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Several Shaiya Weapon Types

Hello players, here is Goldicq!

Do you often play Shaiya? Would you like to buy some professional Shaiya Gold? Here we provide the best service with the fastest delivery. Here is a weapon guide for Shaiya player and I got it from other websites, it is sorted by the weapons tpyes, please read and learn how many types of weapons included in this game.

1. 2H sharp weapons: Often just called 2H weapons(Shaiya Gold), these are the weapon of choice in HM/UM due to their ability to use the Big 5 AoE attacks (Ground Boom, Wide Shock, Wind Spin, Enhanced Wind Spin, Barstool Swing. In that order, you can take down yellow mobs easy as pie. Maybe orange mobs. The epic weapon at Level 45 keeps them great for players on a budget as well as it's elemental, and cannot be dropped.

2. 2H blunt weapons: They have the skill limitations of the 1H blunt weapons(Shaiya Gold), but without the extra lapis slots. They are a comparable speed and damage to 2H sharp weapons, but can only do a fraction of their skills. Leave these weapons to combat defenders.

3. Duals: Feel a little like the weapon of yesteryear. In Ep 3, they were the weapon of choice. Now, they only really see the light of day in end-game PvP. The fact that you can't use most of your AoEs is a big downer for levelling, although you still could get the two most damaging ones. They're still the joint-fastest weapon you can use.

4. 1H sharp/blunt weapons: Allowing you to take a shield and good for PvP. Especially in the two lower PvPs, a 1H weapon will give you access to every skill you need, including Wild Rage, newly almost-spammable, and with SP damage. Once you reach L33 though, 1H weapons do not get access to Enhanced Wind Spin, which is a real pain, and aren't really suited to solo AoEing as they get almost none of the HM AoE skills. The only skill 1H sharps get over 1H blunts is Pollution Zone .

6. Spears: The slowest weapon, which often excludes them from choices. At L50, they can get a third level of mastery, making them as fast as 2H swords. In addition, they can use practically every skill available, which gives you a wide arsenal to choose from. If you're considering taking a spear-fighter, take Wild Rage, Wild Dance and Dual Weapon Storm and dropping Demon Hushing. Although the three moves have a 5 sec cooldown, alternating between them they're spammable, and deal more damage than demon hushing, and use less SP.

Thanks for reading and have a happy hunting.


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