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General Karos Guide

Karos Gold). They do not want to go around and kill mobs and have someone go after them and kill them. The exp they lose is already bad enough. Despite the fact that peple keep going after them and pk..


Karos Online Closed Beta PvP Event: Mine Takeovers

Karos Online. The event kicks off this Friday, October 23rd and runs through Sunday 25th. Mine takeovers are a form of guild PvP that cuts to the essence of competition in Karos Online, said Heejin Je..


The Only Worthy MMO

Karos Online. Karos Online is being developed in Korea by Galaxy Gate, a studio founded by the lead developers of Last Chaos, a title released which has since found success in Europe. Karos Online is ..


The Question about Skill Levels in Karos

Karos: Unless something dramatic changes at the upper levels we dont see any reason at all to put more than 1 point in skills like this. We tried the same thing with Stun Attack, another low bonus dam..


Tell Every Aspect of Karos Online

Karos Online will break the rule. Today, we are so glad to have an interview with Heejin Jeong from NHN, the publisher of Karos Online. Hi, Heejin, can you introduce yourself to our MMOsite readers?Ka..


Karos Online Ranked Top F2P 3D MMORPG in Korea

Karos Online is the top free-to-play 3D MMORPG in Korea, as ranked by the leading Korean online gaming site GameMeca! Reaching the 15th spot in popularity amongst all Korean online games during the we..


How to Make Karos Gold Perfectly

Karos Gold BOSS. In that case, you can keep fighting against BOSS in order to repeatedly gather equipment. When you gather extra equipment, you should do not sell in stores, but hang on the market in ..


Teach you to defend champions online gold

Karos Gold some ways to defend.Karos Gold success in the ranks of 4-5. If you have enough grasp, you can run with your resource. Let robber get nothing.Karos Gold following to some players. Hun thief:..


Rogue Guide in Karos

Karos this is the things we tryed to find. Fletta what recommended for assasin/rogue and stuff, anything usefull you can think of. Like skills = order and maybe when to use them what combos a bit abou..


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