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Ecoward: Well thank you for having me, and of course! Luna Online Gold if a Free to Play MMORPG that focuses on the social aspect of mmo game play. The entire game is designed around player's interactions with each other. Anywhere from grouping together to take down stronger monsters for faster leveling, or working together to maintain a farm to grow exclusive items.

MMOsite: I heard Luna online has many interesting features within the game, please tell us more about them? Which is the spotlight?

Ecoward: Hmm, there are so many it's hard to decide where to begin… Well the most unique feature within Luna is probably the Dating System. The Dating system is literally a match making process that allows you to "date" other players. When you start playing you register your character with an NPC, luna online gold and select your favorite things and input a brief introduction. If you match with someone on these features then together you can go to a "date instance" and collect vital items and components not found anywhere else in game.

The Real Bread and butter of the game however is the Job Choices. There are more than 40 different jobs to select , cheap luna gold and each one has many unique builds within to really open up choices. You can be a High powered DPS class like the Sniper and focus on critical hits or A Rune Knight who focuses on short but powerful in-combat buffs for other players as well as dealing some decent damage.You can buy luna gold.


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