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Aion Quest: Go back to Lakaias

aion kinah] There and Back Again. Elim of Elysea will be at level 23. You must speak to Two Elims to complete Quest.aion gold] Liquor that Makes You Vanish)! Then level 23 again.buy aion kinah) 26, wh..


Sirocco Mask about Aion

buy aion gold.so we camped both boxes to see if they both could spawn the gold or just one. So far, the one that has only three spawn points around the level(aion kinah)40 mau is the only one we have ..


The differences of each race in Aion

Aion are only appearance, location-based, and skill-based. According to which race you choose, you will begin from a different area. Neither has better stats, but some of the skills for certain classe..


Aion paid account services should be available

Aion Online, Aion paid account services should be available in the first quarter that will include paid name changes, Legion name changes, plastic surgery and gender change.In addition to paid account..


Aion Update 2.1 Part 2

The people over at Aion are excited about the new 2.1 Part 2 Patch, dropping live on Wednesday, January 26th and is focused on crafting in the world of the game. Check out the notice, and the patch re..


Aion Dynamic Armor Sets and Visual Improvement Update



Aion 2.0 is Coming out in February

AION 2.0 will come out. NCsoft confirmed with us that as of this posting no official announcement has been made in regards to Aion 2.0. And as for the Aion Gstar trailer, it represents the vision for ..


New how to play Legend of Mir

Aion? Play equipment upgrade, how fast it?aion kinah of New bars open to sell a maximum price is 120 gold ingot.aion gold the division of labor must be clear, because it can save time, and can achieve..


The simple game Aion

Aion simply game which is a heaven, the Devil and Dragon three forces to establish a new myth in the world, in this world, heaven and the Devil are the two races against each other, while the Dragon i..


10 reasons to enjoy AION

AION is coming and many of us have tried it, whats your impression of AION? NCsoft spent 4 years and 18 million dollars on developing AION. And we do see the wonderful graphics and much creative conte..


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