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The Build for Rohan Characters

The stats build for characters in Rohan which we got from other site, hope it can help you more or less, just take have a look.

Strength: This should be your primary stat. The one you add the most too. Any excess points you have should go into strength to increase your base damage, and your critical damage, as well as your p.def. Your strength should always be your highest stat.

Vitality: As far as vitality is concerned, you will not need more than 1 per level(rohan gold) at this stage of the game. All the way through 50 you can safely go with 1 vit per level. Or if you wouls rather, you should be able to skip some of the vit, or go with very few, or no vit points at all to get more damage. If you feel squishy, or weak, and you have armor appropriate for your level, then we would suggest adding in some vit points.

Dexterity: You need dexterity to hit things as a melee class. There is not a very reliable, or complete way to avoid this. For either the future savage, or berserker 50 dex on your way to level(rohan crone) 50 should cover all your needs for accuracy. As a savage, the fewer points you spend in dex to get by, the better. For a berserker, you can stick with 50 dex for accuracy, unless you want to make use of your dex based polearm skills, in which case, you can add more if you would like. Never make dex your primary stat though.


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