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Guide to Blade Summoner

Guard tower is a kind of device that can guard and protect your character(RF Online Gold). When your character changes job to a specialist of Bellato or Cora or an engineer of Accretia, you can learn guard tower skill, and only characters belonged to these professions can set guard tower.

In addition, different level characters will have different kinds of guard tower. For example, the function of a guard tower made by a Level 30 character is different from that made by a Level 35 character(RF Online Gold).

Features of guard tower. Can recognize other races and be operated within its sight line; To set guard tower, you need to prepare some necessary items and materials and Buy RF Online there is a fixed completion time for setting guard tower;

The completion time varies depending upon the type of guard tower and your character will not be attacked while you are setting guard tower; You can keep the items you use for setting guard tower, however, the materials you use for setting guard tower cannot be recovered.

The installed guard tower can only be used in a fixed place; Guard tower will be damaged when its durability decreases to 0. Guard tower cannot be repaired; You can buy necessary items and Buy rf gold materials for setting guard tower from merchant NPC.

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