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Hello Rappelz lovers,today I will give you some tips on farming in Rappelz,hope it may help you more or less:

Many players wonder where can find level(Rappelz Rupees) 45-50 mobs of the highest density, we dont care if they are all red or something. as long as they are field mobs. somthing like the entrance to salt mine but those settings in level 45-50 would be a blas.

One of the more obvious ones actually the mobs are 41-45 is on the east side of the public cemetery of wolha in Rappelz. It's along the mountains. There are several little "coves" in the mountains in the green grass next to the cemetery ground. In one of them (rappelz rupees) there is a constant stream of respawns of skeletons and a kind of poultry. birds level 40-43, skells level 43-45.

Some one said that the best farmin to me is at lizardman habitat since there are many mobs that respawn faster and there are many of them in 45-50. Another level(Rappelz powerleveling) 45-50 farming spot could be at siren island and bamboo woods. Both are filled with mobs and they respawn fast.

Theres a great spot at the west entrance to the fairy woods. Many people farm at both of these places in 50-55(rappelz gold).

Be careful at fairy woods you will get mobbed big time.

That's all.Thank you for reading.Here we have Rappelz Gold and powerleveling service,if you need the certain gold to be more stronger in your game world,just come here please.Have a great day(rappelz rupee )!


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