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The Priest Paladin in Silkroad

The Priest Paladin in Silkroad, this is a Hybrid build. Secondary spell caster and warrior.

Attributes: 66% Strength, 33% Intelligence.
Amour: Protector
Weapon: Either Blade and Shield or Glaive
Masteries: Weapon, Force and one other. Either Cold or Fire. The Cold mastery is a more supportive mastery, while the fire mastery makes excellent an contribution in close combat. Skills: All buffs, Healing skills(Silk Road Gold), resurrection and so on. Weapon skills. Once again no nukes. To use Nukes requires a certain commitment

The Hunter (or Ranger)Bow wielding maniac. Excellent build for SP farming.
Attributes: Pure Strength
Amour: Garment
Weapon: Bow
Masteries: Fire, Cold, Bow
Skills: All buffs, slowing spells, weapon spells, Bow mastery
Thief: In Silkroad there is no thief build as such as any character may be a thief. However Fire mastery is a great idea, as it excels in PvP combat.
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