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You are going to want Dexterity. Why dexterity? Well, examine the damage equation above. Buying Rappelz gold here! Dexterity is the biggest component. Additionally, examine the accuracy equation. Note that your base damage per second is lower than any other 2-handed weapon while your damage is higher when it lands. What this means is that if you miss, you will take a large hit to DPS which can get you killed.

Using dexterity stones does two things: Increases your damage output and ensures that you don't miss higher level mobs. Until you get to the temples- ToA and later, Vitality is not going to be the issue for you that it is for other classes(Rappelz Rupees). It will be nice to have, particularly if you are attacking higher level mobs(rappelz rupees); however, you are not particularly squishy. This gives you a great deal of latitude with regards to your other stones.

What follows are a few possible ideas for stoning: Vitality - Given the quality of dungeon parties these days, vitality is always going to be useful. If you are primarily doing dungeon parties, this is going to be the way to go. Vitality/Agility - If you are going to do a large amount of field farming, particularly if you have a siren spamming Painful Noise, the agility stones work pretty well.

One possible method to go is start a rank with Dexterity and Agility stones and as you find/can afford them, replace the agility with vitality if you find you are taking too much damage. In dungeon parties, your tank is supposed to take mobs off you and in the field, most of the time a mob doesn't last more than a couple of hits once it gets to you. If you do much rappelz gold PvP you are likely to want some wisdom stones in your build. The most frequent mechanism used here is to have multiple gloves/boots/hats that get swapped depending on the opponent. The additional wisdom increases your ability to resist magic attacks.

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