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Rapplez PvP Rules Guide

Rappelz , please read it ...2.Players who have a lot of immorality points (rappelz rupees) can be attacked by anyone. 3.PK mode must be turned on to attack people in general. 4.If someone attacks you ..


The Media create the site

rappelz rupees); however, you are not particularly squishy. This gives you a great deal of latitude with regards to your other stones.rappelz gold PvP you are likely to want some wisdom stones in your..


we have Rappelz Gold service

Rappelz lovers,today I will give you some tips on farming in Rappelz,hope it may help you more or less:rappelz rupees) there is a constant stream of respawns of skeletons and a kind of poultry. birds ..


Immoral Section

rappelz rupees Player Killing Count Section. It displays the total number of PK case. Here is the best online website for players to buy Rappelz Gold service.rappelz gold).rappelz rupee service for y..


Pet - Mob Guide for Rappelz(part 2)

Rappelz guide which selected from the other website by me, but its not my work, I just give it a summary. Hope it can help you some.rappelz rupees) can and are able to drop their e card and their e ca..


The Skills of Rappelz Strider Guide

rappelz rupees) 35 before you can get this but its worth it, it boosts crit rate and isnt timed, it drains mp though so keep some mana scrolls handy. For party grinding use level 3 and for bosses leve..


Rappelz New Combination of Cubic

Rappelz decorative material changes, we can put the hair dye (non-permanent changes). To the hair shafts may choose not to display decorations will also affect some equipment to see what other players..


Rappelz Classes Guide: Champion

Rappelz, the Champion is one of the two second Job Classes of the Fighter in the Gaia Race. The Champion excels in Hand to hand and melee combat, Focusing mainly on large 2 Handed axes or dual axes. C..


rappelz rupee Skills

Rappelz, you can still requires a bit of attention this guide below, but playing a good one is somewhat complicated. A lot of these things will come naturally to you after enough time, but its importa..


Some Commands about Rappelz

Rappelz, players can find Many commands in random threads or any other place, so here have the objective to gather all the useful ones in a single post. hope you like it.rappelz rupees Player). /pprom..


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