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The Skills of Rappelz Strider Guide

Active Skills: Assasins Impact- This skill is what makes us the powerhouses that we are, when this is used with defect finding were talking some major damage. Get this maxed ASAP and try to find some cards to boost its power.

Defect Finding- Youll have to wait till JB level(rappelz rupees) 35 before you can get this but its worth it, it boosts crit rate and isnt timed, it drains mp though so keep some mana scrolls handy. For party grinding use level 3 and for bosses level 5.

Deep Evasion- This skill will keep you alive in a dungeon if used at the right time, when the second jobs come out we striders will be untouchable =P except by DMs, curse them and their spells). Get maxed ASAP. Concentration and Quick Pace- Maxed ASAP.

Oblivion- This might not seem like much but in a boss fight rappelz gold can save your life, although if your spamming skills it doesnt always help. It becomes useless in the higher lvls though since the monsters threat goes through the roof.

Passive Skills: Expert weapon mastery- Maxed ASAP. Sword Mastery : Maxed ASAP if your a sword user. Dirk Mastery- Maxed Asap if your a dagger user. Dual Weild- maxed Asape! we can not stress this enough. HP( Rappelz Rupees) Regeneration : Try to max quickly as it can be a bit useful(rappelz rupee).


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