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All server are not crowded for 4 months

Silk Road Online is the best with people who have passion in doing online games. All server are not crowded for 4 months already,it means you can at an instant without waiting unlike what most ..


Hunting Tiger Girl in Silk Road

Silk Road.Silk Road Gold. Before fighting her though, you should make a party with Exp Share so you can all have a fare share of the experience at her. Remeber, everyone is focusing on killing Tiger G..


Player vs Player Guide - PVP Combat

Silk Road Online, either versus another player or versus a PvP-Flagged NPC, must wait 2 minutes before resurrecting at their corpse. This delay does not apply to players that are resurrected by other ..


Some tips on the Silk Road

Silk Road Gold on other site. We sincerely hope it can help you more or less. Wish you have a good day!Silk Road Gold on an obviously mistakenly underpriced item I will contact the seller and offer hi..


Silk Road: Skills of Bard

Silk Road. To make it easier for a new bard, just take all the maxed ones.Silk Road Gold items, just contact our customers service or click the key words. Good day..Silk Road Gold lvl when your mp cyc..


Some Tips About The Account in Silkroad

Silkroad, we sincerely hope it can help you more or less. Wish you have a good day!Silk Road Gold). Me being one of them. Alhough, Just in case you are certain we will fill in your form, as to us havi..


The Priest Paladin in Silkroad

Silkroad, this is a Hybrid build. Secondary spell caster and warrior.Amour: ProtectorWeapon: Either Blade and Shield or GlaiveMasteries: Weapon, Force and one other. Either Cold or Fire. The Cold mast..


Silkroad: Single Player Role Playing Game

Silkroad Online. Before you stare in disbelief, please take a moment to understand the concepts highlighted here.Silk Road Gold).Silk Road Gold). The diverse combinations possible are virtually infini..


Best Bower PvP build in Silkroad

Silkroad 20 cold gives you some p.def not much tho. But the 20 cold allows you to use snow shield 20% which is pretty cool damage reduction. But you should rather go 110 cold, but in that case you mig..


The Guide for Hybrid guild in Silkroad

Silkroad which from other website, maybe it can help you more or less. Now just have a look.Silk Road Gold) to be strong, and preferrably as strong as or stronger than everyone else. Many players on b..


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