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Rosh Online: Karos has Returned

Rosh Online: Return of Karos is a fantasy MMORPG which gives you the choice between a lot of different styles of gameplay. The game provides you with a lot of classes and content to keep you entertained for quite some time and this is all free! Go mining, hunting, fishing or join a massive PvP battle. I got the chance to play this beauty of a game which is published by Ignited Games.

When creating your first character you are able to choose between 7 classes; each one of these classes has their own abilities and specializations that they are using. Since I have always preferred ranged characters I decided I would pick one of those. But the choice was not that simple because there are so many classes to meet the preferences of various players. In the end I just went with what I thought looked best.

These are the classes available in Rosh Gold:

The mystic is a female elf that is specialized in the ways of magic. She is a familiar Magician archetype to most veteran MMORPG players. Mystics utilize their mental strength to produce awesome magical effects. She draws power from nature to deal great damage to whoever stands in her way.

As the name already implies, this class is specialized in the use of the bow. Range is this elf’s ultimate weapon. She is the expert in hit-and-run tactics, luring and quickly dispatching enemies with various tactical maneuvers.

The Blader is the warrior archetype of Rosh Online, equipped with a two-handed sword or spear. With effortless skill the Blader can take on several enemies at once using powerful area of effect skills that can cripple foes with stun attacks and knockbacks.

The Paladin is the holy warrior that is capable of wielding a sword and shield. They are attuned to the power of the divine and can use their holy aura to enhance their comrades. Players can choose to spec them as tanks or dedicated healers, so expect some difficult decisions as you build your Paladin.

This deadly warrior is equipped with two daggers. This deadly class strikes silently from the shadows while being proficient in evading incoming attacks, and dealing deadly fatal blows. The Rogue turns simple melee combat into a work of art.

The Gunner is true to his name as well, equipped with a heavy rifle. The Gunner utilizes their advanced craftsmanship to employ multi-purpose devices in combat to augment the strength of their ranged attacks.

The Sorceress is a second option for the Magician archetype. The Sorceress is known as the shadow magician whose forte is using curses that cause slow and painful deaths. To defeat a Sorceress in combat you must strike quickly to destroy them before they have time to utilize the full potential of their curses.

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