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Hello guys, happy to see you in our website!

This guide will introduce some useful information on Guild wars and PK system in Karos. If you want to know some relevant information, please read the following information and enjoy your Karos Carat.

The pk system needs changing, for there are a lot of people in the game that just want to level(Karos Gold). They do not want to go around and kill mobs and have someone go after them and kill them. The exp they lose is already bad enough. Despite the fact that peple keep going after them and pking them. Losing more and more exp an alternative method is to rid of pk and had a pvp system. Make it, therefore people have to go to a warp and get sent to a pvp only place or make a pvp only server for people to go pk as much as they want.

In another aspects, Guild wars should also change to allow any guild to declare war over instead of challenging guild. It is not equal to the person who just want to play the gam without being pk'd and losing their items and money. It is even more sad for the person who are mining or fishing and they are getting pk'd for no reason at all so please fix these problems(Karos Carat).



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