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Do Shaiya something as the top GM

Hello friends, have a good hunting in Shaiya!

You know that the world is too large that nothing is impossible, so what do you think you should do if one day you become the top GM? You can still be able to manage all of that stuff, lol. It's a fun concept to think about. We would provide some information for you, please read the following details!

You could offer out a free item(Shaiya Gold) to everybody as a thanks for playing, make flying mounts, for say Lv40 UMs, that have 2-3 seats, and are available without high cost, but is a quest harder/over 10 times longer than the NM 40 Mount Quest. And to top it off, you would put a price-lock in place in Apulune/Iris so that nobody can sel items for more than they are worth, a 1,000,000 weapon is sold for that, with lost money for endurance, and say 5% extra for every lapis on, with varying prices, so that you could get maximum benefits, and at affordable prices.

You may not know how feasible it is, you can have a try:
- 25% XP increase for the day. Here you can get the most secure buy shaiya.
- Gets a 24 hr Cont at each UM. Rez Rune is regarded as a way of saying "Thanks for playing".
- You should do a farmable boss lockout for the day from people who have the quests completed, so that people who had the quests to do could do them in peace
- For HM/UMs who have made 60, you should put in their banks a full set of endgame armor as a token of appreciation for their dedication to the game with 1 GM link of their choice.
- PvP would be noss-free for that day.

Additionally, there are so many things someone could do for the probably coming day. It's hard to build an effective list and Shaiya money still be able to manage all of that stuff, lol.

Thanks for your reading and enjoy yourself.


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