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Rappelz New Combination of Cubic

Rappelz decorative material changes, we can put the hair dye (non-permanent changes). To the hair shafts may choose not to display decorations will also affect some equipment to see what other players. Epidural this change on the ring and arms reduction bonus on all other areas of statistics, increase the bonus to statistics, the new soul stone will have a stronger impact .

Some new tasks to unlock the portal pressure dungeon dungeons in each lottery manager, new tasks, these tasks is limited. Skill bar changes, even worse (we can change, we need much), additional hot keys. A new calculation What is the statistical formula, agility level(rappelz rupees) increases attack speed and scope of the patk damage, we have more patk somehow restore pdef WIS increase the melting point is reduced.

Ice can be combined, upgrade level(rappelz gold) and access to, so 1-3 to enhance the charm of the cube, related to the nature of power, monster drop cube pieces, as always, now we have to combine the pieces are on strike / HD cube. Determine the exact combination of rankings produced by the cube. Ursa change to a new way to earn ursa point. New Bonus: some new clothes / armor sets, high-skilled card box, rare / epic soul of each level stone box range(rappelz rupee).


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