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Rogue Guide in Karos

when we start a game we allways search for a class guide could not find any conrete. When joined Karos this is the things we tryed to find. Fletta what recommended for assasin/rogue and stuff, anything usefull you can think of. Like skills = order and maybe when to use them what combos a bit about grinding. Some words for level 1-10 10-20 and on would be nice. This is what we found searching forum and google. hope it can help putting up a guid any1 plz begine one anything helps

Rogue; Air/Water.

Note: Raise all passive skills and self-buff skills, they are usually the best.

. Rogue; Air/Water.

Leveling movement brew increase the % of it. 1=20% 2=30% and so on.

Slash - 1/5.
Focus - 5/5.
Evasion Mastery - 5/5.
Knob Crack - 1/5.
Cleave-Cut - 1/5.
Dual-Wield Mastery - 5/5.
Scramble Assault - 5/5.
Slug - 1/5.
Spiral Attack - 5/5.
Firestar - 5/5.
Create Movement Brew - 5/5.
Shadow Cry - 5/5.
Air Storm - 5/5.

So a total of 45 skill points for that. We think you start out with slash at 1, so you could have this setup at 44 if you do it correctly. Depending on what type of skills you get with the advanced classes(Karos Gold), some of these could change

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