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The Guide for Build in Rohan(2)

Although the build is quite tricky, its basic build is 3str 1vit, some dex later on. However, for many DK's they leave out dex and and just wait till level(rohan crone) 65ish and hunt for the rare acc - Wings of Solemn death, so if you wear this you get +60 dex. +60 dex plus thge dekan's base dex will be around a total of 80 atah, if our memory is right, basta naalala ko mataas dex ng dekan at level 1 asa 23 or 25 atah.

Now if you are gonna ask me kung saan nakukuha tong Acc na toh(rohan gold), well do a little research clue its a big damn angel in rahkon 2 and you will need a mage and healer and 2 other dmg dealers and a tank, if you guys are all around level(rohan crone) 65ish not to mention detox pots and this will probably take you around 50mins to kill.

Now if youre gonna ask what about dex should we add more. Well debateable the trend now, given the current patch/situation dex is somewhat negatable for DKs since pede naman makuha toh sa accs and there are buffs that improve dex/accuracy. However if you look into the Dekan skill tree specially the DK. There is a buff and a crit dmg buff that applies the dex stat maari daw magka DEX-DK build daw 2 dex 1str vit, or 3dex, some str on the side, every other level(rohan crone).


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