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Something About Legitimacy in Maplestory

Misconception: Violating any terms listed in the Terms of Service makes your character "illegit". People who say this is what most countries in terms of technical services. It is important to distinguish between the rules of Maplestory and the rules of conduct within the community.

Breaking a rule of gameplay would make your character(maplestory mesos) illegit, as it involves cheating some aspect of the game rules to gain an advantage, i.e. glitching or hacking. Breaking a rule regarding behavior in the community, i.e. KSing, swearing, and so on, can still get you banned, but does not affect the legitimacy of your character.You can buy maple story mesos.

To use an analogy: If you're in a monopoly tournament, and you advance extra places whenever your opponents are not paying attention, then you would be disqualified as an illegit player. If you arrive at the tournament with no clothes on and screaming profanities, you will be forced to leave as well, but it has no legitimacy to your game(maple story mesos).



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