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The Team with Priest in Shaiya

Rev. treatment needs cast time, 2 seconds or 2.5 seconds to play in odd time when technology was not too good not to continue treatment. Even playing a strange priest in Shaiya. Dispersed than Pastor with the point of the dispersed, and sometimes need to wait for treatment is completed and then disperse, from start to finish to wait for treatment to disperse the start of up to 3.5 seconds, to disperse a sense of blame and not the old priest to disperse a timely fashion.

Save lives, save the cast time of need, can not be interrupted during casting. Have the skills (shaiya gold) to save waiting time, pull up a need to wait. To save the whole team thing, when someone shouted when the 9999 trouble teammates support, otherwise how could throw away the priest to save the others mate? So people were rescued, please also thank the pastor's teammate now!

Protection of priests, pastors in need of protection, if there will be a great black chase Zan pastor of the power to contain, especially those with pegged arch priest, just let priests could not survive. Shaiya Powerleveling service are served in our website, you can buy them at lowest price as you need.You can buy shaiya items.


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