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Experience to Playing Rohan

As strength builds you in Rohan, you'd better put 5 points into Sharpen Blade. When you turn 50 and get Sword Mastery, these are amazing buffs to have on that help greatly with PvP against players close to your level. For the reason, weapon damage is one of the most underrated things in this game.



Many players try to be cheap and save points for the more flashy skills(rohan gold) like Order Swing and Crazy Standing, but with this bare minimum build you will have plenty of points to max all of the necessary skills on the Guardian tree as soon as they become available.



The essential skills to PvP are Rush, Crazy Standing, and Order Swing. With these skill distributions, there will be plenty of points left over at level(rohan crone) 62 and above to work on the rest of your tree to make your character fit your playing style. There are much more to being a successful Guardian in PvP.



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