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Rohan: World Map(2)

Rohan Continent is a terrain created by main god Ohn to present to mother goddess Edoneh.
In this massive terrain, Ohn's first creation, climates and topographies run the gamut.

The center of the continent is a comfortable warm-climate region made of low mountains and flatlands. Primarily composed of rough mountainous terrain and polar climate, northern continent is difficult to pioneer. Proceeding south of the continent along Rai'ner River, land is divided east and west as vast lowlands unfold(rohan gold). The large island created by volcanic activity in the north has high subterranean heat with magma still curdling in some spots. As such, the northern region has relatively high temperatures.

Currently, Human territory is located in west central rohan crone , with Elves in the south and territory of Half Elves(rohan crone), conceived between the two races, located in the eastern central region. The northern island is inhabited by renegade groups Dhans, a race of assassins, and Dekans. This region will be expanded in the future with the addition of new races.


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