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The new mercenary system

After successful testing in the dungeon of Maestia the next update will give you the opportunity to try out the new mercenary system for real. Currently, no other game offers a feature like this!
Seek out one of the two mercenary captains, Curie (SG) and Kat (TK), in Superion, to enroll your character as a mercenary or to hire someone (this is possible twice a day). The chosen mercenary must belong to the same faction as you and must be within range of 10 levels of your own level.
Enrolling your character will cost you a small fee in divine points, depending on how long you wish your character to be available for hiring and how many DP you charge for your services.
Each mercenary can only be hired once, then they will be removed from the list and you will have to enroll again.
Each mercenary will have the same options as the generic mercenaries from Delphi dungeon, but with the additional bonus of their own stats and gear.
The mercenary will leave you after two hours top or when they die. You can of course cancel the contract whenever you wish to.
We hope that you will have lots of fun with this exiting and never before seen feature!

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