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About Luna Plus

Luna Plus is the first massive expansion to the adorable smash-hit 3D MMORPG, Luna Online. Luna Plus introduces a new race, tons of new maps, a sleek new user interface (UI) design and many new and improved features.

In Luna Plus, players can run an amusement park, decorate their homes, tend to their farm, battle monsters and villains, craft powerful items, dress up in a huge variety of costumes, raise combat pets, go out on dates, and even get married and start a family! Players can also ride an 8-person mount and join in on the weekly Castle Siege! With Luna Plus, it's Luna plus more fun than ever!

Sunnyvale, Calif. - Drop into the adorable MMORPG Luna Plus for fantastic summer events and updates(luna online gold). All month long players will enjoy huge buffs, incredible experience boosts, a new high level dungeon, and a party matchmaking system like no other!

Characters level 130 and above can venture into the home of the Crystal King, who reigns in the Crystal Empire Dungeon(cheap luna gold). To get ready for the journey, Luna Plus has implemented a revolutionary party matchmaking system to make looking for group easy for all. An easy search interface helps players find the perfect party based on level and destination zone. When time is of the essence, the system automatically joins players to parties looking for a specific class or level.You can buy luna gold.


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