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Something About Guardian in Rohan

The information that we got from other site for Rohan Players, hope it can help you more or less, just take have a look!

Hybrid guardian is primarily a critical based guardian, but the goal of building one is to generate enough melee force, such that you do not lose the accumulated damage of order swing on your non-critical hits. As far as actual stat distribution goes, we can not say much. This is still a theoretical guardian concept. Many strength guardians lean toward it, but do not ever make the full on transition.

We have no proof on this, but our reccomendation for the players(rohan gold) that do seek to make a hybrid guardian try this weapon format. Be warned though, this class will cost you a shit ton fo gold. The wepons are even more picky and costly than a normal crit guardian's. Melee attack%. Within 10% of the highest is an absolute must. The higher you can get the better, but if you approach this goal without the best of gear, you are going to crash and burn, critical %.

As high as you can get, this is where it gets costly, because you are risking high melee% gear on an option item that is very inconsistant for how much it gives. You will be using adorned water bottles, so the lowest you can get is 7%, the best is 15%. If its less than 11%, the average result, then sell it and start over(rohan crone).


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