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Chaos Hall Guide(2)

This RF map is only accessible by characters level 53, and has been added along with the Forgotten Elven Land. Just like accessing the Elven Land, you will need to buy a key from the NPC in HQ to access this map.


Just like the other Dark Hall Battle Dungeons, there are 10 maps in total and you can gain D grade weapons(RF Online Gold) as well as B grade level 55 weapons! Therefore those could dream of owning their own Type D grade weapons- Dark weapons with level requirement could reduce from 55 to level 51-54, come and take a look at what will be standing in your own way(rf money)!


Any race can access the map, forexample(rf gold): Accretia party raids Cora Numerus settlement, and they decide go to the dimension of vengeance portal, lahat sila level 53(RF powerleveling) at may key, makakapasok sila. Any number of parties can access the map- pwede kayo maramihan basta 53 up lahat kayo. 100% drop of Type C or D Dark weapons, elems or intense 53 or 55 items. Thanks for reading, welcome to our website next time.^_^You can Buy RF Online.


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