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PvP-based Troy Online to Add Secondary Class System

During this time, the developers enhanced the game by adding features, improving the PVP battles, and stabilizing the system. The PVP system received positive reviews from players based on the various different types of battle systems and numerous battlegrounds, and was revised for the commercial release to become easier and more intuitive for players to get involved in. The secondary class system was also added so that users can take advantage of new tactics to win their battles.

The secondary class system was revealed to the users for only one day during the beta test and became one of the biggest areas of comment for the players. At level 49, players can choose whether to continue playing their base class or change to a secondary class. Each class has two secondary classes, expanding the grand total of classes in Troy Online to six.

ALT1 Games has revealed that no users reached the secondary class level because the commercial released was just released, but it is certain that many players will eventually get the chance to pick their class. Troy Online should be an even greater experience once many players have experienced many different classes.

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