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Sword of the new world

Sword of the New World is a new highly-anticipated full 3D MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing game) from the creators of Ragnarok Online. It will be the first English version of the game and will cater to the following countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, New Zealand,Sword of the New World Vis and Brunei.Infocomm Asia Holdings Pte Ltd is the official licensee to operate Sword of the New World in the above mentioned regions.

The Barracks
You first start the game when you create a character in the dress room. To begin with, you can create a Fighter, Scout or a Sword of the New World Vis. This will be the first member of your family. All characters in your family will share your surname (username) and if characters are traded to another family, their surname will be changed as well.

The Gameplay System

You start with one character, and will have to go through a series of quests before you can utilize three team members. It is generally Sword of the New World Vis that with three characters, you should be able to handle mobs that are about or over 10 levels higher than your characters

The Stance System

Each character class is able to wield certain weapons, and each weapon will possess certain stances that will become accessible at different levels.

The Warp Points System

At certain key locations, you will be able to access warp points. As the name explains, these points allow players to teleport their character from one location to another for a token fee. However, to activate these points, you will need to have visited it once before.

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