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Maestia Online Greeted Europe with Innovative Skill System

The European operating right for fantasy MMORPG Maestia Online, developed by Roc Works, is acquired by SevenOne Intermedia & BigPoint. Maestia Online is an online role-playing game implementing a amazing and exciting fantasy world. You are endowed with the destiny of heroes in Maestia world to kill the Evil One and rebuild the holy world of a God. While playing your role in Maestia, you will explore, adventure and quest across a vast world.

Maestia Online is a "Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game" which allows thousands of players to interact within the same world. Whether adventuring together in groups or fighting against each other in various battle fields, you will make friends, construct your own factions, and compete with others for power and glory.

Maestia Online enables you to experience not only very fast level up and easy game play, but also strategic play with various kinds of skills and spells not seen in other games.

You can enforce skills by merging Maestones and wearing them besides default job skills. The Maestone System will (Maestia gold)enable you to cast powerful attacks to your opponents at an early stage.
The new Enchant System can be enjoyed depending on options and rank.
The Enchant Transfer System will allow the players to move the enchant information to stronger and better items as the character grows.

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