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PvP-based Troy Online to Add Secondary Class System

Troy Online to six.


Troy Online Announces Open Beta and Release Date Details

Troy Online has just one beta test phase left before its official launch and it will be the open beta. Troy Onlines open beta will kick off for seven days of testing and culminate with the games comme..


New Client Released for Troy Online

Troy Online, the next free massive multiplayer game (MMO) of ALT1 Games, has released the schedule and available features for their final beta test, an open beta. ALT1 Games, the American arm of Korea..


ALT1 Kicks Off Second Closed Beta Phase for Troy

Troy Online currently supports three classes: the melee damage-doing and meat shield warriors, the long distance hunters, and the glass cannon mages. Players must learn to work together and figure out..


Troy Online: The Real War Begins

Troy Online.Troy Online Gold users will be able to enjoy a truly brutal MMORPG experience with this update.Troy Gold). The users can attack the opponents capital city to destroy their holy relics as w..


Troy Online Announces Official Launch

Troy Online s official service schedule. Troy Online is currently in the open beta testing phase now and will end at 10 p.m. (PST) on August 18th. ALT1Games will start the official services at 11 a.m...


Troy Online: The War to Begin Everywhere

Troy Online started Opened Beta Test (OBT) opening two servers, one in North America and one in Europe.As soon as the servers opened, a large number of users joined each server at the same time, howev..


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