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Sirocco Mask about Aion

If there can be 2 treasure boxes up at once, then you may be right. We have not seen 2 up at the same time, though. So far from 4 days of camping: Small brown boxes, about 10 or so medium boxes, and no gold(aion online gold) boxes.

We have seen both up at the same time. We was surprised to find this out ourselves while camping for sirocco mask, you can buy aion gold.so we camped both boxes to see if they both could spawn the gold or just one. So far, the one that has only three spawn points around the level(aion kinah)40 mau is the only one we have seen turn gold.

Again though, it doesn't mean the other box will not turn aion gold, it just means after all our camping and seeing the south box turn gold three times we have never seen the other box do the same. We think the other box has around 4 or 5 spawn points though in Aion.You can buy aion kinah.


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