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Maestia PVP Update


, the free2play fantasy MMO from Bigpoint, received its first large PvP-content update - called the Golem vendetta as well as a brand-new, extra-swift mount. In addition to English and German, Maestia is now also available in French and Turkish. More than 500.000 players already embark on thrilling adventures in Maestia’s fantasy MMO world.

In the new RvR mode (Realm vs. Realm), the Maestia game world has been expanded with a new, dynamic element; a golem. In the previous Maestia gold PvP mode, players played according to deathmatch rules trying to take out as many members of the opposing team as possible. In “Golem vendetta”, however, players must protect their group’s own massive golem against their opponents while trying to destroy the other group’s golem. Each group begins with roughly 20 players and is arranged in a level system which is regularly readjusted by the admins. Depending on community feedback, the total number of players per round will be adjusted accordingly.

Maestia also has a lot to offer PvE fans such as a unique storyline with hundreds of quests that slowly unfold the tale of the Dark Lord Keledus, who destroyed the goddess Ia and unleashed total chaos upon the land. Another interesting feature of Maestia and the PvE content is the prayer-quest system, which allows players to access and complete quests from anywhere(Maestia online gold).


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