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Teach you to defend champions online gold

You will meet some robber to rob your Karos Online Gold gold in the game. Now how can you do to protest your champions online gold? Now I want to talk about Karos Gold some ways to defend.

You need watch the situations first. If you have much champions money and no much soldiers to protect it, and enemy will appear in one minute, now you need take your troops with fill of goods. Then they can not rob all of your goods. If you can not fight with them, you can only run, because you can rob your goods with your enough soldiers again. Most people troops to rob concentrate Champions Gold in the ranks of 1-3, so you can concentrate in the ranks of 4-5 with your troops. Although you are failing in the ranks of 1-3, at least you can Karos Gold success in the ranks of 4-5. If you have enough grasp, you can run with your resource. Let robber get nothing.

Many players have no stones and woods after developing and have much metal and food supplies. Now you can go to attack with your recourse and leave under 2w Champions Online Gold which you can not be used. You can exchange it into the resource you need though using the lower left resource storehouse. You can use the free storehouse twice for a day. Then you call back your troops, so your resources are balanced again. To earn quickly depends on hero. The precondition is the hero upgrade 10 levels with high strong and physical force and he can finish the task by himself.

There is some date Karos Gold following to some players. Hun thief: 600 attack, 750 defend, 900 experience and 1300. Despot card: 650 attack, 800 defend, 350 experience and 1400.

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