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Something for Rappelz players

Something for Rappelz players! Hope you like it!
Jason Patterson opened his laptop to reveal the beta version of Rappelz rupees, a Korean-based role playing game free of subscription charges.
Patterson, a senior majoring in computer information systems technology, carefully eyed the game code that failed to properly translate from Korean to English.
“The names of some characters and items just didn’t translate well into English,” Patterson said.
This version of Rappelz gold consists of updated melee and summoner classes, as well as new items.
Patterson was one of 500 users chosen to test the latest version of rappelz rupees in its first version released outside software maker nFlavor. He signed up for a chance to play the beta version of the game through his e-mail and in turn was graced with an exclusive playable peek.
Patterson said Rappelz rupees was reminiscent of Warcraft, another game he has played.
There are five servers supporting Rappelz with over 2,000 users occupying them at one time. The first beta version of the game opened to the public on Oct. 2, 2006. To sign up for a free account, one can access the Rappelz gold Web site and download an online user account.
Rappelz is traditionally referred to in abbreviated form as a MMORPG, meaning Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. This title is used in the computer gaming industry to categorize games that support large amounts of users who have personalized characters that can interact with one another online.
“Sometimes the game would just freeze,” Patterson said. “Beta testing is beneficial as a whole, because you don’t want to put out a game that isn’t any good.”
In order to inform Rappelz rupee of any defects or bugs, or any other input, the tester takes a screenshot of the problem and submits it by e-mail to Gal-Net.com. Gal-Net is the publisher of the rappelz gold game.

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