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The Question about Skill Levels in Karos

Karos: Unless something dramatic changes at the upper levels we don't see any reason at all to put more than 1 point in skills like this. We tried the same thing with Stun Attack, another low bonus damage AOE skill and had the same results damage wise. Slater on the other hand definitely added it's bonus damage and yes, Slater is an AOE for those of you who didn't know. We got the same results with other classes that had low + bonus damage skills, didn't matter if it was single target or AOE.

So you can take this however you want, but we created a new Blader and mapped out point distribution ahead of time so as to not waste any. Cyclone level 5 is a waste of 4 points plain and simple, all you'll be doing is burning more Karos Gold for no reason. We hope this helps any future AOE Bladers or any class with skills that sound similar to this, your points can be put into something much more productive. As we said earlier if for some reason something changes much later in the game and someone has experience with this, then please chime in.

We are Fire but, made the poor choice of going Yang. We are purposely not maxing our Yang yet b/c we wanna use the cash shop to switch over to Yin. We could have maxed it months back but, keeping it like 30 FP away from maxing it. We provide Karos Carat for you.

If you are a blader, make sure you go for the Yin. Always bear in mind, Bladers need to be aggressors, offensive class, tankers. Thus, Yin is more ideal. Yin is Offensive whereas Yang is Defensive.

The developers got that part twisted we believe. We went Yang because, we believed that to be the offensive skill. With consideration to the fact that it is "male".If the Devs had provided more detail on the Fletta skills, some of us wouldn't have chosen Yang at all.

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