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Rohan Guide: Skill Tree

The gorgeous picture in Rohan is very delicate, which figures in the background is special. There are intense guild war, bloody. Now let's talk about the characters in this game.
- Master: There are nanny type and attack.
- Soldiers: Defensive type and attack.
- Archers: Archers and hand crossbow.
- Assassin: power type and Stealth Assassin instant hair that is.
- Dragon Knight.

After level(rohan crone) 50 can be transferred, here we first talk about the Master. His offensive power can not be ignored which we talked above, that the Master can separate several levels higher than themselves to fight the strange, and they can add to their own blood, there is a skills plus later, neglect attacking each other, that does not cost blood, can be said that the skills of metamorphosis.

There is also a nanny type of Mage are specialized team attack monster upgrade. Who has a variety of skills to increase blood, mono. Canada is doing is a strange group of high-grade essential team members. Master of magic defense is high, this very well. The magic of this game(rohan gold) is perverted monster attacks are very difficult to fight another job, but you can play Master, well Master Po blame also loved off, which is very attractive.


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