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MMOsite: Many awesome games were firstly touched by Asian players and come to the English-speaking countries at least 3 years later. It seems a damnable rule for game industry, but Karos Online will break the rule. Today, we are so glad to have an interview with Heejin Jeong from NHN, the publisher of Karos Online. Hi, Heejin, can you introduce yourself to our MMOsite readers?

Heejin: Hello everyone! I'm Heejin Jeong, Senior Overseas Sales Manager for NHN Corporation in Korea. 

MMOsite: Thanks, Heejin. After enjoying the awesome game trailer, most players were attracted by this game. Can the trailer show the real gameplay of Karos Gold? Can you describe this game for us?

Heejin: Karos Online is a brand new free-to-play fantasy MMORPG that takes place in the world of Asmara. All the races of the world have aligned together to fight against the forces of darkness, and each side is competing for dominance over Asmara's energy source, Fletta. Players earn Fletta points as they fight, and Fletta can benefit players in many ways: it can boost stats, give experience bonuses, fuel special skills and more. This system complements traditional leveling and gives you more options to develop your character.

You can try Karos Online for yourself during closed beta. The first closed beta weekend event has finished, but don't worry - there will be more events coming in September! 

MMOsite: I saw lots of beautiful screenshots from Karos Online. I think this game features good graphics. Will you please talk about the other highlights in Karos Online?

Heejin: The graphics are very high quality, and the visual effects in the game look great even on computers with low system specifications (the client is also quite small: just 760Mb). In terms of gameplay, Karos Online features three types of dungeons, crafting (along with mining and fishing), and player-vs-player combat including mine takeovers and castle sieges for guilds.

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