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Experience of Rohan online

Here is something for Rohan online players. It is as following:

When I start the Rohan online game my friends all told me that the best way to spend Rohan online gold is a good way. If you do not like upgrading level step by step, you can cost Rohan online Crone to help your character to reach level high. Play this game the premise is that we have more enough Rohan online gold first to combine creative tools and weapons and the light form of universal magic.

I played Rohan online for a long time, now I will introduce some my own experience of human warrior for you.

The best way to beat the monster lower than yourself, not only easy, but also can earn some rohan gold, which can be used for buy medicine later. As for skills, I am using a fighter, of course, increase strength and stamina, the intelligent also added. Because intelligent direct impact on magic defense, you know magic defense is very important to soldiers.

Out of the city to kill the monster, to go out of the door that you walked before, you can see a bridge opposite to you, while the other side of the bridge has a wooden door, which has monster more than level 10.But do not go inside, because inside filled with high level monster. Here the monster enough to make you hit to level 35 or more. Because they are super active, and base attack, so do not recommend yourself, it is easy to die, you had better to compose a group to play together. There is a characteristic for you to kill monster to upgrade in this rohan crone game, that is to give you a certain maximum amount of monster, when you play enough of the quantities required, will give you a wealth of experience rewards, so it is quick for you to upgrade. And remember to pick the valuable things and sell them to upgrade your equipment.


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