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Sword of the New World Putting Gamers First

ZAM: Thanks G1Neume for sitting down to chat with us about Sword of the New World: Granado Espada!

Jon-Enée Merriex: It’s my pleasure. I always love a chance to talk about Sword of the New World.

ZAM: First of all, as a quick introduction to those who have not played Sword of the New World, what do you think are the three most unique and important aspects of Sword of the New World?

Jon-Enée: Well the most striking aspect would be the Multi-Character Control. In Sword of the New World Vis players can control up to 3 characters at once while fighting their way through the wilds of Granado Espada. They can also create up to 54 characters giving them a plethora of options and configurations to choose from.

Second would be the graphics, even with Sword of the New World Vis low system requirements it looks gorgeous on the lowest settings and down right stunning on the highest settings. When we launched a reviewer said that is was “Candy for the eyes” and 2 years later it still is.

Finally, I would say the third “unique” feature of Sword of the New World are the Unique Player Characters (UPC). Initially in Sword of the New World you create a character choosing from one of 5 base classes [Fighter (a melee type), Scout (a healer/melee type), Musketeer (a ranged dps type), Wizard (a ranged dps/buffer type) or Elementalist (a ranged dps type). As you level up and progress through the story you meet NPCs who will ask you for your help. Some of these NPCs will eventually join your family, basically giving you access to a whole new class to combat foes with. Some Unique Player Characters are easy to obtain and you can complete their quest line in minutes. Others require patience and timing. A handful require true dedication that few possess (making them the rarest UPCs in the game).

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