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Caezius Rohan Online Guide

Playing Rohan, if you want to displays character's position and the surrounding geographical information: 1: Name of region. 2: Map can click to open. 3: To expand mini map. 4: To minimize mini map. 5: Self-centered and simplified mini map. 6: Zone information (combat, or non-combat).

Two swords represent combat while pigeons represent no combat. The map can determine whether a combat zone.7: Hide player mode. This reduces the lag in places where players like to cluster. Information such as a chat window, and the control interface.1: Open chat.2: Party chat.3: Chat show solidarity.4: Guild chat.5: Alliance chat show.6: 1:1 chat7: Adjust the size of the chat window.

Distributing Skill(rohan gold) Points
There is certainly a method to the 'madness' when distributing your acquired Skill Points in rohan crone. You see, every time you level up, you acquire one Skill Point. That Skill Point can be distributed on what I've labelled as your "Skills Matrix", which includes all of the unique skills and abilities that your character could possibly achieve. Now depending now how you distribute those Skill Points as you acquire them will determine how well a specific skill has been mastered. On this 'skills matrix', certain skills lead to mastering other skills which all contribute to the uniqueness of your character(rohan crone).


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