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Unlock a forbidden past in Nocturnal Sonata

K2 Network, announces that Nocturnal Sonata, the newest expansion for Sword of the New World is now available.

The update introduces the land of Caebolan (pronounced SAY-boh-lan) once a beautiful region rumored to be a holy land hiding the path to the city of El Dorado.

After a huge explosion, Caebolan is now a barren wasteland littered with relics and remnants of a lost and ancient civilization.

The entrance to this new land is blocked by a powerful titan that must be conquered in a massive world event; multiple clans working together is the only way to unlock Caebolan.

Along with this new region, the Sword of the New World Vis expansion will unveil four new UPCs (Unique Player Characters have the ability to join your family as a playable character after you've earned their respect): Vincent Rio, a master of music where his powerful songs can harm foes and heal allies;

Baek Ho, a spy from the far reaches of the East that has been trained in a Martial Arts style not seen in the west; Calypso, a royal guard and dangerous vixen with the crossbow; and Claire, daughter of the local blacksmith, she may look petite, but can handle combat with the best of them and has the ability to summon monsters.

Nocturnal Sonata also debuts new weapons, armors, and accessories that will Sword of the New World Vis be needed to defeat the titan and take on the abominations of the cursed Caebolan.

New events like the Royal Rumble (where clans fight against clans and Raid Bosses) have been added, while pre-expansion events like Andre's UFC (where players are pitted against each other in a struggle for complete domination) are expanded to allow lower level players.

"The key to maintaining Sword of the New World Vis is offering innovative content for existing players, while making things fun and easy for new players" says Associate Producer, Jon-Enée Merriex.

"We're doing that with Nocturnal Sonata, as Sword of the New World Vis evolves, we'll continue to deliver a game that is as fun as it is deep."

Sword of the New World Vis is an action-packed tactical fantasy MMORPG set in a world of colonial exploration inspired by Europe's exploration of America. Delve into a visually stunning world, join or create a clan, claim colonies and choose a side in a political struggle.

Players even have the ability to become the representative of one of the political parties that are constantly vying for power.

Sword of the New World Vis offers exploration and discovery in a world of political conflict and danger. Control up to three characters at once, each with their own statistics, skills, and levels.

Fight alongside your clan mates for control of the many colonies that lay unclaimed in the New World. The more colonies your clan controls, the more power you wield.

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