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Rohan Online: Patch Notes

New updates with Rohan Crone Patch Notes

1) New hacking prevention system installed.

2) Invenom, Premium Shot, and Sudden Attack skill descriptions have been fixed.

3) Grace of Flox, Protection of Gail, Grace of Gail option stone descriptions have been fixed.

4) Patrol Guard has been added near the Bindstone of Dharvegawan.

5) Quest dialogues have been edited to be more clear(rohan gold).

6) NPC names have been fixed to show properly in the Half Elf main quest dialogue.

7) In order to prevent the exploit of Suicide skill, the cooldown time of 5 minutes will continue even after the character dies. This will also take effect for all other skills which have a cooldown time of 5 minutes or longer.

8) Rohan Crone Help Key - removed the parts not applicable our version.

9) Exchange Market ?C The buy list of Crones on the Exchange market will have a new face after today??s maintenance. It now includes a column of red numbers which shows the ACTUAL amount of Crones registered for the sale. This is to discourage unethical players from claiming they??re selling more Crones than they actually are(rohan crone).

10) Game Parlor Promotion Event begins, offering 20 Gold Coins for 20% discount. You can purchase them by going to the announcement page and hitting the "Add Gold Coins" button: https://shop.playrohan.com/event/gameparlor.html

Also, Rohan Crone had anticipated fixing the Dekan forefoot swing skill to allow an opponent who has the option to decrease damage to do so. That skill is bugged in all versions of Rohan Crone. This was not able to be changed in this patch, but is in line to be fixed for the next patch.


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