thank you all...
L I A A M  (115.70.39.***)     2013-11-30
Freindly staff, reliable. safe, secure received every payment, paypal orders are lengthy but to be expected.
x2do0m  (222.164.2.***)     2013-11-30
haha bought the 2nd time great nice 1 gd gaming
x2do0m  (222.164.2.***)     2013-11-29
thx got my gold good
Tariq  (188.51.30.***)     2013-11-28
The service of this website is really friendly and fast which make it really professional .... add to that the prices r fair and reasonable ..... love this website .... I am tariq from Saudi Arabia
Igma  (108.23.62.***)     2013-11-17
Great service, easy, and fast process to go to.
One of the best sites for gold purchasing.
Bart  (82.171.224.***)     2013-11-15
Used it for the 2th time, and its awesome! Delivery in 10minutes. Goldicq is great!
Eduard  (86.71.188.***)     2013-11-14
Really Very Fast! Again thank you!
Bart  (82.171.224.***)     2013-11-8
Great service an help! Delivered took a bit longer then expected but within 24hours:)!
Aquilina  (46.11.83.***)     2013-11-8
Good service and fast delivery. Reliable source,
tony42  (75.130.240.***)     2013-11-5
i got my gold ty
Murlin1016  (98.212.14.***)     2013-10-31
Great communication, friendly service, recieved all my kinah within proper time frame thank you!
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MBMYRr Thanks again for the article post.Really thank you! Great.
Daniel  (89.143.52.***)     2013-10-22
Ok first i was really sceptic,so i spend 30 € and i waited like 7-9 min and i got it,seriously i fell in love,finnaly i didn t got scammed :D definitly will buy more :D
Michal  (92.17.215.***)     2013-10-13
fast delivery realy good cominication .e.c thanks guys
Raphonks  (189.108.248.***)     2013-10-8
Great service, very fast!!!
Xarryna  (95.88.208.***)     2013-10-6
Amazing service!!
petyofAmon  (76.125.133.***)     2013-10-3
everyone of the support team was helpful and able to answer my questions.
Steve R  (68.118.48.***)     2013-9-30
Delivered my credit at a great price!
Atlantica Online Player  (213.105.36.***)     2013-9-29
30 Billion gold in less than 30 minutes. Instant and friendly live chat. Great service, will most definitely use again.
Oscuro  (216.96.47.***)     2013-9-26
this is my first time purchasing gold from anywhere. i was sceptical at first reading bad reviews, but the service was fast. it took maybe 10 minutes? and customer service was very helpful!
Giovanni  (86.89.90.***)     2013-9-26
Thanks to Kristy and Jacky a good delivery and ofc fast! thanks guys.
kuaana  (75.106.151.***)     2013-9-22
thank you delivery was efficient/fast and service was nice. I recommend MMOOOK goldicq for your gaming needs. ALOHA
Blade227  (121.222.191.***)     2013-9-21
that was amazing service works out alot cheaper then getting gpots
Goseiki  (27.3.178.***)     2013-9-16 verry good ^^
Rodolfo  (179.235.170.***)     2013-9-12
Ty for your fast work.
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Good service....operators were very useful....definitely use this service again
Hilmi akram  (218.111.10.***)     2013-9-7
This was nice...i just bought and now get money in game...awesomee
djukii  (93.137.205.***)     2013-8-26
great service, reallyy fast, Thank you !
Zentire  (213.89.107.***)     2013-8-24
Good fast but the Supplier are not online so often!
Safe and I would Give this site a 4 star rating
Minh  (49.181.41.***)     2013-8-22
Bought gold and there were some delays but received the full amount in the end.
Will come back for more in the future
Operators were nice and patient
Tion  (24.19.171.***)     2013-8-17
First time user and it went smoothly and fast. Will come back again
Felwood  (68.68.12.***)     2013-8-17
i got my cash with no troubles or hacks involed. highly recommened
XxBrian345x  (62.140.137.***)     2013-8-15
Good place to bye credits,only it takes a Little bit long for getting it on your acountbut really cheap
XxBrian345x  (92.108.82.***)     2013-8-15
Good place ro by credits,only it takes a Little bit longto het it.but realy cheap
Kittipath Prasartkaew  (67.58.19.***)     2013-8-13
The service was fast and the live chat support was fast, too! Will definitely be back!
David M  (199.195.162.***)     2013-8-8
Delivered within promised time.
cheaper then other sites.

definitely will buy again from them.
Rhum  (82.236.203.***)     2013-8-8
very quickly. they do a very good job...
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perfect service:reccomanded
Riley  (24.85.180.***)     2013-8-5
Definitely seemed sketchy at first, but this site pulled through. Got my ingame currency in under an hour. Will definitely buy again.
Tommy  (70.180.102.***)     2013-7-26
Quick, easy, and support 24/7. If your looking for a fast way to save in game time for that nice item this is the place.

Mario  (24.203.127.***)     2013-7-26
Very good service and fast :)
_Arslaan_  (112.196.16.***)     2013-7-25
I very like this website, because they can delever fast and Jacky promised me for get 1000L thank u very much jacky.....
Chris  (46.9.183.***)     2013-7-25
I bought APB cash and it was fast and easy! I will buy from you again!
Hosen  (203.128.65.***)     2013-7-24
nice service, will sure to come back
Dave  (71.190.221.***)     2013-7-23
Thanks for great service. Took a little while to fill my order but I received it, no problems.
badboy4life  (108.209.231.***)     2013-7-16
Eden Eternal GOld, Very fast service, instant delivery within 1 min. LOVE IT.
murluck  (77.127.212.***)     2013-7-11
good site they give u what u payed for tho it took them some time in cabal but nice server thx
murluck  (77.127.212.***)     2013-7-11
good site they give u what u payed for tho it took them some time in cabal but nice server thx
NewPlayer  (178.78.87.***)     2013-7-9
Excellent service, delivered in minutes, large order as well. Very good.
Shadow  (72.204.10.***)     2013-7-7
They delivered it very fast, and the exact amount they were supposed to. Very nice job, and thank you
Renato  (187.78.3.***)     2013-7-7
Great service, I received the order quickly. Recommend to all
Robert  (99.90.214.***)     2013-7-6
GoldicQ is a very good and I hope they keep up the good work very fast and very awesome delivery. Thanks again 10/10
Victor  (42.61.19.***)     2013-7-5
Got the Liang from Age of Wushu, fast service and can be trusted.
Irod Lamir  (5.67.143.***)     2013-7-5
Very good and Very Fast
REB1RTH  (99.90.214.***)     2013-7-4
I recently bought Gaia gold and GoldicQ are a legit company, I will be a repeat customer and buy gaia gold from them. Thanks guys!
kenzo  (211.24.115.***)     2013-7-2
this service can be trusted. i got my order in 10mins. the live chat service is helpful as the operators reply quickly.
Eureeka  (91.125.233.***)     2013-7-1
Received with thanks
Thomas  (83.5.167.***)     2013-6-21
Easy and fast service. The way i like it ;)
Vanna  (175.145.134.***)     2013-6-19
The service are indeed fast. i am satisfied! :)
Good job.
mimosen  (24.157.202.***)     2013-6-17
thank you!Very fast delivery and very good understanding of Customer needs XD
Phil  (217.44.195.***)     2013-6-15
Excellent fast service what more could you want
A ++++
Phil  (217.44.195.***)     2013-6-15
Excellent fast service what more could you want
A ++++
frank99  (95.17.239.***)     2013-6-11
Really fast and good service
thered207  (71.76.203.***)     2013-6-11
I have purchased a lot of gold from this site. I have been very pleased with the prices, service, and speed of delivery. One time, we were unable to complete the transaction, but I was quickly given a refund when I asked for one. I have been nothing but pleased with this site.
helderdiabinho  (2.81.2.***)     2013-6-6
thx you are the best,very fast and cheap :)))

Anonymus  (94.254.80.***)     2013-6-6
i have been informed every step of my order and it did go fast so i really recommend it :)
nZ  (95.24.42.***)     2013-6-3
Nice service!
yoryanaarum  (84.126.93.***)     2013-6-2
very happy, credits received
iGamers  (70.92.248.***)     2013-6-2
Great stuff..Just as promised!
Cor  (75.105.153.***)     2013-5-29
Very Fast Service, support was very polite and helpfull thanks!!!
Mary  (69.20.178.***)     2013-5-28
I purchased gold yesterday and was VERY pleased with the corteuous help and how fast the gold was deliverd to my game acct.. I will definitely be purchasing more very soon and have bookmarked Goldicq.. It will be the only place I buy from now on.. Thanks again!
Rogziel  (46.10.70.***)     2013-5-24
I have resieved my order. Thank you! ;)
des  (62.57.194.***)     2013-5-22
Thx, fast and secure
Wesley  (71.88.32.***)     2013-5-17
Excellent service would buy from again
Jan Inge  (81.167.33.***)     2013-5-17
The gold is very cheap compared to other sites, and i actually got the gold for Aion. Was a little sceptic at first, since "supplier is not here now", but that was because it was night over in their country. When the supplier was online, they contacted me and I got my delivery as i wanted (face-to-face).

Im satisfied :)
xenomes  (41.77.209.***)     2013-5-16
Xainn  (84.196.101.***)     2013-5-15
top service .. i like it
Phil  (109.151.214.***)     2013-5-10
Excellent service what more could you ask for :)

Gink0  (84.196.101.***)     2013-5-9
i got the grand fantasia gold :) nice service :)
Liang  (171.96.18.***)     2013-5-5
Just bought 2.1 bil __ gold went very fast. i would come back!! this is real testimonial not spam. 5/5/2013 time 0:06
Thailand, Bangkok.
Beverly Walker  (108.236.44.***)     2013-5-3
The prices on your credits is outstanding. Thank you so much...will be buying again.....Derristar
Muniuks  (84.240.44.***)     2013-4-30
Thanks for your service! I have got my Aion Kinah. I am satisfied, even if it took some time to get my order, I got some extra Kinah :) Good luck for your business.
Mason  (75.156.54.***)     2013-4-30
Very cheap kinah and safe nice people
juan  (200.106.35.***)     2013-4-30
really good i have another order finished, i got the money, really 100% recomended. thks
juan  (200.106.35.***)     2013-4-30
Its a good service they delivery my penyas in flyff gold inmediately, only takes a couple of minutes. I recomended you this services, of course first ask if they have enough penyas in store to dont have problems.
Ivan Kyorgogov  (77.85.90.***)     2013-4-27
The delivery for my order is completed. Thank you for the support and have a nice day! :)

Character: Rogziel
Server: Anuhart
Axy  (62.57.194.***)     2013-4-23
Good, Fast and safe, 100% : thx
Mathieu Larose  (173.178.67.***)     2013-4-23
I received my penya. After a long week and some days. your customer service is ok but is always saying we will soon receive the order and the same music. but i have all my order so thanks and good job
Jeff11  (213.94.252.***)     2013-4-23
Quick proffessional A++
Ash  (2.29.38.***)     2013-4-19
Great service, very fast. =] Thanks.
YamaXenuz  (173.238.147.***)     2013-4-19
I had great service :) fast and cheap.thank you
Jason  (204.109.14.***)     2013-4-18
Relatively faster service than other places. The other guy asked me to wait over 24 hours while these guys sent the gold in 4 hours after payment.

Not the fastest, but still pretty reliable, and comparing prices, these guys have the lower costs for my game.
Luina  (202.169.231.***)     2013-4-11
Thanks, i received my order. i want to privately message on your twitter or facebook but i cant :(
Nerzul  (217.164.60.***)     2013-4-9
mmook rocks
its 100% trustworthy site , And gold delivery is 100% to be on your mail game.
And I like how the service is, there is always som1 to help u if u got any problems.
Eugen  (5.13.204.***)     2013-4-8
First time buyer, they deliver it in about 30 mins for me so everything is ok, if needed I will buy from them again
lexus  (82.240.226.***)     2013-3-31
Thanks for the service! this is my first time and I was a little stressed. but when I receive my kinah, i told me myself, this is great. Moreover, the support is always here 24/24 for any questions. thanks!
ryanhenry  (2.124.193.***)     2013-3-30
you guys are awesome I would defo recommend you guys to all my friends because you guys actually do everything you say and more which is fantastic
ryanhenry  (2.124.193.***)     2013-3-30
you guys are awesome I would defo recommend you guys to all my friends because you guys actually do everything you say and more which is fantastic
Erare  (89.136.115.***)     2013-3-26
verry helpfull and trustable staff !
Erare  (89.136.115.***)     2013-3-26
verry helpfull and trustable staff !
Ash  (2.31.133.***)     2013-3-23
Got the kinah =] Thank you! Good service. =D
Axy  (62.57.194.***)     2013-3-22
Fast & save =) thx another time i will come here
xperiap  (188.24.231.***)     2013-3-21
very goood , good service, fast response, got in in 10 min :F
Alexander K  (94.69.199.***)     2013-3-21
Prompt delivery, really helpful and polite customer service, will buy again, and bring friends. :)
Emma  (186.149.78.***)     2013-3-20
Excellent customer service, fast and secure, thank you very much
LOVE THIS PLACE :D  (24.162.203.***)     2013-3-20
This is a legit place. Yeah it took 30-45 Min but Worth Waiting if you are impatient with earning gold or hate having to buy the other substance the original games provide.
Bjorch  (188.179.190.***)     2013-3-19
Exellent service. Warm recommendations. +++
Fabrizio  (93.50.78.***)     2013-3-19
Very fast , and very courteous!
I recomnend
garz  (121.96.239.***)     2013-3-18
thanks so much for the gold deliver on 24hrs price is cheap rf online gold thanks till next deal
todd  (75.190.251.***)     2013-3-18
thank you was great fast easy service thank you
todd  (75.190.251.***)     2013-3-18
thank you was great fast easy service thank you
SKRAPPY  (50.141.242.***)     2013-3-18
Very friendly staff, and was a pleasant experience all around. I purcheased wizardry online gold. Although it took a little time to come, It was delivered as promised. I am very happy with this service and will definately purchase from them again.
Steve  (66.216.227.***)     2013-3-16
Candice was awesome and very patient (from what I can tell at least) I know I was getting annoyed at the situation. But I found out that I was to blame for everything. And after explaining the situation and admitted it was my fault. Everything went perfectly and I will be back !

Again I apologize for the entire screw up I have caused.

Ane m  (37.2.25.***)     2013-3-14
I have bought 3 times fr.o.m. and got My Gold all the time. Very good and fast service got My Gold after 15 -25 min after i purched
Hades  (37.200.8.***)     2013-3-11
Good service and delivery fast too
kristof  (84.194.211.***)     2013-3-8
i have got the gold in about 30min

Fredrik  (213.112.66.***)     2013-2-28
Quick and Reliable.

Delivery within 30 minutes.
wyrwichuj  (86.199.10.***)     2013-2-26
Thanks for fast transaction
thanks for extras manastones (nex time critic please or attack) lol
really profesional work :)
Zibi  (83.9.137.***)     2013-2-22
Nice service and good support.
anbusai  (86.12.99.***)     2013-2-20
bought gold and recieved within minutes fantastic service would recomend it to every1
TÜRKER  (78.172.183.***)     2013-2-18
YOU AGAIN THANK YOU VERY MUCH LIKE MANY SHOPPING SITE am very satisfied with your service will do
Tarotmainia  (78.148.172.***)     2013-2-16
Very fast and professional service.
Zamjili  (217.210.159.***)     2013-2-16
I get my stuff, thanks for good support!
Zamjili  (217.210.159.***)     2013-2-16
I get my stuff, thanks for good support!
DD  (70.118.18.***)     2013-2-13
Thank You for the Gold
Turbo  (85.138.43.***)     2013-2-4
Very fast! Thank you!
R4M0N9  (77.27.56.***)     2013-2-2
definitely the best ... recommended 100%
Tony Maroto  (177.87.67.***)     2013-1-28
Just bought Tibia money from them. Recommended.
ken  (66.229.93.***)     2013-1-22
I recieved the Gold twice first time I didnt trust it and thought I got scammed I recieved it in 2h second time I recieved it in 10minutes great service friendly agents will be seeing more of me you can trust them
Figgeh  (83.53.234.***)     2013-1-22
Great service, helpful and quick! Will use you again it was great! Thanks!
Guilherme (BR)  (187.114.55.***)     2013-1-16
I am fully satisfied with Goldicq service, the support was very attentive and order was delivered safely in game. I would like to add that for me it was an international transaction and I didnt find any difficulty. Really trustable service.
Xlor  (185.7.218.***)     2013-1-15
Ur the best :D
Burningangel  (95.43.49.***)     2013-1-15
Thanks for delivery. All its ok and Im happy of choseing you. ;)
DaN  (114.79.12.***)     2013-1-14
Excelent Service, Fast Respond, and especially Best Price ever
Kurokro  (175.143.78.***)     2013-1-11
Fast and safe for delivery...trusted website.....Recomended~~~

Eden Eternal~~~
Kimi  (192.168.15.***)     2013-1-10
Thank you very well. It is a means of obtaining resources. I advice everyone!
Marty  (174.65.66.***)     2013-1-10
order came in a lil late but still got it and im happy
CloudWind  (216.86.108.***)     2013-1-8
Awesome! Fast service and the communication is great too, thank you so much!
MrDamage  (120.147.178.***)     2013-1-6
perfect, great prices and very fast delivery
stefan  (90.229.181.***)     2013-1-6
Very good service and fast delivery.
zach  (70.199.205.***)     2013-1-5
Goldicq was very good at delivering my order in a quick matter. Will definetly use again!!
Pac  (94.2.212.***)     2013-1-5
Great service, fast delivery. Will definitely be coming here again.
Royce  (201.17.116.***)     2013-1-5
I really appreciate the veracity of the service.
kelticheart  (97.116.96.***)     2013-1-4
Courteous and fast service!
samurayjack  (78.43.177.***)     2012-12-29
MMOOK is realy great! they are fast ,they are nice and it is real pleasure to use their services!
Raki  (76.202.251.***)     2012-12-27
Got my gold for RaiderZ! Fast delivery too! 10/10 will buy from again.
m*****  (188.124.184.***)     2012-12-25
first time was litle lon.. but this time expres !! very good site.
m*****  (188.124.184.***)     2012-12-24
got my gold on time.. what more to say im happy ;] i thin i will try one more time.
steve  (88.71.191.***)     2012-12-24
yeaha. all good.
Nday  (222.127.77.***)     2012-12-21
Thank you so much for delivering my gold.
HEEROY  (24.248.245.***)     2012-12-16
LIKE !!!!!
Kicin  (68.43.146.***)     2012-12-16
I love this site! I thought I was being scammed at first but I really did just have to wait cause they came thru in the end ^^ This is where im gonna buy all my mabi gold form now on o3o
Edvina  (85.30.142.***)     2012-12-15
Very good and fast deleviry
Brandon  (27.33.232.***)     2012-12-15
Good and Legit Site.

Received Gold within 10 hours.
Tanaka  (37.44.153.***)     2012-12-12
Got my money in IRO.
Fallax  (217.210.246.***)     2012-12-11
Great service and price aswell as fast delivery.
joakim  (83.176.228.***)     2012-12-6
it toke some time to receive the gold but they were nice and overall helpful :D it was worth it.
Shawn  (134.36.102.***)     2012-12-5
Service is good, staffs are conscientious
sagitta  (177.96.138.***)     2012-12-5
good and reliable seller, I got the gold really fast, thanks.

confiavel, pode demorar um pouco e parecer meio enrrolacao, mas recebi em menos de 15 minutos.
glauco96  (151.24.163.***)     2012-11-30
trade ok thank you
glauco96  (151.24.163.***)     2012-11-30
ok I got the gold and I thank you
Ersin  (78.180.38.***)     2012-11-28
Thank you. Same-day delivery :) :)
Laurence  (93.96.125.***)     2012-11-28
Great Service and Support, I got my gold on time when I needed it to be, although it could have been better if the quick to buy option ask all your game details and characteristics such us levels and other things in game that could identify you much easily.Overall, everything was great specially the costumer service, they helped me quite a lot.

All I can say is, Great awesome service and support :D
Gio  (71.181.163.***)     2012-11-27
this site is awesome i recommend it to anyone who wants to buy gold in a game they will give you the amount you ordered for it just takes a little bit a time not a whole lot of time like they said 8-24hrs they will get you your gold no matter what it can probably take 2 or 3 days but you will get it :)
Fyona  (109.100.89.***)     2012-11-27
Verry good service and verry fast and super friendly customer nice job and THANK YOU
Delamo  (95.105.144.***)     2012-11-27
Evertyhing was fine, gold was delivered as they told in email. Chat was also very well.
Michael  (174.101.166.***)     2012-11-24
Awsome site, quick easy and a much better bargain.
Thanks guys.
Michael  (174.101.166.***)     2012-11-24
Awsome site, quick easy and a much better bargain.
Thanks guys.
Dunklerdealer  (188.192.184.***)     2012-11-23
nice, very fast and without problems, good deals
Guillermo  (208.54.85.***)     2012-11-21
Service was fast and chat service was a great help. Thanks I will be purchasing in the future
[email protected]  (180.241.193.***)     2012-11-19
This is a good website seller gold
Best Recommend
iam buying alot of gold
fast delivery !!!!!
Jullage  (82.168.171.***)     2012-11-18
Very nice service, had to wait for the delivery guy to get online but beside that live chat was very friendly and helpfulll.

thank you
Drakeslither  (74.130.14.***)     2012-9-26
very fast -awesome service--and very good prices-will use you guys again, keep up the good work.
Axy  (81.184.126.***)     2012-9-26
Thx 4 all, so good, so fast =)
deelove  (24.59.26.***)     2012-9-25
thanks guys for the fast and speedy service. First time buyer not my last. Got My gold in less than 15 mins for a first timer was great. Thanks again See you very soon. Dee
Tyler  (216.45.178.***)     2012-9-18
This gold selling site is great. They get it done and fast and are legit. +1
Tyler  (216.45.178.***)     2012-9-18
I love this gold selling site they no joke get the gold to you as soon as possible. They are legit and I recommend using them.
Xavier  (192.54.145.***)     2012-9-18
I received my kinah after two days, the service is very responsive and has always responded quickly to my questions.
I recommend this site
Xavier  (192.54.145.***)     2012-9-18
I received my kinah after two days, the service is very responsive and has always responded quickly to my questions.
I recommend this site
Titanboy  (88.73.177.***)     2012-9-13
you are very good, Im content of you
Vastor  (77.66.145.***)     2012-9-12
I very happy, gold delivery in 2 hours. Thanks.
Xorax  (94.197.127.***)     2012-9-9
Thanks for very good service and supporting
Divine  (90.194.89.***)     2012-9-8
Bought from this site many of times, cheap rates, one of the best Zeny sellers on the net..

I will continue to use this site
Gabriel  (189.171.180.***)     2012-9-8
Great service, I made a purchase for Eden Eternal gold and got in about 3 hours... Trusted site! good job guys!
Aspersio  (94.120.31.***)     2012-9-3
The Staff is realy gentle and they deliver very fast <3
Diego  (187.13.204.***)     2012-9-1
Good work, thanks!
Wesley  (140.144.0.***)     2012-8-31
This time when I bought 30m, they delivered instantly within 10 mins. I did a face to face trade with them. And they were quick, efficient, and polite. By the way, for PST buyers, I noticed they get on from 11pm - 1am. Just fyi.
sinxavarice  (98.149.12.***)     2012-8-30
Extremely responsive and clean. Was impatient and kept pestering them about it. But they were patient with me and live chat was always polite. Kept reassuring me and in the end it came. Thanks a bunch, will buy from this site again.
aaa  (67.160.210.***)     2012-8-28
very quick and great
Guilherme  (189.59.50.***)     2012-8-26
Second time i buy zenny at US Classic server! Pretty satisfied :)
Loyd  (71.8.18.***)     2012-8-24
Pleased with service. Wish it had been faster (it took about 13 hours), but it was before 24 hours and I got what I paid for. 8/10, would recommend!
MooMooMilk  (116.197.4.***)     2012-8-23
I am so sorry that misunderstand about this website , cause when i search at net got a lot of bad feedback. But .... after do the payment and contact them , their SERVICE can be say professional , kind , nice. (even if you rude). Their promise for Gold,items,accounts sending is in 8 mins-24 hours but sometime will be late even need longer time to process , why ? cause their supplier problem , but what they promise to sending we will send to you also even its LATE. Thank you guys ! i have receive my gold , and so happy with it ! THANK YOU! AND KEEP IT UP ! ^^ GOOD SERVICE! PROMISE ! KIND ! NICE ! UNBELIEVEABLE !
Guilherme  (177.41.95.***)     2012-8-22
Hi there! Bought zenny for US classic and got it! Very happy with it! Thanks!
Raziel van Helsing  (31.200.174.***)     2012-8-21
it was my first transaction here and i must say that i am very pleased.the customer service is very good and delivry time is great as well.I strongly recommend this site to anyone who look for that kind of service
Sharki  (95.175.71.***)     2012-8-20
I got my gold within 20 min.s, easy and simple,
kikdown  (37.76.142.***)     2012-8-19
thanks, parcel received)))
P.S. excellent sword)))
WAF_81  (68.110.79.***)     2012-8-19
I used thersgold for first time today. Was easy and convenient. Will probly use thersgold again in future.
Thank You
Sabil  (173.69.23.***)     2012-8-17
thank you very i recieved my gold
Diego  (189.24.51.***)     2012-8-16
Good, quick and easy.
Selena  (83.156.24.***)     2012-8-15
very fast delivery. Good job ! thank you :)
spacejams  (108.236.146.***)     2012-8-14
Was a bit sceptical because i was asked a few unnecessary confirmation questions. But they delivered within 20 minutes while staying in contact with me in chat
Tarryynn  (118.208.73.***)     2012-8-7
Bought 10k gold for Grand Fantasia. Delivery was under 24 hours as promised and the sale went really smoothly. Will definately be buying from GoldICQ again.
murra  (24.52.245.***)     2012-8-7
Took longer than expected, but gold was eventually delivered to my mailbox as promised so I am pretty satisfied.
PERLA  (96.250.144.***)     2012-8-7
for the first time buyer penyas and it went very well, I bear witness that they are very responsible people and attest that my order arrived in time remember. I recommend it 100%. thank you very much.
liw  (76.171.4.***)     2012-8-5
at first I was nervous but now that recieved my gold I can say that they are reliable and they have a fast service
john  (67.8.172.***)     2012-8-5
thank you for your service :)
Missy  (86.128.168.***)     2012-8-4
Really friendly reps and good communication, even while there was a supplier issue. Gold was sent as soon as was possible. Great site, thank you!
4ourth  (108.238.134.***)     2012-8-4
Nice serve
4ourth  (108.238.134.***)     2012-8-4
Nice serve
JJ  (166.147.72.***)     2012-8-3
Extraordinary, fast and professional.
rafael  (189.82.251.***)     2012-8-3
this site is really amazing. i loved the service, really serious and fast.
Arturo  (189.195.3.***)     2012-7-31
thanks for everything!

nice service
Damian  (77.255.7.***)     2012-7-21
I have get my gold for vindictus europe. Fine company. Good transaction. Regards. And thank you for the transaction.
UnderGaby  (83.59.204.***)     2012-7-19
100% safe transactions and fast delivery...and all this without billing for credit card screenshots
Jason  (156.34.17.***)     2012-7-16
The live chat is incredibly helpfull and patient...
even at any time of the day... any time!!!
Samuel Taylor  (122.61.225.***)     2012-6-15
I had Brilliant service from Candice, who not only completed my order, but assisted me when I had issues with my email account :)

Very Happy with the service and will be making future purchases due to the High Quality provided from GOLDICQ
Ashley  (86.163.153.***)     2012-6-15
Bought 50mill via PayPal all went smoothly after a few checks I received the money no problem thank you will be using this service again :)
Turok  (93.47.37.***)     2012-6-14
Very nice, all ok!!!
Ken878  (24.247.62.***)     2012-6-12
I really like this site, I was able to get the amount of gold that i bought and it did not take that long to get the gold. I would buy more gold from this site again when i need more gold. Really this is a great site to buy gold or money for the games that you love if you hate having to farm for gold.
3ree6ixty  (101.161.63.***)     2012-4-10
great service very happy with my purchase :D fast n easy xD
Bob  (121.214.2.***)     2012-4-1
Fast Delivery, thank you.
Snowi  (58.172.162.***)     2012-4-1
Got my monies in my game :> Thanks guys! Very fast, too.
Wiktor  (79.190.66.***)     2012-3-26
Very Fast delivery Kinah in Game!

Perfect transaction! ;)
artinson  (82.52.226.***)     2012-3-24
great job, everything was perfect, great team. tnx
WonRN  (72.171.130.***)     2012-3-23
Thank you for a great service. The staff who helped me out was very patient and walked me through step by step. Very pleasant to have done business with. Keep up the great work!

Best regard
Marcus  (72.10.192.***)     2012-3-21
I received my ED promptly, had to go through a process for the first time through which did take a long time. However they got me my ED and within 24 hrs. The price was good and I would and probably will buy from these guys again.
Lum  (81.34.218.***)     2012-3-21
The cheapest and fastest gold delivery on the Net! Im amazed by theiincredible well spoken and mannered support team and gold transaction by any custumer wish, may it be per mail or auction hall.

Thank You GOLDIQO =)
ahmed  (109.161.161.***)     2012-3-15
thanks for delivery my gold for me.
jordan  (96.55.9.***)     2012-3-15
i was having trouble with my payment option but i was helped by cathleen on boldchat support for several hours with no complaints from her. very supportive and helpful.
Keres  (79.147.233.***)     2012-3-14
Fast delivery, better than other sites.
Optimus  (88.229.145.***)     2012-3-12
I used service for Aion and i am very happy with the delivery. Good job , keep it up! will do again!
jojo  (217.120.67.***)     2012-3-6
ty for the good service and friendly live chat big +10 ty
Emiel  (81.70.214.***)     2012-3-5
nice and fast delivery very kind staffs
Roppe  (213.67.27.***)     2012-3-5
Very good seller. Was really good communication and very fast delivery of gold. Very serious seller. I highly recommend to buy from this seller. 5 of 5 stars.
speedar  (67.168.22.***)     2012-3-4
thank you was very fast service!
Anarros  (69.134.110.***)     2012-3-3
Just bought 800m. Got all of what i paid for. Great service.
Bailey26  (84.80.215.***)     2012-3-2
every thing is oke
the trade was made fast so thats good
cristi  (86.121.46.***)     2012-2-29
omg you are the best. it took almost 3 days but at the end i got the gold. thanks a lot.
Dinami  (62.57.255.***)     2012-2-24
Fast and good.
SoulCritical  (99.245.214.***)     2012-2-24
Took a bit of time but you will get the purchase that you ordered. The staff are very polite and considerate, I thank you for everything.
Take care and have a nice life.
ydniw  (180.243.2.***)     2012-2-18
simply great!! fast delivery!!!
Chan Yong Fa  (62.57.255.***)     2012-2-17
In my first order have taken some time but the result was perfect so I will not hesitate to reorder if necessary.
Acerman  (89.137.62.***)     2012-2-13
hi, the delivery is not so fast but anyway, i got what i ordered , try to deliver faster guys
Mirko  (79.17.197.***)     2012-2-12
I am very satisfied with the service offered by goldicq. Even though I had to wait a bit.
Jay  (72.89.80.***)     2012-2-11
I had thoughts at first but these people were very legit ive bought from the 4 times and will buy from the more in the future more each time
Manowartheod  (91.132.230.***)     2012-2-11
Nice service...even it was delayed ... I deliver what it was promised
Icefixer  (79.167.237.***)     2012-2-6
Thank you for good service....
Angel  (184.100.227.***)     2012-2-5
I have always had great service with these guys
Tierl  (24.94.227.***)     2012-1-31
Wow!!! Glad you all received your gold so quick and all.
daviddavid  (69.196.172.***)     2012-1-31
omg wow i really got it guys thank you
i appreciate it :)
i will use the service again!! its amazing
Jasmi  (87.194.244.***)     2012-1-30
Got to admit , Pretty good service
chrisze  (96.8.253.***)     2012-1-30
I was very pleased with the service and would use them again.
CjiQ  (174.6.173.***)     2012-1-28
takes time but nice
uglierraindrop1  (24.0.146.***)     2012-1-27
I bought aoeo coins and received them very quickly. Great service.
DeathElf  (75.69.90.***)     2012-1-26
Get the gold.
Rishadan  (173.60.235.***)     2012-1-19
I received gold.
NLYami  (68.96.71.***)     2012-1-17
Thanks for the delivery. Although I did not receive it as quickly as I thought, but I got what I paid for.
Thank you very much
Andrea  (93.58.120.***)     2012-1-17
Not the fastest delivery, i recived everything anyway. Thank you very much.
Chris  (90.84.144.***)     2012-1-16
Hi i want to congratulate goldicq. All deleveries are fast either face to face or on mailbox. I recommand goldicq.
Hung Yih  (203.167.243.***)     2012-1-15
Wonderful service and friendly customer service! If only they had more than one Elsword supplier, I would haven given them a perfect 10. Sadly, they only merit an 8. But still, wonderful!
Martin Kottwitz  (79.219.86.***)     2012-1-15
thanks a lot, the delivery was very fast, so i must say... everytime again.

Georg  (151.42.252.***)     2012-1-14
I purchased gold for warhammer and I received it without problems.
Good service, thanks.
kyle cole  (71.194.190.***)     2012-1-14
i got the gold after 4 days they will get u what u want but it takes time so be patient and let them do there job to help u:)
LUKE  (71.148.34.***)     2012-1-13


george  (62.228.194.***)     2012-1-13
Fast service.Great comunication and very helpfull live chat.
Pania  (122.60.250.***)     2012-1-11
Thank you very much, was very easy to use, fast service very polite online help. Be seeing you guys again very soon lol =) Happy New Year Everyone
Brandon  (99.225.224.***)     2012-1-10
Amazing service thank you so much!
Harley  (98.251.193.***)     2012-1-9
It took a few day becauae if the time difference but it was worth it!
Susie  (66.190.204.***)     2012-1-7
This service was great.! && The live service made it even better.!
PawelPOLAND  (88.156.71.***)     2012-1-6
Very Fast, Very Polite and customer friendly. Thank You
Fluffeeh  (82.169.222.***)     2012-1-4
It took nearly one day, but i got my gold =)
Cheese  (76.102.53.***)     2012-1-2
Good patient, and professional. Can be trusted
piranca  (79.4.158.***)     2012-1-2
servizio perfetto
Justin  (67.180.227.***)     2011-12-31
Character name: littleshyuguy
Level: 142
Server: US Venus
JiggleFizzix  (174.89.69.***)     2011-12-29
i bought 60m vindictus gold and i got it almost instantly! thanks
Sandra  (89.244.204.***)     2011-12-29
Sehr netter Kontakt
schnelle Bearbeitung
und bei Fragen super schnelle Hilfe
vielen dank
Finally  (81.153.99.***)     2011-12-28
Finally got me geons after waiting 1 week:(
KAIZER  (186.68.0.***)     2011-12-27
great service, they do keep in mind ur order and keep you well served.
Mikael DK  (80.197.133.***)     2011-12-26
I am very happy with GoldICQ, there is always delivery, sometimes fast sometimes a tad slow, but delivery always. The customer service is SERVICE at its best. Tried the service in Rifts and SWTOR.
Gurgeh  (82.40.61.***)     2011-12-23
Made a purchase of 400Plat the other day.

Service was quick and hassle free

Reccomended *****
Gaar  (79.102.132.***)     2011-12-23
yeah this roox now im 1000k richer on tibia

perfect prices and fast delivery 2 tiems so did i getit with in 20min when i ordered 500k now so did i order 1000k had to wait a littel bit longer but it was totaly worth it :D

great job guys
Veronica  (202.156.11.***)     2011-12-21
Hi, thanks for the mail. Evian had a good customer service and was efficient. Thanks.
strigra  (72.197.188.***)     2011-12-19
i have tried other site but this site is by far better.and the live chat assistence was amazing.thank you goldicq
solgam  (83.238.158.***)     2011-12-15
Well I did not recieve my gold but I got fully refunded. Took some time but at least theyre honest.
Bobcat  (109.230.216.***)     2011-12-14
Great thnkinig! That really breaks the mold!
Grey  (76.169.207.***)     2011-12-13
I have made 2 orders and I have received my order the live chat service is great too quick response and help with any troubles any time I recommend anyone who searches for a website to buy gold from this is the site to to choose
Isamun  (80.202.102.***)     2011-12-12
Things take time and the confirmation process is a real pain. Not the best service, have to wait over night for the delivery team, but you get it eventually.
needtoknowbasis  (75.147.193.***)     2011-12-10
received gold in 2 hours, 1 hour was because i was afk. i will use them often
LordFox  (86.26.136.***)     2011-12-10
Friendly staff and quick communication.
red  (70.160.82.***)     2011-12-8
The gold was delivered very quickly to my APB account. Within the hour actually. I was somewhat perturbed as to why they needed so much information from me when I went to the Live Chat, but all is well!
Thanks Gold ICQ!
kantz  (75.26.166.***)     2011-12-8
took awhile to confirm that my payment was made by me and not someone else but the service was great with even step by step help
brian  (93.186.31.***)     2011-12-7
Tnx guyz the service was gr8 and fast will be buying from u ppl again.tnx
deezull  (74.51.0.***)     2011-12-5
excellent service, fast and friendly. will do business with again
Player on Tibia  (90.174.87.***)     2011-11-26
Very good service, i received perfectly the gold that i paid for!!!
Bruno  (201.26.109.***)     2011-11-24
The gold was delivered very fast, no complications.

I recommend.
Mike  (68.0.87.***)     2011-11-20
Fast and Quick delivery as usual highly recommended
marcopolo  (189.79.77.***)     2011-11-16
I will always buy here because this is the best sait purchase, great service thank you.
MattiaKings  (93.50.108.***)     2011-11-16
Hi team, i received my 1o milion on vindictus, thanks to all, but especially to the operators of the chat who have endured, and answered my endless questions X)

Thanks again and good work people !
Timothy Toler  (173.80.217.***)     2011-11-5
Very trustworthy site, just a tad bit slow on delivery but you get what you pay for!
Anonymous  (178.78.98.***)     2011-11-2
Communication ok but took 4 days to receive the gold.
Adrian  (84.48.77.***)     2011-11-2
Very good service. Thank you!
Nico  (82.89.37.***)     2011-11-1
alright, you were very helpful, thanks a lot
Gerd  (195.93.60.***)     2011-10-30

I am very satisfied with your service and surly will come again.
denu  (70.72.86.***)     2011-10-30
this is some good stuff, i still dont get how the leveling works...
TY  (71.193.98.***)     2011-10-29
I got my gold, but it is way to hard to communicate with these bot things, there not real people, and it took over a day to get my money... but all in all i got my money.
Christopher  (190.134.2.***)     2011-10-29
Received the gold smoothly and in less than 24 hours .-
Thanks you!
Godsrogue  (87.91.219.***)     2011-10-29
Thanks for your delevering gold rapidly.

See you later and have a good day.
Feng  (98.248.133.***)     2011-10-28
Been buying from this site for a long time. Sometimes delivery takes along time (2 months) other times its as fast as Confirm and delivered.
But as for price, this site is the best I know.
Xoxopanda  (94.192.250.***)     2011-10-27
Speedy service thanks will use this again
federico  (93.41.195.***)     2011-10-27
exellent service,100% sicure
Rodrigo  (187.11.19.***)     2011-10-24
great purchase, a great trading and clearing doubts, are to be congratulated, so good!
Mach****  (92.250.0.***)     2011-10-24
I asked before i brought how much time would take to delivery 200M, and they said 20 mins...

Only after 30+hours i got the zeny :/
Evanescenz  (58.9.52.***)     2011-10-20
Took a bit of time for them to make sure I am the real buyer. XD But there was no problem after all. :)
Nar  (87.13.231.***)     2011-10-17
Very Fast ;) very good service
KindHeart  (76.184.150.***)     2011-10-16
The delivery isnt fast like it said 19-15mins. It took 24-48h to delivery to me. But it cool
Doug  (70.176.205.***)     2011-10-15
Fast, friendly service. Thanks again!
Broduske  (68.25.17.***)     2011-10-14
[email protected]

Received all. Thank you
J-F  (74.210.232.***)     2011-10-14
Really fast service 84M delivered in 2 min :O WOW to GoldICQ. The godly site !
david  (60.231.221.***)     2011-10-12
thanks guys iv only brought 1once so far will buy again, everything went fast and smooth hope things go well for furture purches
Nogebator  (93.184.235.***)     2011-10-12
Great servise, fast delivery!
Thorkel  (79.118.249.***)     2011-10-11
thank you for the fast
Anonymous  (173.253.205.***)     2011-10-11
The overall service was pretty good. Though some of the information required was unnerving.
Jyngsay  (79.86.81.***)     2011-10-11
Hello, I thank you for it is offer has good price(prize) and I thank you for the speed of the deposit(warehouse) of gold.
^^  (68.146.158.***)     2011-10-7
Good service, got my gold within a few hours the first time and within minutes the second time. Reliable service, will definitely order again!
alwin  (217.33.230.***)     2011-10-5
(First time buyer)
thank you that i recieve the gold i bought yesterday that was fast hope next time i bought a bit more faster than first buyer :D
Brandon  (184.4.28.***)     2011-10-1
Fast & friendly service. Will def. deal with again!
wedel  (188.47.97.***)     2011-9-25
Thanks :D this site is excellent
Happy dude  (95.112.102.***)     2011-8-31
Very friendly,Very fast deliver, very.... PERFEKT :-)
SwordRefuse  (98.194.181.***)     2011-8-23
got the gold within 48 hours. not bad!
may visit again in the future. thank you
Graceann  (80.167.115.***)     2011-8-14
I bought 400 plat from this site. The customer service is really nice and try to help you as much as possible. But the delivery took longer than i had hoped. But i did get my full amount.
RageComics - DFO  (173.64.120.***)     2011-8-11
Extremely fast service, bought 5 times from this site, and the transactions were clean, and quick all 5 times. Live chat helper is probably the best out of all the other gold selling sites. Finally a site that users can completely rely on!
Satifiedbuyer  (173.167.121.***)     2011-8-10
My gold was successfully sent to me gotta love gold buying sites ^^
Steve  (174.252.54.***)     2011-8-10
Was skeptical at first but it was great! Thanks!
Ryudan  (88.248.121.***)     2011-8-10
The most professional service among other websites. If you wanna buy gold this web site should be your only address.
Erick  (76.242.88.***)     2011-8-10
Really great and fast service for Dragon Nest! I recommend this service :)
John B-Alberta, Canada  (96.51.21.***)     2011-8-8
I am totally pleased with the professionalism of the staff at GOLDICQ. My gold is delivered fast, really fast. My last order, from placing to receiving gold took 8 minutes.
Great work goldicq.

John B
Alberta, Canada
Mathias - Maplestory  (93.165.9.***)     2011-8-8

It depends on the game uve choosen.
And if the supplier is asleep or awake.
But this is the cheapiest site ever. AND u read
it right now from me that u wont loose money
or time buying something here.
Good buyin!
Freddy  (121.91.34.***)     2011-8-8
Prefect service. Fast and good.
First time is a bit lengthy because of sercurity, which is good.
But after that everything is great.

Thanks for the help
gcxkillz  (151.65.60.***)     2011-8-8
i got my zeny... thakz a lot...
shoooooter  (92.72.66.***)     2011-8-4
Ok now i have the gold!

Thank you very much

and sorry for the troubles
Steve  (63.165.72.***)     2011-8-4
The delivery was much later as promised but I received what I purchased.
It looked for some time as a scam but the result counts which means I will continue to purchase here.
Francisco  (189.27.145.***)     2011-8-3
demorou, mas chegou.
Shawn  (24.207.193.***)     2011-8-2
Impressive service. I was kind of unsure, because other said theirs took 3 days. Mine only took about 3 hours. This financial boost is gonna help me gear my mercs for an approaching nation war! Love it!
Sleep  (74.195.50.***)     2011-8-1
While it took a little longer than I expected, I obtained my purchase within 30 minutes and very impressed with the service that I received.
alohashin  (112.210.235.***)     2011-8-1
really awesome. I got my gold really fast. good deal. hoping to get more cheaper ill purchase more gold soon. =D (IrisOnline gpotatoe - luminuos star)
yrrodymmij  (121.208.180.***)     2011-7-30
Awesome service, with a gold turn over within 4hours for Ragnarok Online.
Supatank  (80.60.196.***)     2011-7-30
it took a while more then 24 hours but i got it, i prolly use it again
Alfred  (64.83.204.***)     2011-7-29
I got the gold
TJY  (68.81.172.***)     2011-7-29
Third purchase. Smooth as ever!
Damantas  (71.84.99.***)     2011-7-29
Exellent Service, they are the best, Highly recommend
Vindictus Player  (98.150.205.***)     2011-7-29
Dang that was fast and easy unlike some sites i went to in the past looking forward to buying gold from this site again^^
Kyoushirou  (91.115.32.***)     2011-7-28
Thanks again! Great service :)
CodeEternity  (24.248.39.***)     2011-7-27
Good Job
TJY  (68.81.172.***)     2011-7-26
Second purchase of in-game gold. Instant delivery. Awesome!
Omi the Reaper  (201.116.140.***)     2011-7-26
Best service ever!
Toforone  (166.205.12.***)     2011-7-25
Thank you very much for the gold I got it
Runes of Magic  (83.136.72.***)     2011-7-25
Good Service!
Cabalistegek  (77.248.205.***)     2011-7-25
Got the gold, but a bit late... i had to wait 3 days to get it..
Ryan  (72.189.91.***)     2011-7-24
Great service, fast and friendly
Niels Tebrugge  (24.132.181.***)     2011-7-24
Ive paid for the game Tibia
Amount: 1kk
Character name: Arth Nime

It worked perfectly,

Thanks you, bye
YuShiAh  (80.11.183.***)     2011-7-22
2 orders on 3 i waited more 24hours to get my gold... :@
Geshumaru  (141.157.188.***)     2011-7-22
i got the gold ,but is too slow,i had wait for 3 days
Rahul  (183.83.189.***)     2011-7-22
Last time it took 1 day but this time it was blazing one hour they delivered my 100m zeny!! definitely recommended!!
TJY  (174.252.81.***)     2011-7-21
Great service. Definitely buying from goldicq again!
complexed  (219.74.161.***)     2011-7-21
good service. received gold quickly too
Vymletahlava  (178.40.95.***)     2011-7-20
Hi . I am glad, Thank you very much.
Minsiah  (99.140.58.***)     2011-7-19
bought it 2nd time already. Live Chat was of great help and delivery was easy. Word :P
Jinhai  (112.120.194.***)     2011-7-19
Got my plat in 2 days in the mail. Live customer support 24hrs a day on the website was great.

Great service.
Alex goosens  (84.193.22.***)     2011-7-19
This was my third time buying.
steven  (64.12.116.***)     2011-7-19
it was fast and easy thx
Shamus  (116.14.51.***)     2011-7-19
good, will buy again.
Frank (Sairalindê)  (94.79.168.***)     2011-7-19
Hi Daisy, hi team!

Thank you for the prompt and perfect delivery of the ordered InGame-Gold.
Very good service and a very kind support for explaining and supporting the process of delivery.
Satisfaction rate: 10 (from 10) :-)

Exo  (76.121.114.***)     2011-7-18
For the most part a really good site.

But my first purchase I had to wait a week to get my Gold. So overall good service when the supplier is online
Foxyplayer  (70.68.183.***)     2011-7-18
Faster than any other site
dr  (76.208.8.***)     2011-7-17
Good service, received within 24 hours
dequndria  (184.255.202.***)     2011-7-17
I used the site to get imvu game credits I was scared at first because it was my first time using the site but I soob learn that the site owners was very helpful ib I did get my game credits in at a low price thank you guyssssss
wont tell ya  (188.194.108.***)     2011-7-17
thanks for the fast delivery! :)
Chris  (24.162.206.***)     2011-7-17
Although it took away, i still received my Gold. Thanks again.
Rei  (122.150.202.***)     2011-7-15
Very Fast delivery and very safe im coming back again for sure cheers!!!
Stumpenhauer  (89.246.8.***)     2011-7-14
I have the Gold now

Bhcrazor  (24.201.211.***)     2011-7-14
thanks i have receve my gold
hy  (86.35.54.***)     2011-7-14
Angel  (66.67.61.***)     2011-7-13
got my gold in a timely manner, and at the lowest prices I could find.
juan manuel  (190.174.229.***)     2011-7-13
thanks very good service, I will do future purchases
mamun  (98.253.115.***)     2011-7-12
Thanks again for the wonderful and very fast response and delivery
Vida  (64.107.89.***)     2011-7-11
OMG so fast
Ray  (99.41.146.***)     2011-7-10
Right on time thanks
Hugh  (82.0.17.***)     2011-7-9
First time buying, felt they were a bit slow but they kept to their promise and delivered the gold to me ingame. So thank you and will use again :)
Slobicaaa  (89.216.219.***)     2011-7-8
good cooperation, rapid implementation, given all the help that is needed .....
so what is needed more than this for further cooperation ....
praise good
Anders Løkkeberg  (85.167.204.***)     2011-7-7
I bought 100P to my character on Shivermere (Defiant), and the delivery came within 24-hours. Very good customer service, and very good security measures. And good prises, recommendable indeed.
Jeroenskiee  (84.25.146.***)     2011-7-6
Waittime for response on live chat: 6/10
service: 7/10
trustable: 10/10
prices: 9/10

They are asking some personal stuff.. like a copy of ID.. its privacy. its only for a game. im not buying a car ^^

For the rest. Good job!
Damantas  (71.84.105.***)     2011-7-5
Thanks again for the wonderful/fast response and delivery..A+
Michael  (217.5.145.***)     2011-7-5
Great service got what I wanted with no issues or drama
Beale30  (217.68.74.***)     2011-7-5
Great service would use again
Malebolia  (90.136.124.***)     2011-7-5
Thank you
I have the gold received.

good luck for you
Pezofpk  (78.22.74.***)     2011-7-4
Its verry nice. Delivred in 5 min.
Elky  (83.249.180.***)     2011-7-4
Very good service, quick and they helped all the way!
Demortel  (78.49.236.***)     2011-7-3
all good very fast and good service
Peter  (67.175.158.***)     2011-7-3
Great Service, Great communication, sonic fast delivery, thank you all so very much!
411662  (216.165.202.***)     2011-7-3
i rarely buy game currency, so this was my first time, and i was kinda nervous, it was great thanks ^-^, will recommend it to everyone i know =)
Daniel  (201.166.62.***)     2011-7-2
Fast and Cheap
Sekjo  (77.4.243.***)     2011-7-2
pros: -email when receiving the item
-item as discribed
-best price
Euphoriatheory  (80.161.132.***)     2011-7-2
Really really, good service, can sometimes take a some time to get your gold, but they always deliver! great service
wakingdeer  (174.254.0.***)     2011-7-2
Did take longer than I expected but they came through. I will use again. It is worth the wait.
itsCJ  (108.74.171.***)     2011-7-1
i love the service of this company it was fast and cheap :)
Ragnarok Player  (99.6.237.***)     2011-7-1
It took a while before I got my zeny but the service was good..
Tyetutty  (187.67.131.***)     2011-6-28
I have bought kalgeons in Goldicq and that is my 4th time. I am very satisfected. I live in Brazil and I was looking for a confiable site to buy the geons in the game and I found this one, and it is very good. I payed using paypal that is a very safety site. You can trust in Goldicq.
Mark  (80.101.29.***)     2011-6-27
Got all my gold within 30 minutes! Superb!
darkhell  (70.123.179.***)     2011-6-27
i got my gold ty
KillerPaker  (24.4.5.***)     2011-6-26
It was really fast and easy to use. loved it.
ChannBlade  (71.49.80.***)     2011-6-26
I paid and Got my what I ordered. I can not be happier. I realized that demand might be high and that service may be slow due to demand, but I got what I paid for within a week of purchase, that makes me happy.
Dale  (71.168.93.***)     2011-6-25
Website rating for Cabal Alz

price - 9 out of 10
contactablility - 9 out of 10
responsiveness - 6 out of 10
delivery time - 6 out of 10
delivery performance - 7 out of 10
Paul  (58.178.50.***)     2011-6-22
Always reliable, but a little slow sometimes.
Danny  (76.98.252.***)     2011-6-22
Robert  (99.92.67.***)     2011-6-19
Once again, I have bought zeny for Ragnarok, and once again they have come thru in time and form....very profesional and great customer service.
Mayden  (70.80.156.***)     2011-6-19
Nice service fast (few hours) and sure, safety

Nice price too.

Tks !
Lilith  (189.146.42.***)     2011-6-18
Safe and fast service, i received my gold within 24 hours, thanks for your service.
hye  (70.29.95.***)     2011-6-17
great and fast service always XD
Eddie  (166.137.15.***)     2011-6-16
I recently purchased platinum from, service was excellent and they delivered my order in a timely manner as promised. I will be using them in the future!
Greenleaf  (88.7.176.***)     2011-6-16
I received my order :)
Seby  (96.57.242.***)     2011-6-15
Thank you so much for the gold, this was a better and faster service than last time. good job.
Ben C  (166.249.98.***)     2011-6-14
Very easy to use and the online staff was very helpfull, i just checked my email so sry abt this being late. Also i got my gold within 2 hrs. so thank u for ue service and ill use u guys again
Rifters  (205.237.45.***)     2011-6-13
Great service, got my plat in 2 h
Miss Emie  (72.204.155.***)     2011-6-12
I have used your services twice now and both times I have received excellent service and timely deliveries.
KuZang  (71.21.165.***)     2011-6-12
Nice seller, fast delivery
sanford  (174.31.156.***)     2011-6-11
fast delievery good service will buy from again
Mike-Damours  (70.83.235.***)     2011-6-11
the service from the live chat is AWESOME, they helped me in all the process, i got my cash kinda fast, i will buy again and again from here.
Thomas  (217.122.201.***)     2011-6-11
Fast Delivery, very secure since they will deliver after you sent a mail.
Blackway  (96.22.203.***)     2011-6-11
Good services maybe a little long but great services:)
Ninja  (24.243.174.***)     2011-6-10
gold was cheap and they delivered.
AlphaGlossOmega  (94.208.35.***)     2011-6-10
thank you i have resieved the credits on my acocunt
Izelock  (81.229.72.***)     2011-6-8
I have recived the platinum by mail , Ty :)
Ustas  (89.252.9.***)     2011-6-8
Not so fast, but it work at least :)
Thank you!
John  (99.107.183.***)     2011-6-8
Did receive gold as promised, thank you
Nyaahaha  (68.126.251.***)     2011-6-7
very quick with the order
Damantas  (71.84.98.***)     2011-6-7
Wow!!!! finally i found a fast and easy to work with company!!!! It was super fast and easy to do. Highly recommend them. Thank you :)
ange  (70.29.92.***)     2011-6-6
good service all the time XD
Lyk3nooth3r  (67.187.216.***)     2011-6-6
when i received my gold i was so happy. it may have taken a few hours but it was well worth the wait. thank you again :)
Zaadla  (87.48.6.***)     2011-6-4
Yes i got the gold. Zaadla on eu firesand. Thx for the deal.
Simcosep  (99.238.229.***)     2011-6-4
Great service, just bought some more! cheap prices and they even offer a bonus! for ragnarok. 5 stars
J-Play  (173.58.255.***)     2011-6-4
Awesome service! Highly recommended
blackonix9  (99.43.99.***)     2011-6-4
I used this service for the game Vindictus, the staff is really friendly and great. They answer your questions to the best of their abilities.
That Guy  (67.204.251.***)     2011-6-4
bought gold.......

took 1 hour instead of promised 8 minutes.....not impressed......
Matt D.  (74.82.68.***)     2011-6-3
I have bought several times off of currency sites for games...but by far, GoldICQ has been the best of them customer service and fast delivery...I am 100% satisfied
Eiriin`  (211.31.40.***)     2011-6-3
These guys are brilliant, ive often ben misslead, or taken days to get my orders, these guys did it in record time, whene i needed the order in a timely fashion, they will difrenately have a logn time customer with me.
Yan  (178.192.92.***)     2011-6-3
Very fast delivery, kind staff, good prices - Would buy again!
XEzioX  (66.229.62.***)     2011-6-2
This is not fake its very real i got gold faster than any other site if u want fast gold and good prices come shop here i lvoe and so should you ( and yea im a real person )
MsShy200  (63.229.83.***)     2011-6-2
Thank you so much you give me the credits i bought :)
Icelynx  (67.166.35.***)     2011-5-31
Wow, im pretty happy with my order! thank you so much! they delivered my 40M pretty fast
Jinnnex  (58.172.122.***)     2011-5-31
Very good service, zeny was delivered as promised. Thanks
Miss. Picky  (87.122.33.***)     2011-5-31
Friendly and helpful and Cute support. Thank you Sally for your help ? The page I can only recommend it!

Support: 9 / 10
Delivery: 10/10

Ricky Assad  (187.172.111.***)     2011-5-30
I just want to say that it was so easy to buy so fast to get the money i buy from tibia gold and i was great, i just want to say that i will continue buying stuff from goldicq its 100% trusth so dont worry about anything and the best part is that in 10 min all was done, so in resume Thank you Goldicq.
Anonymous  (66.27.249.***)     2011-5-30
Bought a very large amount of zeny for Ragnarok Online. Purchase was very easy and delivery was handled in a very safe matter. My only qualm would be the time it took to deliver. It took about a whole day to get my order. If the person in the live chat would have mentioned this was the case it would have been a non-issue but she told me it would be a few hours so I sat around wondering where it was. Besides the little flub by the operator I have to say that overall I am satisfied and if the need arises will use this site again.
Elendia  (180.246.121.***)     2011-5-30
The service is really good!
Dave  (87.122.33.***)     2011-5-30
Great Service!! :3
Jordan  (94.171.176.***)     2011-5-29
great service, fast and reliable :)
will use again thank you!
Customer  (70.173.123.***)     2011-5-29
This server is 100% legit, though the time may range from 8mins-24 hours you will definitley get your money!
gelo  (70.29.95.***)     2011-5-28
nice service quality
IcaroOnThePacific  (187.198.78.***)     2011-5-28
Very good service,
Isona  (79.160.135.***)     2011-5-27
I have recived the plat, thank you :D
Nadoxkek  (217.217.236.***)     2011-5-26
All done, without problems and fast service.

Ikkizo  (70.181.17.***)     2011-5-26
This site is awesome. Not only did i receive my gold fast but their support service was able to answer all my questions. I will definitely be using this site more often. Thanks GoldICQ
Robininyahood  (174.254.32.***)     2011-5-26
Good service just wish it was 24 hr anytime service
Juslyn  (79.253.147.***)     2011-5-25
Thanks for the gold and your great support.
edgar  (76.103.6.***)     2011-5-25
i was very skeptical at first but they did it totally legit we will be doing business again soon!
kal  (174.254.83.***)     2011-5-24
Great price and great service. I had no problem with payment and felt secure that I could use Paypal. I will defiantly buy again.
Tomsson  (83.255.51.***)     2011-5-24
Got the gold =) All very fine =)
Oskar  (85.229.68.***)     2011-5-21
I am very please with this service, fast delivery and they also corrected a mistake i made when ordering, i stated the wrong character name. But godicq chat/confirmation crew got everything straightened out!

Magnus  (83.226.249.***)     2011-5-21
Great service, and great support, eaven when stuff goes wrong they always deliver and they get my full thrust!
VeteranLove  (70.72.47.***)     2011-5-20
I would like to say, that GoldICQ is the best, most legit service EVER! <3 I got 41m as soon as they logged on! GREAT customer service! I recommend looking for a Live Chat Agent named Jocelyn! She helped me and informed me where my gold was every second! Thanks guys! Your the best! <3

Lion  (119.234.0.***)     2011-5-20
I got my gold in less than 3 days from purchase,great job guys. This is the place where everyone should get their ingame currency from.
kyrakun  (68.224.230.***)     2011-5-16
I got my gold and im happy xD i hope u guys enjoy their services too.
Martin  (87.52.12.***)     2011-5-16
I have been buying gold from a lot of gold sellers over the past 3years. But Goldicq is the Best i have ever used. Im never going to use anyone else.
Mike  (98.226.10.***)     2011-5-15
Placed my order and received the payment in less than two hours.

Thanks a lot!
pink  (24.186.224.***)     2011-5-15
good service! a little slow but got my merchandise! will use again for sure
shuryorin  (71.35.190.***)     2011-5-13
always the best!
most trusted site for buying zeny for ro :D
fleaflea14  (24.165.198.***)     2011-5-12
I orderd again and i got it Very fast, very nice customer service. Ill def be ordering again
fleaflea14  (24.165.198.***)     2011-5-12
it took a little while to get the gold but, i got it :) this is a great site!
Paul  (59.101.26.***)     2011-5-12
I bought some gold for Atlantica - it was delivered within 15 minutes. I had tried to buy the same from another company and I am still waiting after a week!!
Bobby  (76.97.36.***)     2011-5-11
Thanks ladies;
Alvyss  (144.131.89.***)     2011-5-10
The service is gr8 i think.
i did my order wrong and it was quickly fixed :)
great staff with great service very nice
n pleasant to talk with.
quick service.
i recomend this to any1

Memnoch  (116.88.46.***)     2011-5-10
Made my purchase and promptly delivered.
Customer service was polite and helpful.
All questions were answered during live chat.
Speed of delivery: 5/5 stars
Custome Service [Jocelyn] : 6/5 stars
Dave  (98.122.152.***)     2011-5-9
Excellent service. I received a large platinum order within 24 hours of placing the order. I would definitely go through this company again.
Aria  (202.152.202.***)     2011-5-9
Wow this service is surely fast and the operator is so kind
lizzy  (72.220.190.***)     2011-5-8
thank you it was very easy to work with you and i will be seeing you guys more often. great exp for my first time using your website
Sal (vindictus)  (96.246.252.***)     2011-5-7
Used the site over the last 3 months. Always got my gold with in 15min to 24 hrs. Highly recommend this site because a good balance between price and speed of deliviery.
Crazy Vulcan  (207.233.120.***)     2011-5-5
Excellent service! Quick and fast delivery. These guys have saved me time. I will definately be buying from them again.
Adam Carlsson  (83.185.133.***)     2011-5-5
Very good webiste, really good live support.

Recommended website!

Thanks a lot!
xWind  (99.178.102.***)     2011-5-4
Fast and easy would recommend other ppl to use it
Acen  (60.234.138.***)     2011-5-4
Once we got the initial hoopla of confirming details out of the way, the process was well handled and fast. Future payments have gone through smoothly.
- The English of the support team is also, better than most.

thirdiblind  (96.224.45.***)     2011-5-4
WOW when i first ordered the gold and there was a small mishap i was pretty pissed that I would never see that money but they emailed me about the problem and within days MY GOLD WAS THERE AWESOME SITE!!!!!!
Fezzi  (216.125.67.***)     2011-5-4
great site, 105m for me, live chat was great. service was fast.

TheChoosenOne  (85.221.197.***)     2011-5-4
Grreat prices, fast delivery. Everything went uber fast and without any problems. Best gold site ever !
Lorka v.  (92.62.229.***)     2011-5-3
First time it took a bit more settings, but I got perfect service back. I decided to use this service second time and it worked very good a was it fast, without any problem. I got even more, than I payed. Thank you. I will be using this service more often to get gold for my game avatar.
Thank you
rawwwwrr  (68.190.232.***)     2011-5-3
good service. very good support and response.
Bryant  (166.205.14.***)     2011-5-1
Goldicq is cheap and fast with great customer service. I was very pleased to make my purchase from this trusted site.
edward  (82.26.10.***)     2011-5-1
thanks, i already got my kitsu saga gold, thank you, character name: devonpamela
John  (64.25.179.***)     2011-4-29
I used this service to buy some gold for Dungeon Fighter Online.The delivery was fast and it was cheap.A lot easier then spending weeks getting half as much gold lol.
GregSmit  (65.96.161.***)     2011-4-28
Good and fast job. nice suport and serius persons. I am satisfied. Thanks
Kaito  (69.171.129.***)     2011-4-28
Extremely awesome. Very fast and definitely reliable. Customer service was extremely helpful and profession. For sure would buy again. A++ recommended. :D
Rostus  (75.35.91.***)     2011-4-28
Delivery took some time but they did do extra verification to make sure I got what I paid for. The delivery time was understandable due to Rift not being as main stream a game and my semi large order. All in all 4 out 5 thanks guys.
Max Headroom  (24.113.19.***)     2011-4-20
Quick and easy transfer. Thank you.
BOSSS  (115.132.208.***)     2011-4-20
Great place to get your ingame gold. although certain game take about a week to deliver. But fear not, they are working very hard to meet your order.

The staff are helpful and responsive as well. Thumbs up for goldicqs.
Samuel  (201.130.119.***)     2011-4-17
The item was delivered exactly after the purchase.
Live Chat Supporters were helpful in all ways and absolutely patient.
Probably they can take a few minutes or hours to deliver the item but at least they do it not like other scamming sites.

Support - 10/10
Delivery - 9/10
always happy  (74.78.253.***)     2011-4-17
im very satified with goldicq quick service and plan to keep them as a gold supplier.
thanks again
Darren Lim Yok Joo  (218.186.9.***)     2011-4-17
very good services! sell gold with cheap rate and fast delivery! highly recommended!
FyrosPrincess  (24.131.38.***)     2011-4-16
I was very pleased at how fast my gold arrived! Def thumbs up for ICQ. Candice did an awesome job at answering my questions in a timely manor. :) Keep up the good work ICQ!
Ryan  (99.115.6.***)     2011-4-15
Fiona from customer service was great and very helpful. ill be back because of her and her awesome customer service she gave me. Thank You Fiona
Dark  (99.127.140.***)     2011-4-14
First time i have used Goldicq and extreamly happy with the service they provided.
qewweqwqe  (112.206.112.***)     2011-4-13
very fast
kim  (76.98.45.***)     2011-4-13
i just got the gold
thank u
Mengyu  (67.172.226.***)     2011-4-12
great service , ill have this service again
[email protected]  (129.93.5.***)     2011-4-11
got it
Mudknot  (75.108.120.***)     2011-4-11
Plat recieved within a very reasonably time, as well as great customer service through the live chat. Nice effecient service. Thanks.
Mickel  (67.172.226.***)     2011-4-10
Safe service, would have business again
Bahone  (75.143.97.***)     2011-4-7
i was pleased with the price of my purchase 30 platinum for 18 bucks not bad. just didnt like the span of time had to wait to receive the platinum wish you could purchase transfer then its there other than that i was pleased
LiCF  (173.79.193.***)     2011-4-7
Took a little time to get the gold, but definitely not a scam. 2nd time order and got the gold.
Grim Reaper  (24.113.19.***)     2011-4-7
Thanks, your getting faster and better at delivery...
ethan  (67.170.169.***)     2011-4-5
these guys are great for gold........not items tho...two items.....i tried to buy and they "didnt have them" just sell gold if your going to sell gold.
xFoxySkyx  (74.60.33.***)     2011-4-4
I want to thank you for your service this time it was very fast and yes my daughter is very happy to receive her credits thank you so very much you ppl are so awesome smile.
Arrem Carlos  (112.198.64.***)     2011-4-4
tnx a lot
leeuwtje990  (62.45.144.***)     2011-4-3
have been buying here for over a year now, perfect service, the security is nice, and the people that offer their services do it good and know what is coming around. besides that there very nice, also very friendly. the delivery comes in no-time, which is very nice, also this site is one of the cheapest there is. my recommendation to purchase here!
Jacob K.  (75.71.38.***)     2011-4-1
Nicest people ive ever talked to when in regards to making a purchase. Made the order before I went to bed, and when I woke up it was there. Fantastic!
Zelo Gravity  (188.84.245.***)     2011-4-1
Everything Was perfect, thank you for everything!
Sala  (74.4.125.***)     2011-3-31
Very sociable and patient staff members. :)
And good price too
Drexxamus  (65.9.42.***)     2011-3-31
I received my gold and i am amped to spend it!!!
Vox  (184.91.32.***)     2011-3-31
Purchased 20K L$ for use on Second Life. Was delivered inworld within 6 hours of purchase. Saved a bunch! Thanks GoldIcq!
Emily  (68.171.231.***)     2011-3-31
GOOD PAGE ! They helped me so much
Raiza  (92.22.212.***)     2011-3-29
I have brought from GoldICQ many times and they have never disappointed me. I recommend them highly. They are reliable and quick. Great customer service as well. Thanks <3
Linus  (217.209.69.***)     2011-3-29
good servies and very happy now when i got what i order a very good site :D
Jr exp  (86.174.39.***)     2011-3-27
Great Service. i will be using in the future.
REB  (68.224.47.***)     2011-3-27
Very satisfied with service! Got my Rift plat in a few hours!
spatan  (76.251.178.***)     2011-3-26
Great service! Got the order to me quick! Thanks guys!
marckus  (76.211.9.***)     2011-3-25
little delay due to supplier not logging in but very helpful support
TheRailgun  (146.86.234.***)     2011-3-25
FAST and GOOD Service!
jagaluv1  (70.68.44.***)     2011-3-23
got the imvu creds, thx, just waited a bit too long and surrendered my password to you 1st time seems risky, hope i dont need to do it next time, hmmmm
pyellen  (67.188.154.***)     2011-3-23
reasonable price and service is good even for 1st time buyers, you wont be dissapointed.keep up the good job.
fiona  (122.60.42.***)     2011-3-23
good live chat enjoyed talking to her and she told me everything i needed to know :)
southtexsguy7  (24.243.99.***)     2011-3-22
yes thanx i got them..
blessu  (121.45.246.***)     2011-3-20
i have got the plat... ty ty ty
William  (24.113.19.***)     2011-3-18
Recived the NIC just fine have already placed a second order.
Happy Anonimous  (189.79.223.***)     2011-3-17
Second time ive used the services, very impressed and happy.
completly trustworthy and competent staff.
even giving phonenumber got no problems, i even got a cute voice calling \o/
someone  (67.4.179.***)     2011-3-16
got the plat thank you very much
Alucard Vorhis  (85.225.28.***)     2011-3-15
I got fast delivery and I got what I wanted to a fare price.
Dan  (86.186.193.***)     2011-3-13
Very quick and friendly service and delivery
daniele  (82.186.53.***)     2011-3-12
very fast very professional
Wiggly Beans  (201.24.90.***)     2011-3-10
Thanks you very much, especially to Jocelyn, she oriented me and solved all my problems.
She IS the best employee here and I reccomend her to everyone. Thanks a lot GoldICQ and thanks again Jocelyn :D

they delivered the money to me in 4h :D
that was pretty fast for the amount that I ordered!!

Thanks a lot GoldICQ and thanks again Jocelyn :D
Dan  (65.183.104.***)     2011-3-10
fast service and good customer support! I ordered Rift Plat and got it anywhere from 30min after order.
Doesnt matter  (80.57.236.***)     2011-3-10
Took some time to get it but in the end i got the Kinah for Aion, Thank you
rena  (201.172.218.***)     2011-3-9
nice service very good service really 5 stars plx :D thanks goldicq :)
sarah  (68.68.184.***)     2011-3-9
well it took a while to get but i have to admit its worth the wait the price is right though compared to all other sites
John M. Slusser II  (89.242.47.***)     2011-3-8
While I do appreciate getting my gold order I do think that there should be gold in sufficient amounts standing by for immediate on the spot delivery. Currently it takes far too long. I know the effort being put into farming the gold but it is not meeting demand in a timely manner. I would still order gold from you but you must do far better on your delivery time.
Chiko Bueno  (189.156.155.***)     2011-3-7
Thanks a lot! i just recieved my gold in a matter of few minutes! looking forward to buy more from you!
Keeflynn  (66.112.113.***)     2011-3-7
I must say that I am very impressed with the service here. I received my platinum in a very fast order. The customer service was exemplary, and their attention to detail and security were very comforting.
I initially decided to purchase my Rift plat here because they were the lowest price of all the services, but now that I have done business here, I am extremely happy with all aspects of the service.
Thanks, guys!!
lala~~  (212.107.143.***)     2011-3-6
ordered 200k on the tibian server olympa.. got it in 15minutes.. great website ~~!
tenshikun  (77.165.77.***)     2011-3-6
super fast delivery i cant be more happy
angelitoh  (10.209.193.***)     2011-3-4
Nice service, fast send. Recommend & very safe.
sw33tdreemz  (68.150.186.***)     2011-3-4
First off, thank you for the quick actions that were taken to correct a misunderstanding on my part...I received all of the credits...yayy...Again, thank you...
roberto  (201.172.218.***)     2011-3-3
they attended me like a god :P haha very very nice service and very quick thanks golicq :D
Tietpep  (83.35.115.***)     2011-3-3
fast and reliable
Cotki  (82.168.150.***)     2011-3-2
Next good business
Nicholas  (121.7.229.***)     2011-3-2
Service is awesome!! Within 5 min, i got the gold:) this is my 2nd time buying:)
SexiLadyBlaze  (72.92.166.***)     2011-3-1
So after much chatting I finally got my credits... I wanna say thank you SALLY for all your help, It was greatly appreciated...
Rya  (77.250.223.***)     2011-2-27
Cheapest gold on the internet and fast delivery :D
Heffa  (85.229.208.***)     2011-2-27
It was good abit slow but no scamm at least^^ as problably many sites are, so Pretty nice. ;)
Cotki  (82.168.150.***)     2011-2-26
Good job, ty.
Cotki  (82.168.150.***)     2011-2-23
Another fast transaction. Thank you and recommend
Cotki  (82.168.150.***)     2011-2-23
Very good service, quick contact and assistance. I recommend to all
Betty  (79.48.33.***)     2011-2-22
Fast service and good prices
I will do businesss again with them
jj2jj2x  (76.187.164.***)     2011-2-20
They took a bit long time to deliver but they did as promised. So yeah - it works!
Ken  (76.10.135.***)     2011-2-20
Very satisfied with the speed my order was processed. Faster than I was expecting!
Tymm  (99.172.12.***)     2011-2-19
Very easy to use and very FRIENDLY people to talk to.
I will be using again in the future.Very fast service.
Benjamin Boyce  (81.106.186.***)     2011-2-19
Purchased gold received within a reasonable Time Frame yes I will use this service again.
Ben  (86.135.199.***)     2011-2-17
well I can tell that you can trust this site to buy gold. But it would be much better if guys on live chat would know exactly when the gold will be delivered to client :)
Shuurei  (89.151.19.***)     2011-2-16
if you want buy gold this site is the best choice :)
Sayupi  (79.30.67.***)     2011-2-15
Great service
The gold was transfert fast and all was perfect!
Christopher  (190.134.33.***)     2011-2-14
The service is excellent, very fast and effective!
Highly recommended!
Best regards!
Daniel  (177.25.10.***)     2011-2-14
i got my gold, and i ill buy againg
sonia  (72.215.40.***)     2011-2-14
i am very happy with their service,they are fast and with good fair prices:)
Ricardo  (190.232.214.***)     2011-2-14
very secure,quick and reliable.
Good customer service. The gold was delivered in time. I am very satisfied. Thanks Goldicq.
Tyrion  (117.20.166.***)     2011-2-13
very good service & safe..
one of the best so far & more cheaper than most of the other gold sellers out there.
"Anonyme" :)  (212.194.19.***)     2011-2-13
MUGATOU  (82.226.107.***)     2011-2-12
thanks you for your rapidity for delivery nic and your really good works done bye your hostess
chris  (99.128.255.***)     2011-2-12
Decent people, rockey service. Some times i get it with in the first hour most the time take a day or more. But are nice people.
Choccy  (90.198.205.***)     2011-2-12
Great service, took few days but due to an error I got double the gold for the same price. Would use again.
DIEGO ARMANDO  (187.171.130.***)     2011-2-11
Honestly  (108.71.238.***)     2011-2-10
Not as responsive as I would like them to be in the chat session, but they do DELIVER!!! So far, I trust this site OVERALL others.
Eduardo from Brasil  (189.58.200.***)     2011-2-9
12 hours to delivery; Received faster than others gold sellers. They call me (phone) after purchase to confirm. Secure site. Ill back to buy more times.
Bloodfist  (74.78.157.***)     2011-2-8
Amazing service, within 5 minutes I had my gold at the best price on the web!
daniel  (67.149.44.***)     2011-2-5
its the best fast service ever !!!! and easy
Samuel V  (114.76.71.***)     2011-2-5
Thank you so much!
for me it took 4 hours for delivery to recieve zeny, but its SO worth the wait.
Kept to your word on delivery time, so im happy.

Leo  (99.236.29.***)     2011-2-4
very good, very fast, very helpful
CorumIrsei  (88.156.68.***)     2011-2-4
Its a 3 rd time im using this site for buying gold. Its working all the time. Good job. Thanks
nighteen Telling  (79.235.240.***)     2011-2-4
i have my Gold , thats good ^^
wirless  (109.210.8.***)     2011-1-31
thank for youe delivery service in short time
Maku  (24.180.35.***)     2011-1-29
#1 good service
Melody Kundiman  (24.34.67.***)     2011-1-28
Very good service thank you for all your help
John  (121.6.131.***)     2011-1-26
Hi thanks for sending me the money soooo quick!
all the best!
Xun Sun  (70.115.231.***)     2011-1-25
Great service. First time getting Vindictus gold , it take a while to confirm and deliver. but over all great. hope in the future, we can speed up the redelivery.
Dev  (209.89.251.***)     2011-1-24
Quick and reliable. Thank you
Fonso Awha  (83.165.56.***)     2011-1-24
The service was very fast and i will to
buy more gold
Unknown:)  (89.72.74.***)     2011-1-23
I wait 24h for gold but at last it was sent to me. Overall in glad to goldicq and their support for gold and help :)
Minko Vagin  (142.217.115.***)     2011-1-22
Thx Verry Good Sell :D
Fulgor  (89.159.107.***)     2011-1-18
Thank you for the gold ^^
Gunnn  (69.204.145.***)     2011-1-18
Game: Atlantica Online
Order: 4000m
Good customer service. The gold was delivered in 24 hours. I am very satisfied. Thanks Goldicq.
Richard  (72.74.115.***)     2011-1-17
I ordered the gold,they asked the usual questions.
was in the game 5 mins later got the gold.
I will use them again
David  (74.78.116.***)     2011-1-14
I purchased gold from this site and received it shortly after, will definately use this service again!! Thanks :)
Ziwek  (87.96.182.***)     2011-1-14
Fast delivery, secure transaction
Live chat was very helpful when you needed the know the delivery status.
Tara  (201.224.129.***)     2011-1-13
Hi, the delivery is fast. Good service.
KeriLyn12  (75.88.15.***)     2011-1-10
I was unsure about changing sites for credits, but when I tried this site I was pleased. Very Happy!!
Matt  (75.158.73.***)     2011-1-10
I got it in less than 20 minutes, Jocelyn was who I talked to on MSN, she was a real help. Thanks.
Jyn  (92.4.24.***)     2011-1-10
Very good customer service at times. Also reassuring. Also rather quick deliver (Took roughly 12 hours of time of purchase).
Probably would buy from in the future. ^_^
d3m0ndz  (90.211.107.***)     2011-1-8
not as fast as they say, but it is the fastest (out of 7 dealers i have tried). Good services
Great  (79.236.179.***)     2011-1-7
Very Fast, total perfectly.
Omega  (188.36.181.***)     2011-1-7
I got the gold fast and safe less than 2hrs.
I think I will use this service next time also :)
XStarKillerX  (70.251.93.***)     2011-1-7
I buy Gold all the time and this place has the fastest dilivery ever! and Great service, definatly will continue coming back.
Robert Wallace  (98.82.166.***)     2011-1-7
Just wonted to say that this is a great site to get Atlantica Gold. The prices are very reasonable and delivery was very Quick. I am definitely going to recommend and buy from this site again...
JT  (67.184.105.***)     2011-1-7
This is GREAT!! Thank You Will definitely Buy again.. :D
Akurma  (98.149.122.***)     2011-1-6
really worth it and not a scam
wirless  (90.41.229.***)     2011-1-6
sa marche g recu mon or en 48 heure merci a vous !!!
His(Her,Its) walking(step)ireceived my gold in the 48 hours thank you has you !!!
Maybe  (67.176.132.***)     2011-1-5
Gold was gotten safely and anonymously. Also, gotten in a timely manner. Item delivery leaves a lot to be desired in which I advise getting more suppliers.
LadyC.  (178.202.112.***)     2011-1-5
Nice and Fast service! 5*
SkellingtonJack  (88.161.186.***)     2011-1-5
Not so fast (about 4 hours) but, realy secured, and nice support between command and delivrery.

Grettings from France.
Seamus  (85.167.223.***)     2011-1-4
Great service!

500K IN 5MIN!

Really Cheap!

I am buying here agian!
Andy  (189.152.71.***)     2011-1-4
At first I was scared it would be a scam but the gold arrived to me as promised, even tho it was a lil more time than i expected iv got 100k nowz ^^
LifeSavior  (71.203.191.***)     2011-1-3
Thxs, I got it within an hour! which is alot faster than I expected!

Happy Buyer  (71.201.51.***)     2011-1-2
The company is 1000% better than any other gold sellers for Atlantica orders are delivered quickly and prices are the best. I will be back many more times.
goopyer  (82.8.253.***)     2011-1-2
got my gold within 20min, excelent service!
Rallf  (204.106.250.***)     2011-1-1
Great site awsome service.
sinead croxton  (86.17.254.***)     2011-1-1
thanks for the delivery of gold
d3m0ndz  (90.220.121.***)     2010-12-31
Thank you so much for the gold, btw, it took me about 2 days to recieve my gold, however, i still got it.

ps. the "live chat" is so ****!!
( they said already sent my gold and will email the photo for me, but they just send me the gold a moment later)
Myriad  (187.156.25.***)     2010-12-31
Palemedes  (74.143.213.***)     2010-12-31
Fast reliable secure service. 5 Star recommendation.
atamica  (24.72.187.***)     2010-12-31
i got the delivery of gold for dfo
Uxlab  (142.162.29.***)     2010-12-31
Gold received.

Thank you!
Jesena420  (68.45.188.***)     2010-12-29
I use Runes of Magice and this was easy to use & fast service. Outsanding over all
shadowwarior  (59.92.94.***)     2010-12-29
Since it was my first time buying penya i was a little irritated with all the confirmations which were done to verify the payment. But i guess its understandable considering the credit card frauds nowadays.
I got the penya within the stipulated time as promised so i am happy with your service. Looking forward to more transactions in the future.

Note : Could you please mail me the details of how GPOT transactions will be carried out if i buy 15k pots from you since they cant be mailed or traded.
Tom  (78.84.57.***)     2010-12-28
bought 1.5bil in atlantica, smooth and fast, thank you!
Kevin  (24.159.58.***)     2010-12-27
In all honesty when I first thought of this site when i went to google all I could think of was "scam, scam, scam" but i took a chance anyways.

Im very happy I did take this chance, this company delivered very quickly to me, their customer service was very professional and polite.

Im a very happy customer and will be coming back to this site for future transactions. I highly recommend them to anyone whos worried about this not being a "trust site".

5 stars.

Lou  (93.196.160.***)     2010-12-27
Thank you Goldicq! I received my gold within minutes after my purchase!

Thank you, will buy again!
Lamont  (71.193.175.***)     2010-12-26
took acouple days to get what i ordered...but i got it at least
AMINAA  (99.177.93.***)     2010-12-26
The process was easy and the gold delivery was timely these whiz kidz are truly real in what they say.
thanks so much! :)
Andrej  (88.118.30.***)     2010-12-25
Nice\+++\;) nice woork...
Matt  (206.168.40.***)     2010-12-24
I am always very wary of purchasing anything online and I am happy to say these people are for real. I have ordered gold twice now and no problems at all. The live chat is very nice they are always there to give you help.
Tim  (174.90.156.***)     2010-12-21
It took a while to get the gold but the price made it worth the wait!
Marc  (83.160.72.***)     2010-12-21
I recieved the 300k on libera
good service
1st time Luna Gold Buyer  (86.136.253.***)     2010-12-21
Considering the time difference between Shanghai and the UK, service is excellent. It took a little time, and a quick security telephone call from goldicq. Gold delivered in-game without any problems. Will use again for sure. Very polite and helpful - thanks Sally and Cindy... ;o]
Dean  (166.205.138.***)     2010-12-20
Very skeptical at first I was a lot more relaxed after experiencing their great card verification process. The gold came quickly (I ordered 20mil) and recieved 14mil the first day then the rest the following day. Thanks!
Drew  (24.233.99.***)     2010-12-19
Very professional! Despite suffering from a shortage of gold supply at the time, they were very helpful and informative :)
Tom  (77.12.224.***)     2010-12-19
Thank you, reputable service. Very good customer service.
friction  (86.28.135.***)     2010-12-16
thank u for gold realy fast del will defo get more
Maxime  (173.176.48.***)     2010-12-14
I got what I paid for in under 2 hours, good site
Erney  (77.191.131.***)     2010-12-12
Took about a few days to get gold but its here now :>
mauricio  (189.156.172.***)     2010-12-10
safe and friendly... niceee
Sir Gerrardi  (189.250.43.***)     2010-12-9
I have made 3 purchases now with Goldicq international, first 200k second 150k and third 300k, and I have been well satisfied with their service. Try it!
Sazuri  (78.98.191.***)     2010-12-8
Great service :)
Darnas  (62.163.92.***)     2010-12-8
Did receive the gold fast


Audrius  (86.170.26.***)     2010-12-8
yes I got my order, actualy not after 20 min, but I am happy enough. Thx for good job.
Zexo  (24.239.140.***)     2010-12-7
their service is good man! fast delivery and they are always polite to you. i can rely on them anytime
Hiro  (202.8.239.***)     2010-12-7
Really fast, professional. I like how the live chat support is prompt and speaks good English. Keep it up!

I recommend these guys.
Vasquezzzz  (99.254.234.***)     2010-12-6
Reliable and helpful
ken  (119.74.126.***)     2010-12-4
cs have good service...they keep the promise.
Micke  (83.183.188.***)     2010-12-4
They are Trustful but they are sometime kinda slow but its no problem you will always get your money
PowerPanda91  (94.221.147.***)     2010-12-3
that was perfect
Marcus  (217.72.17.***)     2010-12-2
Good service, fast deliver

Joe  (69.109.157.***)     2010-12-1
Great service n safe. CS was very helpful n friendly. Thanks so much!
MKatCardone  (71.205.78.***)     2010-11-30
I thank you so much for the service. You guys were a lot of help.
JuzAname  (59.189.134.***)     2010-11-29
You guy are so lucky, they broke the 8min-24hour promise here, gold arrive at 26hour.
MVM  (64.12.116.***)     2010-11-27
on line support is excellent
Josh  (74.140.146.***)     2010-11-26
I got my order within 20 minutes. The service was great. The person I spoke to on live chat was friendly and informative. Thanks for your business. See you soon!
Austin  (207.115.103.***)     2010-11-25
The overall service was very thorough and nicely done, although the security check for a first time customer was in someway a bit overdone. But the gold has been delivered on time and I am satisfied with the service GoldIcq has provided me.

Thank you very much, and I will look forward to doing further business with you.
Bird  (86.23.108.***)     2010-11-25
Woah. Great!
andrew  (198.53.195.***)     2010-11-25
fast delivery thx
Dee  (98.14.116.***)     2010-11-24
Great service and fast delivery.
George  (109.91.65.***)     2010-11-24
Woohoo !
Support is for win !
Delivery was quite fast, and i would definitely buy here again !
Thank you very much !
sam  (213.213.253.***)     2010-11-23
very fast thx for your service
Robin  (87.211.2.***)     2010-11-23
thank for the super service
you guys are the best :D
Tom  (173.81.78.***)     2010-11-21
They where very interactive to ensure I received everything as quickly as possible. They made it very easy, and I plan on continuing to use them for all of my gaming needs.
Mimicaca  (173.178.209.***)     2010-11-21
fast delivery. I will buy again :D
hamani  (69.22.186.***)     2010-11-21
they were a bit slow :p but they did finish the job :)
Yung-Ching  (75.191.176.***)     2010-11-20
Received my gold just on time :D
Satisfied on Reni  (64.185.156.***)     2010-11-20
I used Goldicq and received the gold fast, within 24hrs
Great service.
Raffaella  (99.121.78.***)     2010-11-19
Great service and prompt delivery :)! (within a 24hour period)
I bought 3kk + the 10% bonus on Tibia and I definitely recommend it
thank you!
Anthony  (75.186.149.***)     2010-11-17
This site is awsome. I have gotton my gold as soon as i placed my order. They are very good.
DarthX2009  (99.167.94.***)     2010-11-17
The service was very fast and professional..I recieved it within 10 minutes...will definitely buy from again
Geert  (82.171.42.***)     2010-11-16
fast delivery very good !
RJ  (71.8.89.***)     2010-11-14
Fast and safe
John  (71.201.51.***)     2010-11-14
Great service, I have ordered 3 times so far and no matter the amount it is always mailed to me within 24 hours. I have tried several gold sellers and this seller is by far 500% better than any of the others.
mendas druidd  (87.222.131.***)     2010-11-14
it was fast and easy? im very happy
Chad  (97.114.224.***)     2010-11-13
Goldicq came though for me. I got my gold in about 20 minutes.
Would defiantly buy from again. Thanks Chad
Glock10  (139.67.208.***)     2010-11-12
Every time I use this gold service they come through on my order. There promise of delivery is 100%.

Zymaara  (71.117.141.***)     2010-11-12
I bought gold for my runes of magic account. Will it took a bit longer than I expected to recieve it the staff was extremely friendly and courtious making this an over all pleasant transaction. Will definately do business with again!
Geert  (82.171.42.***)     2010-11-11
fasrt delivery, very good!
John A  (58.175.76.***)     2010-11-7
Thanks again, getting quicker each time i order =P
Darkness  (196.215.17.***)     2010-11-5
Excellent service at the lowest prices :) delivery was exactly as stated within 10min for the money being paid
Alwin von Prins  (79.97.49.***)     2010-11-4
I definatly recommend it! I got what I payed for in less than 1 hour! The costumer service is perfect!
Dsipe  (71.114.155.***)     2010-11-4
good service and cheap gold too i got my gold on time and efficent matter
mike  (66.214.196.***)     2010-11-4
Very Fast and friendly delivery/staff. thanks, will do business again.
john  (24.181.216.***)     2010-11-3
i got my gold
Eddie tung  (217.208.148.***)     2010-11-2
very cheap gold and very good fast and good service!
Brandon Murray  (68.230.70.***)     2010-11-2
I would highly recommend this service ! ! ! The staff was friendly and my gold was sent promptly just as they said it would be. Thank u ! ! A+++
Gratebakerman  (71.205.69.***)     2010-11-1
It was a long and testing order,thanks for the delivery.
[email protected]  (76.116.203.***)     2010-11-1
great service--accurate and on time
Andrew Hayden  (198.53.194.***)     2010-11-1
thank you great service and very fast delivery of the gold :)
Rampagex  (79.168.92.***)     2010-10-31
Awesomeee service,super fast, friendly all the best i am a happy costumer Thank you
Berst van zanten  (83.81.171.***)     2010-10-30
The service is great, Got my money in 5 mins, thats realy fast :)
I will certainly use it again.

Thanks for the good service.

Greets Bert van zanten.
Baker  (96.26.33.***)     2010-10-29
As always fast friendly service. I will continute to be a customer. Thanks again.
Ginto  (24.20.160.***)     2010-10-25
Although had some trouble with getting the gold, thanks to Jason I was able to receive my gold. Thank you!
Baker  (96.26.33.***)     2010-10-24
Excellent service, my order was delivered in under 20 minutes. Very satisfied, Ill be back!
Hobbes  (24.109.223.***)     2010-10-24
Ordered 1000 gold for WAR, got it not too long after and was happy with how helpful the reps were. Thanks goldicq :)
Aron  (190.213.252.***)     2010-10-21
Friendly operators, safe delivery, nice price. I would definately recommend buying here.
Chris Rollins  (74.140.108.***)     2010-10-21
Delivered as Promise!

Thank you,

Chris Rollins
Baker  (96.26.33.***)     2010-10-18
very good service I received the order within 24 hours. Very coutrious and professional.

Thanks again.
Darnas  (62.163.92.***)     2010-10-17
Did receive the gold, thanks

André  (201.15.252.***)     2010-10-13
I never had problem with the goldicq.
The money has been delivered to me, thanks.
Ana Paula  (201.29.64.***)     2010-10-12
Everything ok. My first buy. Thank you.
Reddyr  (201.43.82.***)     2010-10-12
They are on schedule on the site, got all the gold coins they bought it ... my opinion about the site is that they can trust .... I received
Bloodsoaked       2010-10-9
Fast, reliable and "no hassle". Never felt like I was gonna be cheated.
yoyo       2010-10-9
took them a few days to transfer 420k on fidera great service :)
KoreaMaster       2010-10-7
I got 4 mil for Dungeon & Fighter.

Before make the payment, they said it takes 10-20 mins, but it took 5 hours. because the supplier was not on the game at that time.

I think you guys have to check up the supplier first before tell the buyer about the processing time like 10-20 mins.

the live chat was so helpful, and they were so kind for me.

thanks you goldicq
Lucas       2010-10-7
Really good site ! Live chat very helpfull !
I have buyed 1kk and the delivery ocour in time XD
realy good site ! going back soon =p

Site bom ! entrega aconteceu dentro do tempo estipulado ! Serci?o de atendimento mto bom !
recomendo !!!! XD
jon       2010-10-1
yep, this site is for real and legit...i got my 3m gold in like a hour, pretty good.
Abolitionist       2010-9-30
Great service, delivered as promised. Thank you very much! ^_^
Shaidenfaust       2010-9-28
I have received the gold, thank you. It has helped me greatly in moving forward. I will be back for more soon.

Eurytion       2010-9-27
Thank you i have get the money but it was a bit long of the waiting time.
Joakim       2010-9-26
im very pleased fast and good live chat support ^^
Michael       2010-9-22
It all went good, and painless :)
leonardo       2010-9-20
Thanks for the care I received the package as agreed, recommend to everyone using it is a trusted site and practicality.

Regards, Leonardo!

PoorBoy       2010-9-20
thanks for powerleveling for my id, its really so fast..thanks.
Anonymous       2010-9-19
Used this service a few times now, staff is friendly and helpfull. Delivery is always swift. Great company!
Toonarmy       2010-9-17
Good job GoldicQ
I will use your again in the future
excellent service and the live chat people are really friendly.

Snaert       2010-9-17
Nice and Fast delivery. And a helpfull Support
Jeremy       2010-9-15
Nice.... Just They are making them works and they work so good.... :P im the first buyer of u
Zenon       2010-9-14
good transiction fast deliver
Ryan       2010-9-14
Great service! Very formal and quick on delivery, will definitely be using them in the future.
Aaron       2010-9-13
Easy to use, got my gold the same day!!
Splinky       2010-9-13
very good service
am happy to have used it and the live chat is very useful
thanks guys!!
Jarimaya       2010-9-10
3 words I can say about this site. Fast, cheap, and legit...
trey       2010-9-9
nice service =] got 100m and 93-99 attack =] took about 20 days aswell =] love u guys thnx!!
Badgurl       2010-9-9
very fast and professional ty guys see you soon ^^
thabestststs       2010-9-9
Thanks! Got my gold!
Tony       2010-9-8
Cool! Great service, recommended.
Steve       2010-9-8
Very quick on delievery and awesome customer service! Will do bussiness with again!!
Lukasz       2010-9-6
slamm problems with delivery but in the end everything allright thanks for gold and see u next time
Andy       2010-9-2
Excwllent service ,large order and delivered quite promptly , thankyou
Dani       2010-9-1
I ordered several times here, good prices. delivery is fast when the stock is good on that server, but if the stock is low you′l have to wait a day or two, but in all, this service is really good and fast, trustful ppl. Ordered over 2,5kk here
Andrew       2010-8-31
Thank you. You guys where quick and kind ill be buying from you in the futer
Chapperz       2010-8-30
im a first time user of this service and they where very polite, fast and cheap i would buy again in the future
[email protected]       2010-8-29
Great service keep it going :)
Bob       2010-8-29
Gold delivered as promised, professional staff, good service
IronMan       2010-8-27
Very honest and hard working people. I ordered 1000m Atlantica Gold and they delivered.
Dasceria       2010-8-27
The best site for all you want for you #1 game!

Thank you Goldicq!
Soransis       2010-8-23
Took a little while longer than expected, but received order finally and a little extra for taking so long, thank you Goldicq!!
Da Shit       2010-8-23
worked perfectly, thx!
me       2010-8-21
got my order in about 2 hrs
MikeG       2010-8-19
Service and communication was very good compared to other services i have use. The process of getting gold calls for patience but if you need gold right away its no going to happen all the times. I would recommend this site and the methods they use to get gold to you are very clever. I will definitely use there services again.
Hans       2010-8-17
very fast. super service
Rangerover       2010-8-16
Got the Gold ;) fully satisfied. you can trust this sight
lovecyber1004       2010-8-15
Love doing business with you guys :)

Always accurate amount :)
Jabadoo       2010-8-13
Good service!
Keep up the goodwork
Ansacas       2010-8-9
Nice team... This is a Cool page =) Thanks all
GrimReaper70       2010-8-9
i am very satified with the survices and the delivery of my gold i thank all of you and i am planning on using u all in the future thank you so much
Catie       2010-8-8
I bought 1M gold, and received it within 1-2 hours. :) It was well handled.
Dasceria       2010-8-8
This is the best gold delivery for MS. Always quick. Always good!
hh       2010-8-7
real nice
Aro       2010-8-7
I am quite satisfied with the results of my purchase.
eskaflaune       2010-8-4
exelent custome service always there thx =)
Nate-Texas       2010-8-4
They are reliable and communicate well. Even when supply is low they try their best to get it as soon as possible
Porpoise Hork       2010-8-3
the live chat operator was ver nice and helpful, and even for a first time buyer the transaction was smooth and timely. It took a few hours for them to send me my APB$ in game and was well within the quoted time frame. Unlike compeditor that took 2 weeks to complete theirs.

overall I am very satisfied with the service has offered and will gladly use them again.

jesse       2010-8-3
yes this is a legit site plain and simple
jeroen       2010-8-3
I got my gold in 3 days. I was not sure if I would get it because I was not familiar with this site. But I got it nice in my mail.

Thank you very much guys
Anon       2010-8-3
Delivered within a few hours with no issues. Friendly staff, A++. Thank you
pelphi       2010-8-2
gold received after one day, it was nice to inform me of this before buying.
NotTelling       2010-8-1
Wow, this site was awsome. They delievered really fast. ^.^ These guys actually work unlike other sites that try to scam you out of your money.
juaco       2010-7-31
is serious conpany exelent service and the important is that theys send you money
Zezalot       2010-7-31
Hello, ive achieved the gold. Thank you :)
Silence       2010-7-28
I was a first time buyer of any type of gold. I bought Aion Kinah when stocks were low, so I was a little scared when it took longer than expected. My patience payed off and they did come through in the end. Thanks.
giuseppe       2010-7-28
Thanks, and come with their success, too bad for the long wait, I hope that in future delivery times are shorter. Yours sincerely

the rest have done a great job thanks a lot
Greg       2010-7-28
got my gold in 12 hours, not bad. Very Happy with no issues
Sirpuffsalot       2010-7-27
Great transaction process everything went smooth got 5m gold for Runes of Magic and received it within a day.
Nico       2010-7-27
Good, fast, friendly. A pleasure to trade with them.
Jane       2010-7-27
They try their best to delivery the goods they can on time. They keep their words once they have promised it. Keep up the good work =)
Mjmackan       2010-7-26
Maked an order like 15mins ago and the only thing i know is that the support seems very helpfull and happy!

I hope this really works :P
Len       2010-7-26
Trustworthy and usually quick to deliver. I have used this service for a few games now and will be using them again in the future :)
Lape       2010-7-26
Great service. Fast delivery and cheap prices. Thumbs UP
crueLy       2010-7-26
i love it :D no fake and fast gold *-*
M.       2010-7-24
Easy to use, fast, perfect service.

Thank you very much, you changed my gaming life.
Steve       2010-7-20
Extremely happy again with speed of delivery and helpfulness of live chat , not the cheapest gold but you get it everytime with no problems unlike cheaper sites.
John T       2010-7-19
Excellent service. Got the gold delivered fast, and without any hassle
Stiki       2010-7-19
Had payed for the Gold and within a few moments received info back stating the transaction was completed. However it then took much longer than I wished to actually receive the Gold in game. The help was very good but again it just seemed a little longer than expected. Ether way I am rich now LOL.
TGNheagven       2010-7-14
thank you very much i have received the gold.

Thanks again
Daniel Bryan       2010-7-14
Wow! Fast fast fast, received all my gold in less than 14 hours, much faster than any other site!
Ov3rm4tch       2010-7-10
I Have been useing these guys for about 3months and they are awsome.We kinda got off to a slow start but after a few chats we were good.They are prompt on delivery, I tried other sellers but these guys are the best hands down.
Dylan       2010-7-10
Thanks for the gold! waited 2 weeks but was worth it
Susan       2010-7-10
Excellent service
cidius       2010-7-10
pl server everything went smoothly
Radek       2010-7-9
Everything went well, support explained problems they had to deliver gold to me, then I got information about all the deliveries they made. 100% satisfied
J       2010-7-9
Fast and painless transaction. will recommend
Keith Jennings       2010-7-8
despite the fact that I do not speak English, it was easy to buy and get my gold
Rosettastoned       2010-7-8
Goldicq did deliver the gold I paid for. It was a little later than advertised but they did honestly give me 100% of it.
Stefano       2010-7-5
really good service ;) ty guys!
Benjamin       2010-7-3
i was somewhat skeptical of using a gold service, but i tried it
and i have to say i was very satisfied in the overall result. the people in livechat were very friendly and helped me as fast as they could 5 out of 5 stars
deathsinner       2010-7-1
i got some of my gold but still waiting on the rest but overall this sit is the good on they word and that is fast delivery good job and good job live chat
Andrew       2010-7-1
Bought 10M gold for runes of magic and everything was
absolutely fine. will definately use Goldicq again.
Gatorz       2010-6-30
nice assist fast delivery
Chrille       2010-6-29
I bought 10 m Gold for RoM- thx for delivery :-)
xjustinx       2010-6-29
very trustworthy site, bought 5000m, they sent half right away and got the rest in less than 18 hrs, will buy from again, and again.
Jeff Lorenz       2010-6-28
Thank you for applying the gold to my account, it made a huge impact as to the quality of my playing. I was a little disgruntled with the hassle it took to get it there though, but in the future I think it will go a lot easier since I am now in the system.
Satisfied Customer       2010-6-28
I placed an order and thought perhaps this site might scam me; However, they did not. I was intrigued by how fast the delievery was and greatful i got the gold. I am a satisfied customer and will be buying in the future! This site is not a scam it is legit.
MissZoey       2010-6-28
Excellent transaction! Will definitely buy from again!!! Thanks!!!!
deathsinner       2010-6-27
i love this sit keep up the good work u guys good job
Antonio       2010-6-27
Delivery Successful in 24/36h
Good service, at the moment the cheapest for Atlantica gold
Risbane       2010-6-27
I did recieve my lant as promised.
Whitsbear       2010-6-26
I have 4,5kk and 5,5kk Gold in the mailbox, please send the 13kk the mailbox. Thx
HideRommer       2010-6-26
Great Service :)
harrymonryk       2010-6-26
good serice.. very happy and i would recommend it with my friends.
Whitsbear       2010-6-26
The 7kk Gold sin in the mailbox.
LuLu       2010-6-26
very nice service :) i have my gold
burk       2010-6-25
ty for gold took a while but ive finally got it
Random dfo fan       2010-6-25
You kinda would think this stuff would be some lame scam but really this site is legit. I got all that I ask for, and I will be repeating business here again. ^^
Henry M. Edwards       2010-6-21
Very good service, got my Gold A.S.A.P. on Gaia

good support service
Ben789       2010-6-17
Great value for money, although had to wait a week till I got the gold. Apart from that I would recommend it.
Takiko       2010-6-16
Thanks for the quick gold. I really appreciated it. You have best prices I have seen for gold ever.
Hyrrhroptr       2010-6-15
This is second time i have ordered gold from this site and will do so again because of fast delivery and helpfull staff.
Rand B.       2010-6-13
Best prices! They may take a little longer but the prices are worth the wait.
krub       2010-6-13
after alot of messing about i recieved my gold to start was my fault but took 3 days 2 get thank u forthe gold
Richard       2010-6-10
They were fast on there sending of the gold and no problems with there service at all
Kleiver       2010-6-10
Very good service. i got gold in 1.5 days. really gr8. thanks !!
New       2010-6-9
I am very delivery, and cheapest gold.
Kingofdragon       2010-6-8
yes, I arrivied the delivery.
lenoan       2010-6-3
thank you
Helii       2010-6-3
I waited for some time but i recived my gold. So I will order again and again. People from customer support are nice and helpfull, and except a little long delivery everything else is fine.
tsubaka       2010-6-2
Gold received quickly with an online service very friendly
Setsaa       2010-5-29
Got my 10 mil gold in about 3 hours. Good Stuff. Thanks
Jorge       2010-5-28
Great Service, fast transaction, the girl have a cute voice too!
Guy Le       2010-5-26
Received the ordered amount within 15hours, even with the confusion on e-mails on my part, thank you very much!
Kolexx       2010-5-24
thank you so much for the gold...i really appreciate it...i will buy from you guys again soon with same amount or maybe more.....thanks again
Thiago Mendes       2010-5-24
Hi there guys,

Thanks a lot for your attention. I hope to do another business with you.

Have nice week!
Tim O       2010-5-18
I came to you after 2 weeks that I have been trying to get my gold from your main competitor, you did it within 1 day. Brilliant. Thanks.
Onisaburo       2010-5-17
The service is excellent, fast and reliable!
I am very happy and conformable!
So always follow!
QazaqaZ       2010-5-17
Thk for the gold! I receiv all the stuff in 3 days.
Nyte       2010-5-16
I greatly appreciate and their effort in satisfying their customer as fast as possible. Great site and is a fully trusted website! Thank you!
John       2010-5-16
I ordered 1m Gaia Gold and had it in my account within hours. Great service and prices cannot be beaten. Many thanks.
Noggin       2010-5-16
Good communication, i recommend the seller. Thank you.
Overking       2010-5-13
I got money thanks alot :) :)
Slither       2010-5-11
They will always deliver the amount you ordered which is a plus but the speed of delivery will depend on what game u play. I love these guys and will always have faith that i will get what i ordered and in a timely fashion.
bart       2010-5-11
great !
fournito       2010-5-10
thanks , safe , fast and professionnal
Kiro       2010-5-8
Yup, good service :)

Effective and got things delivered :)
Adriano       2010-5-7
All perfect.
The live operator was kind and gentle.

not problem at all so many thanks !
jennifer gray       2010-5-4
As soon as the payment went threw and the trade was set up it only took a few hours before I received my gold I will come back!!!
Aironfaar       2010-5-1
Will buy here again next time - considering the amount of other services like this, I guess that says everything!
Cloudroc       2010-4-26
The best around, seriously.
chris       2010-4-26
thx it was faster than the 1st time i bought ( now is the 2nd ) just pls dont say that it will take a few hours if its going to take some days - 3 this time in my case thx
Tsubaa       2010-4-21
its ok fast and serious thx
Tash       2010-4-18
everythings allright!
Luke       2010-4-17
It was delivered safely, but it was frighttening at first because ive waited for 11 hours ,yet the noticement said 10 minutes.....thanks
codlkilla       2009-1-22
this is the best website ever they are awsome omg i got it so fast
Aaroncord       2009-1-7
ur great best in the world=]
Bearkiller       2008-12-29
Nice experience. Very fast and polite customer service.
I will be using you again.
BloodGenesis       2008-8-24
PERCFECT one word:Perfect!
arwen       2008-8-15
Delivery as promised and very friendly support. Nice one.
Peter       2008-5-13
F***en Great and smooth support with no bulls*** unessescary phone calling, and great prices too. Highy recommended! ^^
eatkrap       2008-5-8
After soooo many times of being ripped off by fakes and people who really do not have the funds to pay me with, These people here always and I mean ALWAYS have the game currency. So fast, they say 8 minutes, I just spend the last 3 minutes getting my currency. 3 MINUTES! All I can say is, dont play around with other jokers when these people are TOP NOTCH!
Leona       2008-5-7
AWESOME SERVICE & Very FAST = good price, Thank you!!
Love you guys !! <3
DevilishDelight       2008-5-3
Nice, friendly support team, fast service, and a good price
Highly recommend :)
shenx       2008-5-3
very very fast delviery best connection =)
Iean       2008-5-2
Very FAST very CHEAP!!! Thank you!!
johansens       2008-5-1
nice site, very fast dilevery
and cheap too
Dilman666       2008-5-1
Very fast and effective. A+++
Sweet!!       2008-5-1
Awesome service and super fast. Thank you so much!!! <3
sal       2008-4-30
Prompt service! Great Price!
faranz       2008-4-30
excellent service ! and Very FAST!! <3
Nightmarel       2008-4-30
Fast. All the time by time lol. Im really happy with this service. Good price. Best Regards GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dil 4 me 2       2008-4-29
fastest service ever

C a n d y       2008-4-29
Very Good Job n1 guys i love ur suit
steven       2008-4-29
Great and fast service!!
John       2008-4-29
The best forum for buying dill^^
Hellfirefromabove       2008-4-28
Awesome service will definately be doing service with them for years to come. Great stuff. friendly courtesy people. :)
Vaklam       2008-4-28
awesome service...better than any of the other sites i tried doing business with, courteous, attentive, well managed and they have an awesome system of doing things....i recommend this site to anyone and everyone that loves to play video games and mmorpgs
Dillbuyerz       2008-4-27
excellent service as always.. Fast..good support.

100% safe always instant. The best 2moons seller.
Ephk       2008-4-27
Have always receieved super fast service from these guys, kee[ up the good work ^^
WRAITHWHIP       2008-4-26
You guys ROCK, fast, and the best deals EVER!!
theguy       2008-4-26
Really Really fast delivery as always, soon as I purchase and message them on msn. Its a couple quick steps and they are there to meet me seconds later. There is actually few times they have waited on me hehe, never the less I will come back here for my purchasing and as long as it keep up. Forever. :)
dseff       2008-4-25
The best service ever! and fast ^^
Lovemein       2008-4-24
The fast delivery and polite service is the key for this business, and your business does a fine job satisfying customers
pixie1982       2008-4-17
Fast, easy, and cheaper than others. Instant transfers too :)
Moreos       2008-4-17
yverson       2008-4-17
This is awesome!
LotsOvLuv11015       2008-4-17
Luv this website awesome!!
TaylorH10       2008-4-17
Very effective and easy to use.
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