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There are many different PvP aspects in Sound of the New World

There are many different PvP aspects in Sword of the New World : normal 1 versus 1 PvP, Royalists versus the Republicans (both are factions which you can join) or Colony Wars in which you gain a territory with your clan versus others. Or just go make your own PvP room like in a lobby of a shooter or a room based action game. Go to the PvP NPC and create Sword of the New World Vis, set the type to PvP and wait for others to join you.

There is also an open PvP if you choose to play on a baron server. After reaching family level 6 (which you just gain by leveling up with your characters) you can PvP with others of that family level and higher. There is however a penalty system: you become a murderer if you killed other players, towns will not accept you and NPCs will be scared of you (not that they’re going anywhere, but they won’t sell you anything). So then you will need to visit a different starter town: a very small wreck hidden in a secret location, where you can buy your things and teleport to other locations just like in the regular towns. The penalty can be lifted once you killed enough monsters but while the penalty lasts you’re a target to all players.

The first thing you notice when you start the game is that it looks really good, detail is stunning and the 17th century baroque style of the Sword of the New World Vis fits just perfectly. Towns look really amazing and the buildings and architecture are just incredible. Character detail and clothing is excellent and fits perfectly in the style of the game. Not to mention that the game is easy to run, and even lower-end PCs can easily run this game. The only downside of the graphics in my opinion is the glow effect; it can be a bit overwhelming, but you can turn it off.

The music in Sword of the New World is great; it’s a mix between classical and trace, with pure classic music in towns. The music is strong positive part of this game, as it’s very enjoyable and never intrusive. The others sounds are good too, there is nothing wrong in the sound department.

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