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Silk Road: Skills of Bard

This is a skills list of Bard in Silk Road. To make it easier for a new bard, just take all the maxed ones.

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Skills Not To Max

Mana Wind: Can be use for emergency. Good at early Silk Road Gold lvl when your mp cycle is not good enough. It will aggro mobs to you. When you are higher lvl(Silk Road powerleveling, Silk Road Gold), you will find it not that important and the high lvl skill called Mana Breeze will replace it and it doesn't need Mana Wind to be maxed. Little advice from me, a good Bard is a Bard that got totally ignored by mobs. Just keep your Noise skill up and use only Mana Cycle.

Rave Melody: Dont need it because I'm pure Int and I have a high max Mana. But, for a str Bard, this skill will be usefull since you have low max Mana. Should be use in emergency time only.

Discord Wave: It is not always do what the description does. It will mostly do the opposite. Instead of decreasing aggro, it increases it. This skill is useful to get botters killed and I don't need it max to increase aggro on the target.

Mana Switch: This skill will absorb 50% of the damage made by the target. Dont get your hopes high because there is a limit. For example, Mana Switch lvl 7(Silk Road powerleveling, Silk Road Gold), the max MP you can absorb is only 742. And it costs 1112 MP to cast. Sure it will continue for 20 seconds, but my Mana Cycle is enough to max my MP. I did lvl up the skill before but I soon realized it is not worth to max and I dont use the skill anymore.

Holding Clamor: Useless because you will get Patter Clamor later without having this skill maxed.

Temptation: If you like to watch mobs fighting each other for 30 seconds, then max it. I dont. It's fun for the first time, but worthless after that.

Skills of Silk Road Gold That Need To Be Maxed

Horror Chord, Weird Chord and Booming Wave: At this particular time in Venus. I am the only Bard that have all these skills maxed. People will think, "Bard attacks is useless and low". I dont think so. Many people have seen me PVP in groups where I used all these 3 skills.


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