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Sword of the New World Mage Leveling

This article is a Leveling Guide for Mage in Sword of the New World Vis. It introduce how to level up as soon as possible in Sword of the New World Vis . If you are interested in that, read the following information. Hope you like it...

Leveling Stats
The primary stat you will want to focus on while leveling is intellect, the more Sword of the New World Vis you have the more mobs you can kill before drinking. Spell power is also a useful stat while leveling, but there isn't a whole lot of it available until you reach Outland,.

so focus more on stamina as your secondary priority until you reach Outland. Spirit can also be useful while leveling because it will help regenerate your mana between pulls, or while casting if you use Mage Armor or have Arcane Meditation, but do not make it a priority over intellect.

Leveling Strategy:
The basic sequence is this:

bolt, bolt, bolt, frost nova, strafe to max range, bolt till low hp. Once the mob is at low hp use your wand to finish off the mob and not Fireblast, especially not Fireblast, or any other mana using ability if you can avoid it in Sword of the New World Vis game.

To use a wand open your character pane (default shortcut key is 'c') and drag the wand from your inventory to the ranged slot, then open your spell book (default key is 'p'), click the general tab, and drag the “shoot” ability from the spell book onto your action bar. You will now be able to click that action bar icon to use your wand attack. More on UI set up later.

Bolt is your bolt of choice, so if you were fire then bolt would be Fireball, and if you were frost then bolt would be Frostbolt.

Be sure to use mage armor while leveling and make sure you glyph it as well.

The easiest way to level is to simply complete quests to get Sword of the New World Vis . The best questing strategy is to accept every quest from an area, complete as many as you can, turn them all in at once, then repeat until you have completed all the quests that you can from that area before moving onto the next area. If a quest is too hard don't be afraid to skip it completely or save it for later.

Instances can be fun and can provide good loot to players who do them, but they are not required content for leveling. Instances will help you learn your role in a group setting and how to play well with other classes. Usually in an instance your most important role is providing crowd control through polymorph, then damage, then buffs and food/water. All these roles are important however and if you neglect any of them you are not fulfilling your role as a mage in an instance.

Grinding alone is not the most efficient way to level a mage, or any class. Grinding is when you simply kill mobs in an area over and over again in order to level. As you might imagine this can become very boring very quickly.

Good mobs to grind for mages, single target or AoE, are melee mobs that have no ranged attacks, abilities that affect spell casting speed, or abilities that can prevent you from kiting them, like knock down.


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