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Troy Online: The Real War Begins

ALT1 Games has announced that there will be update with a large-scale war system for Troy Online.

In this large-scale war system, users will be able to enjoy a new type of war, the invasion war, which allows users to invade the opponent’s capital city. It is a much different from the existing wars such as the Level War and the Temple War.

Troy Online has been updating their battlefields and war systems continuously since launching their commercial service. However this upcoming update is the largest update yet, and Troy Online Gold  users will be able to enjoy a truly brutal MMORPG experience with this update.

This large-scale war system allows all users to join the war at the same time through the Island of Dispute(Troy Gold). The users can attack the opponent’s capital city to destroy their holy relics as well. Depending on the results of the war, (Troy Online Gold)the winning faction will receive buffs such as increased experience and better item drop rates.

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