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Hybrid Build and Strength Build in Rohan

The only difference between a Hybrid build and a Strength build on the first tree is Invoke. It's a must-max for the Hybrid build, while the Strength build does not really utilize it at all. Now, as a strength build ourself, we highly suggest putting 5 points into Sharpen Blade. When you turn 50 and get Sword Mastery,rohan gold these are amazing buffs to have on that help greatly with PvP against players close to your level not to mention PvE, too.

We have said this so many times before, but weapon damage is one of the most underrated things in this game(rohan gold). Many players try to be 'cheap' and save points for the more flashy skills like Order Swing and Crazy, but with this bare minimum build, you will have plenty of points to max all of the necessary skills on the Guardian tree as soon as they become available.

Why not Protection? If you really do want this buff, go for it but it does not prove to be very useful until you are wearing Ka'el or Edwin armors. IMO those 5 points are better spent elsewhere altogether as a strength Guardian, as we just get the Defenders/dex Guardians to buff us with it if we need it. It is a nice buff to have to be nice to the people in your party puller, mage, healer, but it's still not very useful until later on in the game.

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